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VIRTA start pitching in WEBIT startupchallenge


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VIRTA, building interest based communities. A presentation of a Greek startup participating in the WEBIT startup challenge event in 6-7 November 2013 in Istanbul.

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VIRTA start pitching in WEBIT startupchallenge

  1. 1. { We build online communities Apostolos Vontas VIRTA Co-founder Technopolis ICT Business Park, Thessaloniki, GREECE
  2. 2. What people do until now You want to go online:  Visibility  Marketing  Revenues What can you do? Create an online community! What is the most obvious? CREATE A PAGE !
  3. 3. Is this enough? This is where we grabbed the opportunity for A cloud based platform for building interest based communities over a public space. • Have FUN Keep fans ACTIVE and ENGAGED • Have a BETTER MARKETING potential • Can generate direct PROFIT and VALUE •
  4. 4. Now watch this The first running VIRTA community PAOK Basketball Club /PAOK Sports Arena in Thessaloniki, Greece
  5. 5. • Here comes a 30 sec video of VIRTA
  6. 6. Uniqueness for the • • A 360 view A unique view perspective created by multimedia Upload, view, com ment & search multimedia from users experience Gamification technics. Provide incentives: • Leaderboard • Badges • Campaigns • • • • Advertisement space, New and direct communication channel Dedicated community Online ticketing
  7. 7. Technology  Everything is on the cloud  HTML 5  Gamification techniques  Efficiently uploading and viewing multimedia  Support most video formats and ranges of quality levels  Running in all browsers and platforms
  8. 8. Sales and Marketing Our CUSTOMERS  Basketball and football clubs  Owners of a sports arena or stadium Dedicated offline community sustained & expanded online Our 1st customer: PAOK BC Sports Arena A best practice - Go around with a >1000 users >3000 items Exhibit the added value: >20% profit increase
  9. 9. COMPETITION There is nothing similar in the market Social networks like Facebook, can be supportive but do not have our features and cannot offer our services.
  10. 10. Business model Freemium 30% of online advertisements 10% of online ticketing
  11. 11. Status and Milestones 1. Continue MARKETING: users (1000) & content (3000) 2. Release officially MOBILE application 3. Finalizing the gamification (BADGES are missing) 4. PARTNERING with online ticket sellers 5. ACQUIRE 10 new customers 6. PARTNERING with local resellers in other countries
  12. 12. Financing Seed Round Personal funds ("bootstrapping") Series A Round Continue bootstrapping but for INVESTORS
  13. 13. The Team
  14. 14. We aim high Not just reach 5 - 10 and sustain a small business But build online communities on a large scale!
  15. 15. Thank you Apostolos Vontas VIRTA Co-founder