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MUMBAI | WEEKEND, 7 APRIL 2012                                                                                            ...
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Changes in UK visa norms


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Changes in UK visa norms

  1. 1. MUMBAI | WEEKEND, 7 APRIL 2012 WORLD 9 BUSINESS China sentences woman to death for fund scam Walmart training women workers in India, China “... I ask God to give me life, however BYTES $16 mn A 30-year-old Chinese woman was sentenced to death by a court in 60,000 Global retail giant Walmart has launched a training and education painful. I can carry 100 crosses ... but don’t Wenzhou for “cheating” investors of 100.11 million programme that will benefit about 60,000 women take me yet. I still have things to do” yuan ($16 million), losing 94 million yuan in futures and working in its factories in India, Bangladesh and HUGO CHAVEZ gold trading, the official Xinhua news agency reported China through its Women in Factories programme Venezuelan President, teary-eyed, at a mass held for his health that was broadcast on state television, after his cancer treatment> .> IN BRIEFMali rebels declare independent state Facebook ‘likes’ Nasdaq for listing The company’s choice of bourse for its $5-billion initial public offering is a loss for the New York Stock ExchangeMali’s desert Tuaregs proclaimed independencefor what they call the state of Azawad on Friday, a BLOOMBERG Exchange (NYSE), whose stocks further IPOs in the future. rights about luring Facebook aftersecession bid immediately rejected by the African New York, 6 April have a market value about triple Whatever brand Facebook his unsolicited attempt to acquireUnion, neighbouring Algeria and the former that of Nasdaq’s companies. attracts, whether it’s tech or social the New York Stock Exchange par- Scolonial power France. The nomadic people has coring what may be the The two biggest American media, it likely helps Nasdaq’s ent in conjunction withnurtured the dream of a Saharan homeland biggest listing by a technol- exchange operators are rivals for cause.” IntercontinentalExchange Inc fiz-since Malis independence in 1960 and has come ogy company ever will help virtually every initial public offer- Robert Madden, a Nasdaq zled out when the justice depart-closer than ever to attaining it by seizing key Robert Greifeld, chief executive ing (IPO) in the country and com- OMX spokesman, declined to ment said last May it would sue tonorthern towns this week while the capital officer of Nasdaq OMX Group Inc, peted for Facebook, which filed comment on the decision. So did block such a transaction.Bamako was distracted by a coup. REUTERS< forget about his last clash with for a $5-billion initial public offer- Jonathan Thaw of Facebook and Niederauer was on the board that>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NYSE Euronext’s Duncan ing on February 1. Winning the Rich Adamonis of NYSE Euronext. rejected Greifeld’s offer and>>>>>> Niederauer. IPO would mean more fees, a referred to it as “loosely worded Facebook Inc plans to list its boost in trading revenue and the Blow to Niederauer and full of unanswered questions”PetroChina in talks with Shell, Hess shares on the Nasdaq Stock chance to link an exchange’s The decision is the latest blow to in an interview with BloombergPetroChina Co Ltd is talking to Royal Dutch Shell Market, further cementing the brand with the largest social-net- Niederauer, who saw his own on April 10.and Hess Corp to explore shale oil in Santanghu exchange’s position as the working website in the world. attempt to merge with Deutsche Nasdaq OMX lists seven of theBasin in Chinas northwestern Xinjiang region, favoured venue for the biggest US “People are asking about what Boerse AG fall apart when 10 biggest US technology compa-parent China National Petroleum Corp said in a technology companies, a person it means for NYSE to lose it, but it European antitrust regulators nies by market value, includingcompany-owned newspaper. The talks mark with knowledge of the matter said was critical for Nasdaq to win,” blocked the deal. Shares of the Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp, thethe latest effort by Chinese oil firms to beef up yesterday. The person declined to Richard Repetto, an analyst at company slid 13 per cent in 2011, two largest, as well as Google Inctheir capability in shale oil and gas exploration be named because the discussions Sandler O’Neill & Partners LP in while Nasdaq OMX climbed 3.3 and Intel Corp. The NYSE is theby tapping foreign expertise, as well as the are private. New York, said in a phone inter- per cent and the Standard & Poor’s home venue for Internationalongoing interest of overseas firms to enter the The social media giant spurned the NYSE, whose stocks have a market The social media giant view. “What it does is it keeps the 500 Index was little changed. Business Machines Corp, rankedworlds top energy consuming market. REUTERS< value about triple that of Nasdaq’s companies. