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An idea for a game that is supposed to teach pupils things about mental health

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Anais Farhat Erasmus+GAMES2018 Xanthi, Greece December 2018 OUTCAST
  2. 2. PLOT • Before our game starts, the player will have the chance to customize their character as they like. • The game takes place in a hospital, the main character does not remember how they got there so throughout the game they try to escape while they come across other people who also seem trapped. • Our character, now terrified, is ready to begin their journey.
  3. 3. STORY • Our character wakes up in an empty room feeling confused. Realizing their situation they get up and start analyzing and investigating the room. • Leaving the room, and throughout the game, voices can be heard from behind our character and also questionable figures that resemble humans can be seen, • At times the figures are chasing our character and we must hide, otherwise we will pass out.
  4. 4. • A main task for the player is to recognize what’s real and what’s not. Being able to tell whether you come across a real human or not, plays a major role in the game. If you interact with the fake, your insanity level will go up. • Finishing, our character finds the exit. As they search for the key they come across a file that writes their name. As they open it they see a medical report. • It states that our main character is suffering with catatonic schizophrenia.
  5. 5. PURPOSE • The purpose of this game is to educate people about chronic mental illnesses, and how daily life is for the schizophrenic, as most people believe that individuals with mental disorders are crazy. • If this game will ever be created our player will get different points of views from other patients that will suggest different kinds of mental disorders.