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Applecore Designs Limited - 24 page brochure

Applecore Designs has over twenty years’ experience being at the forefront of implementing model based design software and solutions for the construction industry, we work with our customers to help them work smarter and win more business.
Discover how we can improve your productivity with our Consultancy, Training and Implementation, Rewards and more.

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Applecore Designs Limited - 24 page brochure

  1. 1. Founded in February 1995, Applecore Designs Limited has over twenty years’ experience being at the forefront of implementing innovative design software and solutions for the construction industry. A family-run company since its inception, we have grown to become internationally recognised, with an ever-growing number of clients across the UK and Europe. We place great emphasis on establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with clients in the UK and recognise the importance of providing a professional and efficient ongoing service. We aim to provide a fast and personalised response to the needs of the small to medium sized design studio. Who is Applecore Designs? “We work with our customers to help them work smarter and win more business” Scott Berry Managing Director Registered office: Lloyds Building, 10 The Square, Alvechurch, Birmingham B48 7LA. Company Number: 3010943. VAT Number: GB 864 4201 34. All other company and product names may be trading names or trademarks of their respective owners. Images courtesy of Applecore Designs Limited and Client. Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 3
  2. 2. TRAININGANDIMPLEMENTATION Searching through manuals can be a slow and frustrating way of learning, but with our flexible hands-on learning options, you and your staff can gain better skills more quickly and ultimately reach a higher level of productivity. We can help you get started with your software, as well as get to grips with more advanced features, with courses designed for new, intermediate and more advanced users. Classroom training can be delivered in our Birmingham, London and Edinburgh training centres. We also offer on-site tuition in studios across the UK. “I doubt we could have found anyone else as knowledgeable on the subject and we felt it was offered and executed perfectly” Lee Jones, Ideal Standard Where do we find training most appropriate for our studio? Regional training centres Up-to-date hardware On-site across the UK Structured learning in ARCHICAD, BIM Server, BIMcloud Content and delivery customised to your studio Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 5
  3. 3. TRAININGANDIMPLEMENTATION For studios with multiple teams considering a move to model based design and BIM authoring, we recommend a Pilot Project. This will allow you to assess the changes to your studio’s workflow, internal processes, collaboration and technology. Our bespoke Pilot Projects can be tailored to a design team dedicated to undertaking a project in ARCHICAD, developing skills and assessing outcomes. We have developed a number of training and coaching courses designed specifically for operatives and managers to aid the process. “Pilot Projects are a low risk evaluation for design teams of five or more” How do we know if a move to model based design is right for us? 90 day use of ARCHICAD, BIM Server and BIMx Comprehensive training (off-site or on-site) Bespoke project template file Rapid 2D detailing library Support and implementation Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 7
  4. 4. TRAININGANDIMPLEMENTATION Applecore Designs has developed corebadges, a way to keep track of your learning and development in a number of areas, communicating your achievements as your progress. Whereas training courses may issue a certificate of attendance, these virtual badges keep a record of milestones and verify your skills and expertise. Not only can you keep track of any formal training you have completed, but you can also keep a record of key skills that you have achieved and share your achievements on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. “corebadges can have a significant impact, can be used to motivate learning and signal achievement” How do we track our progress? Bronze, silver and gold leaf awards Capture accomplishments and competencies Earn and display badges across the web Identify and assess learning outcomes for further study Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 9
  5. 5. CONSULTANCY Templates can be used across all of your projects, ensuring consistency in your brand and drawings, whilst also maintaining creativity. Instead of developing a new project file every time, you can reuse a template and simply change the desired information on the fly. This boosts efficiency across your studio at every level, allowing you to focus on what you do best — design. We can assist your studio in developing project templates to your own specification, either during implementation or through further consultancy. “In ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout the design team, having a good project template is essential” How can we work smarter and improve productivity? “Starter” template for all Applecore customers Efficiency and consistency ARCHICAD implementation with your office standards Maintained and updated for the latest versions On-going development Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 11