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG spurned the New York Stock momentum and likely leads to Greifeld will get bragging third.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Japan sets new nuke safety standardJapan is setting stricter, clearer safety guidelinesfor nuclear power plants to ease public concernabout restarting reactors idled after the Peugeot, Ford brakedisasters a year ago. AP<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> on diesel engine pact REUTERSYale’s faculty resolution for campus Paris, 6 April Ford invests $600 mnYale University professors approved a resolutionurging that a planned joint campus with the PSA Peugeot Citroen will stop making to boost China outputNational University of Singapore respect and larger diesel engines with Ford, the REUTERSsupport human rights and political freedom. companies said, a week after General Beijing, 6 AprilYale, one of the world’s wealthiest universities, Motors took a stake in the French autois preparing to open the overseas campus, the maker to cement their planned Ford Motor is jointly investingfirst in its 300-year history, next year. BLOOMBERG< alliance. another $600 million in its south->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Peugeot and Ford will each develop west China factory to raise annu->>>>>> their own engines to replace diesels of al production by over 50 per cent 2 litres and above that they make to help meet its goal of sellingBahrain protesters rally behind striker together, the companies said in a joint eight million cars a year by 2015.Thousands of protesters in Bahrain chanted statement today. The two auto makers Ford said yesterday theslogans on Friday in support of a jailed human jointly develop and manufacture the investment with joint venturerights activist whose nearly two-month hunger bulk of their diesel engines under a 12- Changan Ford Mazda Automobilestrike has become a powerful rallying point for year-old agreement. would raise annual production tothe tiny nations Shiite-led uprising against theSunni monarchy. “Freedom or martyrdom,”cried marchers who carried portraits of Both auto makers said the decision was unrelated to the wide-ranging alliance between Peugeot and Ford’s 950,000 at the Chongqing plant, already Ford’s biggest factory out- side southwest Michigan. CHANGES IN UK VISA NORMSAbdulhadi al-Khawaja, whose declining health Detroit-based rival. The new investment comes as In a bid to check immigration, the UK government has changed certain visa norms for students.has brought appeals for international “This decision has nothing what- Changan Ford Mazda — a jointintervention from groups such as Amnesty soever to do with GM,” a Peugeot venture between Ford, Mazda Here are some new rules that will come into effect from April 6 and June 14, 2012International. AP< spokesman said. “It is not linked to the Motor and Chongqing Changan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> alliance plan.” Automobile — is set to recall over CHANGES FROM JUNE 14, 2012 requirement where the HEI had carried world-class innovative ideas or>>>>>> The larger engine category accounts 62,000 cars to fix faulty anti-lock out its own assessment. Now, this entrepreneurial skills, but who are | One must have £900 to get a visa, a for about a quarter of the three million braking systems. concession will no longer apply; B1 SELT not in a position to meet the fullFed bank presidents on easing 12.5% rise in the amount. For diesels that Peugeot produces with It also follows remarks from will be a precondition of attendance on requirements of the Tier-I (entrepreneur) dependants, the amount is £600, upFour Federal Reserve regional bank presidents Ford each year for both manufactur- Ford this week that it will realise a a pre-sessional linked to the main route. This will allow them to develop from £533. The cash must have beenwho vote on monetary policy this year see less of ers’ vehicle ranges. Smaller engines “small loss” in Asia in the first course on a single CAS. their businesses in the UK. held for a consecutive 90-day perioda need for the Fed to spur the economy with making up the remaining majority are quarter even though it raised its ending not more than 31 days before the | Tier-I (post-study work) will be closed | At the end of the second year in thisnew accommodation. “The probability of unaffected by the decision. US sales forecast for the year. date of one’s application. for new applicants on April 5, 2012. New category, migrants must either switchneeding to do additional stimulus is lower,” San provisions under Tier-II (general) will be into Tier-I (entrepreneur) or leave theFrancisco Fed President John Williams told CHANGES FROM 6 APRIL 2012reporters on Thursday. Cleveland’s Sandra introduced for graduates, who would UK. Funds required to switch to the | Visa application fee raised by have been earlier eligible under Tier-I main Tier-I (entrepreneur) route forPianalto, Atlanta’s Dennis Lockhart andRichmond’s Jeffrey Lacker also spoke againstadditional accommodation this week.BLOOMBERG< Employers in US added approximately 2%. | Tier-IV time limit for studying would be (post-study work). Tier-II (general) will be open to recent graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, PhD or a this group will be lowered from £200,000 to £50,000. This lower threshold will also apply to migrants six years in total for students doing 120,000 jobs in March>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> masters. It was five years earlier. post-graduate certificate in education who are currently in Tier-I (post-study | At least two-thirds of a course period (PGCE) or Professional Graduate Diploma work) and who have established theirArms dealer gets 25-yr prison term must comprise formal study, with a in Education (PGDE) from a UK- own business in the UKInternational arms dealer Viktor Bout, whose BLOOMBERG less than the most pessimistic forecast maximum of one-third of course time recognised or -listed body. | From April 2012, applicants for Tier-Inetwork is alleged to have armed the Al Qaeda Washington, 6 April in a Bloomberg News survey in which spent on a work placement. The | Tier-IV dependants will continue to be (entrepreneurs and graduateand Taliban, has been sentenced to 25 years in the median estimate called for a minimum study time will remain able to switch to Tier-II employment in entrepreneurs) and Tier-I (general)prison by a US court for conspiring to supply Employers in the US added fewer jobs 205,000 rise. Unemployment fell to 8.2 15 hours a week. their own right, but will be subject to cases will be required to show £3,100 forweapons to a Colombia-based terror group. A than forecast in March, underscoring per cent, the lowest since January the Tier-II limit. In-country switching entry clearance applications and £900 | The rules permit students who do notformer Soviet Air Force officer, Bout, dubbed as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S 2009, from 8.3 per cent. from Tier-IV to Tier-II will not be for “leave to remain” applications have B2 (upper intermediate) level‘Merchant of Death’, has also been handed Bernanke’s concern that recent gains Faster employment growth that leads permitted for those who have not English to be issued a single | Tier-II and Tier-V migrants will bedown a sentence of five years of supervised may not be sustained without a pickup to bigger wage gains is necessary to pro- completed their studies, except for PhD Confirmation on Acceptance to Studies required to show funds of £900. Tier-I,release and fined $15 million. Moscow has in growth. pel consumer spending that accounts students, who, now, must have (CAS) to attend a pre-sessional followed Tier-II and Tier-V (governmentcalled the charges “baseless and biased” and The 120,000 increase in payrolls, for about 70 per cent of the economy. completed at least 12 months of study. by the main course, provided they have authorised exchange) dependants willsaid it would do all it could to ensure his return the fewest in five months, followed a Today’s data showed Americans worked attained B1 (intermediate) level, as | New Tier-I (graduate entrepreneur) be required to show £1,800 forhome. AFP< revised 240,000 gain in February that fewer hours and earned less on average attested by possession of a B1 Secure scheme will be introduced for dependants of migrants who have been>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> was bigger than first estimated, labour per week, helping explain why policy English Language Test (SELT) certificate. those who have been identified by in the UK for less than 12 months and>>>>>> department figures showed today in makers say interest rates may need to Washington. The March increase was stay low at least through late 2014. The concession waives the B1 SELT UK universities as having developed £600 for all other dependantsFerdinand A Porsche, designer of the 911, dies at 76BRUCE WEBER tially as an apprentice, immersing originally designated the 901, was they scrambled for a chance to sit himself in the details of engine con- introduced at an auto show. (The behind the wheel.”Ferdinand A Porsche, who designed struction, aerodynamics and body designation was changed to 911 after Ferdinand Alexander Porschethe original Porsche 911, the snazzy, styling. By that time the company, the company learned that in France, was born in Stuttgart on Decemberpowerful sports car that became the under his father’s direction, had Peugeot had a claim on three- 11, 1935, and as a boy spent time withlasting signature of the German started along the path that would numeral designations of passenger his father and his grandfather in theautomobile company founded by make it famous by turning out cars with a zero between two digits.) design