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Harness the Full Power of Lync


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Get the most out of Microsoft Lync with these features.

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Harness the Full Power of Lync

  1. 1. | Harness the Full Power of Lync Help clients utilize Lync to its full potential
  2. 2. Harness the Full Power of Lync 2 | Tip #1 Drag, drop, done. Get your colleagues to say, “Wow!” Showcase the power of Microsoft Lync, by showing them how easy it is to use Lync for conference calls. To do it: Drag a contact from your Lync client to add the person to a conference call or to transfer the contact to someone else. Unlike older communications platforms, there’s no need to memorize funky keypad commands.
  3. 3. Harness the Full Power of Lync 3 | Tip #2 Banish background noise Got blaring horns or barking dogs in the background of your conference call? Silence the noise with one click. To do it: As the call leader, you can see who’s speaking and easily mute everyone else, or mute only the noisy offender.
  4. 4. Harness the Full Power of Lync 4 | Tip #3 Everything except the receptionist Welcome meeting participants into your virtual lobby – in Microsoft Lync. The lobby lets people who call into a meeting know that they’re in the right spot. To do it: Set up a new Lync meeting in Microsoft Outlook and click Meeting Options. Check the lobby options you want. When people call in, they’re placed in a virtual lobby until you start the meeting. You can see who’s there so you can control attendance.
  5. 5. Harness the Full Power of Lync 5 | Tip #4 Your conference room just grew legs Ever started out in a conference room and wished you could take the meeting with you? Or tried to transfer a call, only to lose your caller? We feel your pain. Microsoft Lync makes it easy. To do it: While using Lync, transfer an existing call to a different phone. Click Transfer Call, and then select a phone number. The other parties won’t hear a beep or a tone so no one will know you’ve taken the call to.
  6. 6. Harness the Full Power of Lync 6 | Tip #5 “Get me a genius!” *Requires Microsoft SharePoint Server. Stumped by a question? Find the answer from an expert—and show your colleagues how you did it—using Microsoft Lync + Microsoft SharePoint Server. No need to know who you’re looking for. With a skills search, you can find the expert you need and look like a hero in the process. To do it: In Lync, start typing keywords in the Search box. Click Skill and let Lync do the rest. Lync finds experts whose skills match in SharePoint*. With a click, you can be connected.
  7. 7. Harness the Full Power of Lync 7 | Tip #6 Tag, you’re it! You need that answer right away, but your colleagues are busy. With Microsoft Lync, it’s easy to find out the instant they’re free. Tag them! To do it: In the Lync main window, in your Contacts list, right-click a contact, and then click Tag for Status Change Alerts. You’ll be notified when the person’s status changes to “Available” so you can get in touch. And you can easily modify or remove your tag when it’s no longer needed.
  8. 8. Harness the Full Power of Lync 8 | Tip #7 Your ring will find you On the phone much? Let people know that no matter where you are, Microsoft Lync can find you. You can set your incoming calls to simultaneously ring your phone and another number or contact. And there’s more! Use Microsoft Outlook to turn the ring feature on and off based on your business hours. To do it: At the bottom of the Lync window, click the Call Forwarding icon. Click Simultaneously Ring, and then choose a number. Ü Next
  9. 9. Harness the Full Power of Lync 9 | Your ring will find you (con’t) Next click on Call Forwarding Settings from the Call Forwarding icon drop down menu. Then choose During Work Hours to apply call forwarding settings during the work hours specified in your Microsoft Outlook Work Calendar.
  10. 10. Harness the Full Power of Lync 10 | Tip #8 Boundaries? What boundaries? Federation is a way that Microsoft Lync breaks down boundaries and lets you connect with customers, partners, vendors outside the company just like you do on the inside. Chat, meet, and share with outside parties using Lync—plus, stay in touch over public IM networks. To do it: Type the name or email address of your contact in the search box. Hover over the search result, and then click the Add to Contacts List button. Administrators can enable federation with other organizations running Skype, Lync, Lync Online or Office Communication Server.
  11. 11. Harness the Full Power of Lync 11 | Tip #9 Be unforgettable Impress your coworkers with how well you remember details as information flies by at a meeting. Just use Microsoft Lync. You can easily record voice, video, and web meetings, and then upload your audio notes to a Microsoft SharePoint site for later reference. To do it: In the conversation window or in a meeting, click the More Options button, and then click Start Recording. Lync automatically saves the recording. Click Manage Recordings to view and replay.
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