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Security as Code


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Short presentation showing how security can integrate with devops using free open source tools.

Published in: Technology
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Security as Code

  1. 1. Security as Code Apollo Clark
  2. 2. ”Predicting doom from the technology of tomorrow ignores the nightmare of technology today. ” ll: — Taylor Swift
  3. 3. Where does Security fit into DevOps?
  4. 4. Sec
  5. 5. Static Analyzers = $$$ Quarterly Pentests = slow
  6. 6. "Developers can't fix a problem, if they can't reproduce it. "
  7. 7. "Security is another quality gate to clear. Make it reproducab| e."
  8. 8. Rugged Devops
  9. 9. lam rugged and, more importantly, my code is rugged. Irecognize that software has become a foundation of our modern world. Irecognize the awesome responsibility that comes with this foundational role.
  10. 10. [KKlil[L. [| ELHENJUDTXF” “the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”
  11. 11. + ¢@, + IRE‘; lfliillfi 343333323 "' 3 | Kali Linux Jenkins
  12. 12. @s1ow @announce Feature: Run sq1map against a target # See: # https: //github. com/ sq1mapproject/ sq1map/ wiki/ Usage Scenario: Identify SQL injection vu1nerabi1ities Given "sq1map" is insta11ed And the fo11owing profi1e: I name I va1ue I I target_ur1 I http: //1oca1host:9292/sq1-injection? number_id=1 I when I ‘launch a "sq1map" attack with: python <sq1map_path> —u <target_ur1> --dbms sq1ite ——batch —v 0 ——tab1es Then the output shou1d contain: sq1map identified the fo11owing injection points And the output shou1d not contain: [2 tab1es] + --------------- ——+ I numbers I I sq1ite_sequence I + --------------- ——+ nun
  13. 13. Kev ’ »“" S’ A S7 IT nu Ifiifiiss smst I» / //‘ NLW in-noccou