office in Zuffenhausen. Hehis grandfather and later run by his exquisitely engineered, elegantly Slightly longer and narrower went to school in Stuttgart and infather, died on Thursday in designed roadsters suitable for the than the 356, more powerful, with a Switzerland and studied at the UlmSalzburg, Austria. He was 76. highway or the racetrack. six-cylinder, rather than a four- School of Design. Porsche AG, whose headquarters It was Ferry Porsche who had cylinder, engine, the original 911 also As an engineer working for theare in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart, turned his own father’s business had more legroom, more rear seat Daimler-Benz racing team,Germany, announced the death in a from strictly an engineering and room and bigger doors for easier Porsche’s grandfather, Ferdinand,statement. No cause was given. design company into a manufactur- entrances and exits. had met Hitler, a racing fan then Porsche, who was known as FA er as well, and he designed its first Porsche also modified the body early in his ascent to power, in theand also by the childhood nickname product, a lightweight rear-engine of the 356, rendering the signature mid-1920s. Porsche started his own A file photo of a Porsche 911 E 2.4 Dorothea Coupe automobile on displayButzi, was the scion of a family roadster, the Porsche 356, which was sloping back end and extended company in the 1930s, and respond- at an exhibition in Germany. PHOTO: BLOOMBERGwhose roots are entwined with the introduced in 1948 and put into wide hood into a sleeker silhouette. It was 1935-2012 ed quickly when Hitler, as chancel-history of German auto making. production in 1950. a remarkably simple design that lor, directed him to create a car that ing became dizzyingly complicated. of Volkswagen, which owns part of Before founding the company that Towards the end of the 1950s, helped create Porsche’s reputation parts and technology, it remains an ordinary Germans could afford. Volkswagen became an independent Porsche.still bears his name, Porsche’s grand- however, Ferry Porsche decided to as a designer who prized function unmistakable descendant of F A Ferdinand Porsche and his son, company, whose first chairman, After leaving the car company infather, Ferdinand, worked as an engi- create a replacement model for the above all. Porsche’s original vision. Now in its Ferry, created the first prototype for appointed by the democratic gov- 1972, F A Porsche started Porscheneer and designer for, among other company’s signature automobile, “Design must be functional and seventh iteration, and starting at more the so-called “people’s car” — the ernment of Konrad Adenauer, was Design, which extended the brandcompanies, Daimler-Benz, the mak- and several proposals from design- functionality must be translated than $80,000 for the least expensive Volkswagen. Hitler approved the Anton Piëch, the husband of Louise to luggage, sunglasses, pens, cuffers of Mercedes. And during the ear- ers both within and outside the into visual aesthetics, without any version, the car remains a symbol of design and a factory was built, but Porsche, Ferdinand’s daughter. links and other items in the high-ly years of the Porsche company in company were rejected as either too reliance on gimmicks that have to be luxury, stellar engineering and sex the war intervened and production of Their son, Ferdinand Piëch, who tech modernist mode. Eventually,the 1930s, Ferdinand and his son, closely tied to the 356 or not tied explained,” he said. appeal. the Volkswagen was postponed; in began his career at Porsche, became Porsche returned to the parent com-known as Ferry, created the prototype closely enough to the distinct The Porsche 911 proved both an “The new version was mobbed the meantime, Porsche built tanks a rival of F A Porsche, and in 1972 pany, serving as chairman fromof the Volkswagen at the direction of Porsche aesthetic. immediate and enduring hit, and the and groped when it was unveiled in and airplane engines for the Nazi mil- their enmity forced their parents to 1990 to 1993.Adolf Hitler. But in December 1959, F A company has never replaced it, September at the Frankfurt auto itary, employing forced labourers on banish them from management and Ferdinand Porsche, the company F A Porsche joined the family Porsche completed a full design instead allowing the car to evolve over show,” The Associated Press report- their assembly lines. restructure Porsche into a public founder, died in 1951. Ferry Porschebusiness in 1958, working in the model for the replacement proto- almost half a century. In spite of myr- ed. “Showgoers left the doors and After the war, the influence of the corporation. Piëch went on to lead died in 1998.technical design department essen- type, and in 1963 the new model, iad design tweaks and updates in roof smeared with fingerprints as Porsche family on German auto mak- Audi and is currently the chairman © 2012 The New York Times News Service