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Android go


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All you need to know about Android Go. Here are some of the FAQs answered on Android Go. The announcements done by Google on its new product "Android Go".

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Android go

  1. 1. Android Go
  2. 2. Android Go was announced during the opening keynote of the Google I/O developers conference in Mountain View on Wednesday.
  3. 3. Is it a new version of Android? Android Go is not a new version of Android, it’s not a different Android, it’s a project name inside Google.
  4. 4. Can Android Go devices run all Android apps? Android Go is an internal name - but the OS that these partners will be shipping will be Android O - there’s no separate OS called Android Go.
  5. 5. So what will be different about Android Go devices? Think of Android Go as a bunch of presets that your Android O device will ship with. Some OS settings will be switched on (or off) by default; some Google apps will be a bit different than other Android O devices; and the Google Play Store will highlight third-party apps optimised for the Go experience.
  6. 6. The three cornerstones of Android Go To optimise the Android operating system to run smoothly on entry-level devices, starting with Android O. To make sure that Google apps that we load on these devices are also optimised, which means that we are rebuilding many of the Google apps. To optimise the Play Store to highlight the apps that are tuned to the needs of users that are coming online for the first time.
  7. 7. Will Android Go device only be able to run apps optimised for the Go experience? All Android apps that run on any ‘regular’ Android O device will also run on Android Go devices, barring of course any apps that may not be compatible with your hardware or not available in your region, something that’s the case even today with Android N (or earlier).
  8. 8. Can Android Go devices install the ‘regular’ versions of their default apps? In one word- Yes. For example, Searching for YouTube on Google Play Store on Android Go devices will show the ‘regular’ YouTube app as well, and users will be free to install this app on their phone. How many users will actually do something like this when they already have a YouTube app on their phone is debatable.
  9. 9. Can ‘regular’ Android devices run apps optimised for Android Go? Absolutely. While these apps are optimised for entry-level Android Go devices, there’s nothing stopping your Google Pixel XL or Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, from downloading and running, say, the YouTube Go app. These apps will also show up like any other app when you search for something via the Play Store on your device.
  10. 10. How does Android Go differ from Android One? Android One focused on three things - first, specifying hardware. Google UI for any device with Android One brand. Regular security updates from the device manufacturer to have.
  11. 11. When will the first Android Go devices ship? As announced at the keynote, the first Android Go devices are expected to hit the market in 2018.
  12. 12. Will I see Android Go update on my existing device? Almost certainly no. The focus of the Android Go project is on new devices only, so don’t expect your existing entry-level phone to get Android O’s Go configuration.
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