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To be presented to the Engagement team for approval.

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247 OS Project Proposal q4

  1. 1. Project Proposals Community Hype Cagbalete Revel & Educate
  2. 2. Project 1: Community Hype• Objectives • To gain more members especially from TMUK and TWC.
  3. 3. Project 1: Community Hype• Communication Plans • Prior to the event, we’ll be posting a teaser in IRIS and in our Facebook page. Either of the samples below will be posted in IRIS as soon as possible until September 19. Also, on the hype dates, we’ll be distributing flyers: Flyer-front Flyer-back Teaser Sample A Teaser Sample BThe information/details in the ad, poster and flyers will bemodified to reflect the updated schedule of launch.The 247 logo will also be replaced with the new one.
  4. 4. TWC : Best time: 12 am to 6 Project 1: Community Hype am• Activity Details TMUK: Best Time: 6 pm to 11The photo exhibit per site will run for 5 days. The following dates have been scheduled to ensure thatthe targeted accounts are attended to: Mar 12 - Mar 16: TWC (MJ) Mar 19 - Mar 23: TMUK (SOLARIS)Here is a description of the execution of the hype: 1. Existing members of the community will wear the 24/7 Outdoor Society’s Black and Yellow (Bumblebee-inspired) jersey shirt. 2. Members will be scheduled to do the rounds based on the account’s usual schedule so interested employees can interact with them and ask them any questions. 3. Members will be giving out flyers during the tour. 4. A mobile photo exhibit will be installed during the scheduled dates in MJ and Solaris. 5. A member will man the registration table based on their availability. However, if none of the members is available, a drop box will be left on the registration table so interested employees cab still register.
  5. 5. This is the stage design of the photo exhibit. Here is a description of the design for your perusal:1. The 2 black walls at the back will be made of foam boards with recycled easels (cardboards, preferably) as its support.2. The prism situated near the center will be steady and foam boards will also be utilized to create it.3. A registration table (using one of the round tables in the pantry) and a chair will be placed at the foreground so interestedemployees can sign up/enquire. If none of the OS members is available to man this, a registration box will be left on the table andan ample stack of registration and info sheets will be left as well so registrants can just get a form, fill it out and drop it in theregistration box. In addition, the registration table will have a tarpaulin hanged in front of it.4. Beside the registration table, we’ll have a canvas board to display the instructions on how to register and advertise the event.5. In MJ, as we’ll have the exhibit at the 5th floor pantry, we’ll have posters to direct the employees to the location.6. We’ll also have banderitas (using japanese paper and twine) hanged strategically within the photo exhibit area to add to thefestive mood.7. If we will be permitted, we’ll play music (reggae or hip hop) within the exhibit area to also add to the festive mood. We’ll ensurethat the surrounding rooms won’t be disturbed.
  6. 6. Send AMG the list of materials and venue Project 1: Community Hype (location). Duration of the activities. also the approval form.• Timeline: Mj - Ciala Solaris - Joan Ochosa • Feb 17: General Assembly • Feb 21: Send the Decor Approval Form to AMG for the photo exhibit on the aforementioned dates. Also, send a request for a room to store the exhibit materials in MJ and Solaris. • Feb 23: Discussion of the photo exhibit design, needed execution and logistics to the member volunteers. • Feb 24 - 25: Meeting with the members and purchase of materials. • Feb 27 - Mar 10 : Creation of the photo exhibit. • Mar 11 - Set up of the Exhibit in MJ • Mar 12 - 16 : TWC hype • Mar 16: Disassemble photo exhibit and store it temporarily in MJ or, if time permits, move it to Solaris • Mar 18 - Start of set up of the photo exhibit. Tour officially begins between 5 pm to 6 pm. • Mar 19 - 23: TMUK hype • Mar 28: Submission of the IRIS ad, liquidation and article.
  7. 7. Project 1: Community HypeBudget Requirements Items Quantity Amount per Item Total Amount Tarpaulin 3 25/sq ft (4 ft x 2 ft) 500 Photos 30 (10”x12” Matte) 80 2400 Art Materials 15 Varies 5766# Total Expenses ₱8666Note:#Please see attachment Q3 Hype_Calculation of Materials Tarp design - to follow
  8. 8. • Project 2: Cagbalete Revel & Educate Activity Details • The community will use this event to spread the awareness of preserving the environment with the local community in Cagbalete. • To do so, the community will conduct a waste management seminar to educate the community. The document to be used in the seminar is the paper submitted by Lester Olaso, “PROPER WASTE MANAGEMENT: A 24/7 OUTDOOR SOCIETY COMPLIANCE AND AWARENESS FOR (LEAVE NO TRACE) OUTDOOR ETHICS”. This activity is aligned to one of the community’s goals, which is to help preserve the environment. • This is scheduled on April 14 to 15, 2012. • The commitment fee is ₱300 per participant and will be given upon registration. Once this is given and the participant fails to attend the activity, the commitment fee will be forfeited. The deadline of the payment of the fee is on the pre-event meeting, which is on Apr 1, 2012. • The community will only subsidize ₱300 of the transportation. The participant will shoulder the expenses for the food and the entrance fee. • In terms of the accommodation, we will pitch tents along the shore and won’t rent a cottage. The community can help out in looking for tents in case the participant doesn’t have their own. The member/s may rent a room if they want to. • This will be an OPEN event and is open to 24/7 employees and friends. Members of OS can bring 1 non-247 friend but the guest will shoulder their own expenses. Guests are also required to attend the pre-climb meeting.
  9. 9. Project 2: Cagbalete Revel & Educate• Objectives • To conduct a clean-up drive or a Waste Management seminar. • To spread the awareness of the Leave No Trace policy. • To build a bond with the locals in Cagbalete.
  10. 10. Project 2: Cagbalete Revel & Educate• Communication Plan • Prior to the event, we’ll be posting an Ad in IRIS with this teaser and in our Facebook page:
  11. 11. Project 2: Cagbalete Revel & Educate• Timeline: • Oct 11: Drafting of the Waste Management document by Lester Olaso • Oct 20: Proofreading and modification of the document • Nov 14: Submission of the Final draft of the Waste Management document • Nov 15: Presentation of the Project proposal and General Assembly with the community members. • Nov 21 to Dec 1: Hype of the Activity via IRIS • Nov 21 to Nov 30: Registration of Participants. (A commitment fee will be required upon registration). • Dec 1 : Pre-event meeting • December 10 - 11: Cagbalete Event Revel & Educate • December 14: Submission of Liquidation, VOICE Article and post-event ad to Engagement
  12. 12. Project 2: Cagbalete Revel & Educate Budget Requirements Items Quantity Amount per Item Total AmountTransportation to and From 30 300 9000Location1Entrance Fee to Resort 30 50 1500 Total Expenses P10500 Notes: 1Original budget of the transportation is 350. The community will shoulder 300 of the total cost. The participant will shoulder the expenses for the food, entrance fee and the remaining cost of the transportation.