Website Effectiveness


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Website Effectiveness

  1. 1. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING Website Effectiveness Strategy and Consulting 4 INDUSTRY LEADERS Paying for increased traffic to a website with a poor conversion rate is like Apogee Search is one of a pouring water into a leaky bucket. Apogee Search’s website effectiveness select group of companies practice leverages your existing traffic into more conversions on your site, worldwide that have been ultimately generating maximum revenue. We are dedicated to improving certified as a Google Website Optimizer Authorized the function and productivity of your website through in-depth conversion Consultant. This dynamic area consulting, specialized testing programs, and tracking and analytics strategies. of focus compliments all of our website effectiveness offerings. Through our website effectiveness portfolio of services, you can expect the Our website effectiveness following results: solutions aim to increase conversion rates to make • Increases in your conversion rates the most of natural search, • Enhanced ROI of your existing online marketing programs paid search, and other online marketing campaigns. • Insight into the needs of your potential customers Apogee Search’s website • Expert website conversion strategies and continued support effectiveness services will also provide increased data Whether your website is designed to gather leads, sell products or services, visibility in order to deliver accurate ROI of your online or simply distribute information, Apogee can help increase its effectiveness marketing activities. to meet your goals. We can accommodate your individual business needs by testing a couple of ideas or providing a complete solution. We offer the following services to increase your conversion rates, and therefore the profitability of your website: 44 HEURISTIC 4 WEBSITE EVALUATION: If your website needs a conversion tune-up, but you want to avoid the time and expense of a site redesign, or just want to ensure that a redesign focuses on the right elements, a heuristic evaluation might be right for you. This in-depth analysis of your website uses industry best practices, Apogee experience and experiments, and your own analytics data to uncover specific elements in need of adjustments, and aspects that are currently working well. 44 LANDING 4 PAGE DESIGN AND TESTING: Apogee Search Specially formulated landing pages can significantly improve your 6207 Sheridan Avenue conversion rate, multiplying the results of your paid search campaign. Suite 200 Apogee designs landing pages based on conversion best practices and Austin, Texas 78723 conducts testing with Google Website Optimizer to ensure performance. p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205
  2. 2. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING 44 A/B 4 AND MULTIVARIATE TESTING: Website testing is not just for landing pages. Testing potential changes to your homepage, product pages, shopping cart process, and other pages can increase the overall conversion rate of your website, thus increasing the ROI of your online marketing efforts. Apogee Search is a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant with expert knowledge in implementation, troubleshooting, and best practices to ensure successful tests using Google Website Optimizer. If testing needs go beyond the scope of Google Website Optimizer, Apogee will recommend the best tool for your website. 44 STRATEGIC 4 PERSONA MODELING: Personas are rich descriptions of your representative customers that go beyond demographics to include their needs, values, online habits, and decision making process. Persona models turn faceless website visitors into real people that you know how to speak to. By using the value triggers of each persona, decisions about website content, navigation, and features are greatly simplified. The value goes beyond your website—once created, personas can also be used throughout your company to inform marketing and sales activities. Apogee Search 6207 Sheridan Avenue Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205