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✔✔ Space all elements consistently.
✔✔ Arrange elements on an in...
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Checklist for creating an amazing app


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here is a checklist for an amazing app.

Published in: Mobile
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Checklist for creating an amazing app

  1. 1. CHECKLIST FOR CREATING AN AMAZING-LOOKING APP BE BALANCED ✔✔ Space all elements consistently. ✔✔ Arrange elements on an invisible grid to maintain consistent spacing. BE READABLE ✔✔ Keep typefaces clean and easy to read. ✔✔ Use thinner fonts for today’s higher-res mobile device screens. ✔✔ Utilize different font styles and indentations to create hierarchies of text so users can easily identify categories and subcategories. BE COLORFUL ✔✔ Understand color theory — complementary color pairings such as red and green are stimulating; while analogous color pairings such as yellow and orange promote harmony. ✔✔ Know how certain colors can evoke certain psychological associations (e.g., red for excitement, blue for intelligence, yellow for youth). ✔✔ Be aware of the cultural connotations certain colors have in targeted markets. ✔✔ Stronger vs. weaker colors can help establish a hierarchy of choices for the user. BE CONSISTENT ✔✔ Use a primary icon that users are familiar with from your branding and other products. ✔✔ Define elements and be sure they are repeated throughout the app. ✔✔ Users should be able to easily understand how to navigate each section of the app at first glance. BE USEABLE ✔✔ Position the most important buttons — such as your call-to-action buttons — in the bottom corners of the screen, close to users’ thumbs. ✔✔ Keep buttons larger than 1 centimeter on the screen to make them easier to touch. ✔✔ Provide enough space between buttons so users don’t accidentally click the wrong ones. ✔✔ Utilize elements such as drawers or carousels to organize data in a way that is more interactive for users and keeps them engaged. ✔✔ Make sure your app works just as well in landscape mode as it does in portrait mode. BE RESPONSIVE ✔✔ Use screen titles to help keep users oriented as to where they are on the app at all times. ✔✔ Provide feedback to users after every action to let them know their request is being processed, whether in the form of an animation, a change in color, or a confirmation sound.