Who Are We?


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Who Are We?

  1. 1. WHO ARE WE? A Leader in the Industry Founded in 2001, Apogee Search is the largest “pure-play” online marketing 4 OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS firm in the Southwest, and one of the 20 largest nationwide. Our corporate headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, long recognized as a center of Apogee Search is one of Internet innovation and expertise. The management team at Apogee Search the fastest growing search has almost 15 years of experience in search engine optimization, and over engine marketing agencies 10 years of experience with paid search management, which began with the in the United States, with inception of paid search advertising in early 1998. numerous certifications, industry badges, and Backed by a rapidly growing staff of full-time, Internet marketing professionals, national recognition from Apogee Search delivers solutions across a number of industries. We have just the Inc. 500, the Austin one main goal—increasing revenue for our clients. That is why we supply all Business Journal’s Fast 50, the tools and business expertise required to turn a company’s online efforts and most importantly, the into strategic revenue generators. accolades from our clients. We never lose our focus on the actual business of our clients—their specific markets, competition, unique selling advantages, revenue goals, and long-term expectations. Our approach is always centered on the bottom line, providing precise, metrics-based solutions for all of our clients. From our powerful search engine optimization and customized paid search campaigns, to our successful portfolio of website effectiveness consulting and design, the specialists at Apogee Search are committed to helping our clients reach their ultimate return on investment (ROI) and business goals. Our staff is highly trained in statistical significance and quantitative research. We use powerful web analytics for precise evaluations of website volume and visiting patterns. We utilize proven methods to help clients carefully manage their ROI to meet specific budgetary requirements. Having worked with hundreds of high-profile clients, the specialists at Apogee Search are AMBASSADOR well versed in managing successful search marketing campaigns that deliver proven, measurable results. 44 WHY APOGEE SEARCH? 4 Search marketing is a competitive practice, and the companies running the most strategic, effective, and efficient campaigns are the ones who will add the most to their bottom line. Search marketers not only have to make good decisions, they have to make better decisions than the competition as they compete for the same keywords. Apogee Search’s value-based approach to online marketing thrives in this competitive environment and our strategic thought leadership coupled with industry leading expertise has propelled hundreds of companies to the top! We believe our results speak for themselves and our clients think so too. Apogee Search 6207 Sheridan Avenue Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205 www.apogee-search.com
  2. 2. WHO ARE WE? 44 TECHNOLOGY 4 “We have enjoyed working When managing search marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients, with Apogee Search for years, technology solutions become extremely important for both in-depth data analysis and our long relationship is due and operational efficiencies. We have developed processes around a number of to the consistent, high-quality proprietary tools that allow our search specialists to quickly identify and resolve results on both paid search and campaign deficiencies. This means that our campaign management teams natural search. Technology is are always well-informed, always prepared, and always improving campaign a competitive industry, but we performance across the board. have seen great results from the campaigns, including holding top 5 rankings for several key terms.” 44 EXPERIENCE 4 David Rowe, As more and more traditional agencies, consultants, and Internet start-ups are VP, Global Marketing and Alliances diving head first into offering search marketing services, we like to remind our Rimini Street, Inc. customers that we have been managing search marketing campaigns since the channel emerged, and we have learned a few things over the years. “Being in the loan refinancing We continually fine-tune our strategies and processes to improve campaign space, our target keywords performance and service quality. We cater to the special needs of many different are highly competitive. Before campaign types, including B2B, B2C, lead generation, e-commerce, branding, Apogee Search’s SEO campaign, and a number of specialized verticals. And our proven ability to deliver results we were stuck on the third page time and time again has awarded us with a long list of happy clients. of Google for our most important keyword. Thanks to their efforts we’re now ranked number one!” 44 PERFORMANCE 4 Brian Jones, At the top of every advertiser’s priority list is campaign performance. Ultimately, Director of Marketing every marketing campaign should drive revenue, whether from direct online rateGenius sales or from high quality leads generated for a sales team. For this reason, Apogee Search maintains an unwavering focus on bottom line results. And this focus comes with substantial rewards for our clients. Apogee clients typically “Apogee Search has worked experience a 30% to 50% improvement in bottom line campaign performance wonders for iKey’s search within their first six months of management. While other service providers work to engine optimization and pay drive traffic, Apogee Search works to drive revenue for its customers. per click campaigns. The expertise of the staff, combined with their professionalism and 44 SERVICE 4 quick response, has resulted in significant cost savings, as well At the core of Apogee’s services is a talented staff of over 50 dedicated as improvements in both the search marketing professionals. Our services team members undergo rigorous quantity and quality of leads.” and ongoing training to keep abreast of new developments and strategies for high performance search campaign management. More importantly, the entire Danielle Nepustil, Apogee team is ingrained with a customer-centric approach to campaign Marketing Programs Manager management. Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager and search iKey specialist. We strive to develop close relationships with our clients to better understand their overall goals and to leverage non-search marketing activities into their search campaign strategies. Apogee Search 6207 Sheridan Avenue Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205 www.apogee-search.com