  6. 6. CONSULTANCY We provide a range of architectural 3D modelling services to aid the design, planning, and visualisation of your projects. An impressive and accurate model can make the difference between winning and losing a contract. We can take 2D and 3D data of existing buildings from most survey companies and convert all relevant information to reproduce a digital building model. Whether you need images of a proposed new development for a presentation, help with a planning application, digital models for marketing purposes, or data rich information for the BIM process, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver your requirements. “In addition to the design model, we can supply a complimentary BIMx file for your clients to explore in 3D” Where do we obtain 3D modelling services? Present your design intent Interactive 3D models Survey conversion Topographical modelling Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 13
  7. 7. CONSULTANCY Our specially developed libraries are designed to help model, draw and document your projects in ARCHICAD. These objects have been created following customer feedback to assist in automating particular drawing and modelling tasks. They increase efficiency, add further detail to the model, whilst reducing drawing and modelling time. Our in-house team also specialises in the development of bespoke ARCHICAD and IFC objects. Whether you are a design studio or manufacturer we can assist you with your requirements. “Objects contain predefined parameters which control the geometry, and also include predefined data fields” Where can we get custom objects? Speed up work with detailing and accessory objects Libraries designed for the UK market Bespoke objects for your studio Objects for manufacturers Incorporate BIM data Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 15
  8. 8. FIXEDTERMAGREEMENT We offer a number of flexible licensing options to ensure your investment is right for your business. From individual licences to concurrent network licensing, and borrowable licences for use away from your studio, we can discuss the options to suit your design team. Our popular Fixed Term agreement combines the benefits of owning perpetual licences nullifying the long term constant cost associated with software subscription. We are also backed by the largest independent underwriter for B2B equipment leasing in the UK with terms tailored to your needs. “Our clients tell us that a perpetual licence with a payment plan offers better value for money than subscription” What licence options do we have? Concurrent licensing Monthly payment options Annual upgrades Network licensing Remote working Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 17
  9. 9. REWARDS We appreciate your business, and as our commitment to offering the highest level of service the coreadvantage scheme offers multiple benefits, including discounts on training and events. You are automatically enrolled after a qualifying purchase or when booking training with us. Your unique membership number will be valid for 12 months, and it is automatically renewed with your next transaction. By quoting your coreadvantage number over the phone, in an email, or submitting it on our online store you will automatically receive the eligible discount. “coreadvantage is a scheme directed specifically for rewarding customers” How do we get rewarded for our loyalty? Up to 15% discount on training courses and consultancy Reduced delegate pricing for our annual BIM Conference Discounts for our bespoke ARCHICAD object libraries Discounts on workstations Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 19
  10. 10. OTHERSERVICES BIMsure is a trading title of Courtprice Limited, authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, Insurance Brokers to Applecore Designs Limited. As a business owner, partner, or director, ensuring adequate cover with your studio’s professional indemnity insurance (PII) is a constant worry. These insurance fees are also a large part of the overheads of any professional practice. Underwritten by leading insurers, the BIMsure Professional Indemnity approach is simple: understand the profession, understand the exposure, understand each risk and tailor the terms accordingly. Improved information quality and design coordination resulting from the BIM process provides further incentive for BIMsure to support our clients. “The Federated BIM workflow ensures that each discipline is responsible for the creation, development and change management of their model, and clearly defines responsibilities and ownership” How do we ensure our BIM process is covered by our professional indemnity insurance? BIM manager/lead consultant roles Cover loss of documents and work of subcontractors Collateral warranty Monthly instalment options Compensation for court attendance Full retro-active cover Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 21
  11. 11. OTHERSERVICES Before purchasing new hardware, you may want to consider the size and level of detail of your future projects. Ensuring you have the correct hardware is key in getting the best out of your software investment. We can help in assessing the suitability of your existing workstations and also supply new Windows and macOS workstations according to the latest recommended specifications. Fixed term finance is also available for our bundles. You can combine software and hardware options into one convenient transaction. “Multi-core, powerful graphics and 64-bit operating systems for optimum performance” How do we check if our hardware is suitable? Bespoke configurations Direct accounts with manufacturers Monthly payment options Discounts for coreadvantage members Discover how Applecore Designs can improve your productivity, visit 23
  12. 12. Call us today on 0121 447 7747 / 020 7734 1837 or visit Discover more about our products and services