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NRF 2019: 5 Secrets to Omnichannel and Retail Success


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Top brands compete almost solely on the strength of their customer experience. For every brand, that experience means something different.

Discover how leading retail companies like eBay, John Lewis, and Walmart ensure the experiences they provide are flawless across every customer touchpoint, device, and location to grow sales and customer loyalty.

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NRF 2019: 5 Secrets to Omnichannel and Retail Success

  1. 1. 5 SECRETS TO OMNICHANNEL AND RETAIL SUCCESS Kristin Simonini, VP of Product
  2. 2. Powering Leading Retail and Ecommerce Brands 2 HOW IT WORKS Our vetted community of QA professionals, UX experts and panelists test software where your customers live, work, and play OUR EXPERIENCE Thousands of leading companies rely on Applause to deliver high-quality digital experiences that customers love WHO WE ARE Applause is the worldwide leader in community-based digital quality testing and feedback as-a-service A Few Of Our Customers
  3. 3. Today’s Challenges 3 Way Too Many Variables Need to execute on every device, OS, wireless carrier, payment method, location Complex, Real-World Scenarios Experiences entering the home, car, store and restaurant. IoT and wearables too Human Behaviors Are Unpredictable Real world environments cannot be controlled Software Testing Can Hold Up Releases In today’s CI/CD world, QA cannot be a bottleneck
  4. 4. And Complex Customer Journeys 4 RESEARCH > SHOP > PURCHASE > PICKUP > SERVICE Check With Friends Compare Products Visit Stores Compare Prices Download Coupon Create Shopping Cart Complete Order Scan Coupon Receive Email Offer Browse Reviews In-Store Pickup Upsell Warranty Like And Post Online Write Review
  5. 5. 5 The Risk of Getting it Wrong Can be Fatal $4.6TValue left in shopping carts 88% Of spending onThanksgiving and Black Friday 2018 was captured by omnichannel retailers 87% Of online shoppers will abandon their cart during a checkout process if it is too long or complicated (1) don_cart_if_checkout_process_lengthy_or_complicated/prweb15676895.htm (2) Delivers-Strong-Retail-Results-Supercharge (3) abandonment-fix/
  6. 6. …especially during holiday shopping season
  7. 7. Not Everyone Was Ready
  8. 8. Applause Holiday Retail Report Ecommerce Website Testing 22Top US Retailers Over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend BlackFridayand CyberMonday User Feedback Surveys Shoppers were surveyed after they made a purchase Purchases took place betweenThanksgiving and Cyber Monday GlobalDecember Shopping Functional Website Testing 30Top Global Retailers 10 retailers each from US, UK, andGermany Omnichannel Journeys Testers went through real customer journeys in US, UK, andGermany Testers rated the effectiveness and quality of omnichannel experiences
  9. 9. 53% Purchase Intent ShoppingCart Product Page Account Pages 16% Company & Customer Service Store Locator Company Shipping Returns Customer Service 31% Product Search Homepage Advertisements Search Catalog Reviews Black Friday and Cyber Monday 9 Experts Found Thousands of Bugs and UX Issues
  10. 10. Luxury Department Store Chicago, IL “I had a gift card, but I was to apply it at checkout. I and reapplied it 3 times. I ended up going to the store, worked, but the clerk couldn’t explain what happened.” Global Electronics Retailer Dortmund, Germany “I couldn’t apply a new credit card on the account page. I already had an account with [retailer], but my old card expired and I can’t get the new one to save.” Black Friday and Cyber Monday Errors
  11. 11. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Purchasing Feedback 0 10 20 30 40 50 Music or Movies Sports and outdoor Books Beauty care Household Goods Shoes Toys Games Household appliances Hobby supplies Other Clothing Consumer electronics What did they purchase? Thursday, November 22 25% Friday, November 23 39% Saturday, November 24 10% Sunday, November 25 7% Monday, November 26 17% Tuesday, Novemb er 27 2% When did they shop? Impulse Buy 24% Planned Purchase 54% I previously considered the purchase 22% Planned purchase? Desktop 51% Mobile 43% Other 6% How did they shop? Frequently 53% Occasionally 35% Rarely 6% Never 6% Shopping frequency
  12. 12. Black Friday and Cyber Monday User Feedback Leading Apparel Store London,UK There was no option to sort by price option on the website, which makes it hard to spot the low-price items quickly. Global Discount Store Dallas,Texas The mobile and PC shopping experience wasn’t close to matching. I shopped on my phone, put things in my cart, and moved to my laptop to see details. Giant Online Retailer Providence, Rhode Island I felt that too many suggested or recommended items were duplicate, redundant or simply off- brand versions of the same item. UK Clothing Store Hamburg, Germany Shipping costs were added in the end of the transaction, I just wish they had told me upfront. Disagree 7% Neutral 7% Agree 86% The system operates appropriately Disagree 7% Neutral 8% Agree 85% The shopping cart is efficient
  13. 13. Global December Shopping Discount Department Store Raleigh, North Carolina Store Finder is available on the homepage, but it doesn't work. German Electronics Retailer Berlin, Germany You have to register an account or be logged in to see all available payment methods. UK Beauty Retailer Manchester,UK There was no indication that any items were unavailable on the product pages even if they were out of stock during checkout. Global Fashion Retailer London,UK There are deals listed on the product catalog but the font is small and they are sometimes hidden behind the carousel. United States 32% United Kingdom 45% Germany 23% Bugs Found by Country
  14. 14. Global Omnichannel December Shopping Buy Online, Return in Store Applause commissioned global testers to go on an omnichannel customer journey – buy online, return in store (BORIS) – to compare the experience of omnichannel retailers in three countries: • United States • United Kingdom • Germany Global Department Store Phoenix, Arizona It would have been helpful to see a sign near the entrance indicating where to return items. Instead, I just walked until I found someone. German Electronics Retailer Dortmund, Germany It was very difficult to return the online item in the store. It took too long to find the right counter. It was also very busy and I was in the queue for half an hour. Global Fashion Retailer Birmingham, UK It was difficult to track the return. Although I have an email receipt, it is not showing under My Account on the website. Global Department Store Charlotte, North Carolina It would have been much easier if the rep was able to process the refund using the order email, but the rep required the receipt that came in the box.
  15. 15. 15 5 SECRETS TO SUCCESS
  16. 16. Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes 16 78% of retailers admit they don’t provide a single brand experience across all channels SECRET 1 Retailers-Know-They-Are-Not-Delivering-Omnichannel
  17. 17. Make Training a Priority 17 42% of consumers won’t return to a store after a negative experience with sales staff SECRET 2
  18. 18. Ensure Quality is King 18 US retailers alone lose an estimated $24 billion in revenue due to poor mobile experiences. Secret 3 Hobson & Company
  19. 19. Validate Localization and Personalization 19 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize and remember them, and are able to offer relevant recommendations and offers as a result Secret 4 en/_acnmedia/PDF-77/Accenture-Pulse-Survey.pdf#zoom=50
  20. 20. Put Customers at the Center of Development 20 72% of shoppers will abandon a retail site that produces poor search results Secret 5 shows-americans-skeptical-voice-assisted-shopping/
  21. 21. 22