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Appiquest - Web2day 2014 Startup Contest


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Appiquest is a smartphone app where you can create and take up photo challenges from friends or unknown people.
The photos are rated and the players win points which can unlock options like photo filters.
We also propose companies to create challenges for their customers. We will promote these challenges in order to help players to win cool prizes.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Appiquest - Web2day 2014 Startup Contest

  1. 1. The Concept
  2. 2. Create Title Public Time Friends Geolocalization Unknown people
  3. 3. Take Up Take the photo Customize Submit Filters Meme Stickers
  4. 4. Rate 4 criteria Rank Submit Originality Technique Art beauty Time (auto)
  5. 5. Win and Share Prizes Social networks Patners’ gifts or Appiquest’s credits
  6. 6. Markets B2C Users B2BPar tners
  7. 7. B2C Target : Everyone who’s interesting in challenges or photography InApp Purchase
  8. 8. B2B All types of companies or communities Endless possibilities ! Pubs/Clubs Restaurants Brands Festivals/Conventions Shops Associations
  9. 9. B2B Unique sign up fee Customized packages based on the customer target (Localisation, number of views, number of accepted challenges...)
  10. 10. What’s Next ? Improve details Develop more game modes Have an intern technical team And More ! Prospect our market
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention ! Clément PILLOT CFO Yves EVENO CEO