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  1. 1. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING Search Engine Optimization Campaign Management 4 FIRST PAGE RESULTS Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved well beyond the days where With Apogee’s SEO services, achieving a number one ranking was the sole purpose. In today’s competitive your website will be ranked market, we at Apogee Search understand that there is a need to increase levels of at the top of today’s largest qualified traffic as well as conversion rates, not just first page rankings. In order to search engines, including reach the desired result, Apogee takes a holistic approach to SEO and considers Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and all aspects of our client’s online presence to increase their website’s overall return, resulting in: on investment (ROI). We believe that an effective SEO strategy must be integrated within an entire marketing mix to generate the biggest impact; therefore, we • An increase in qualified collaborate with our client’s PR, traditional media, and web design partners to visitors to your site create a cohesive and supportive SEO campaign. Our combined efforts are • Increased conversions and then analyzed through in-depth reporting that provides raw data for analysis and more sales actionable conclusions. Our search engine optimization services include: • Accelerated ROI • Stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships 44 KEYWORD ANALYSIS AND SELECTION 4 • Improved sales among Unlike paid search (PPC) where thousands of keywords can be managed and target markets optimized, natural search only allows for the effective optimization of a handful of competitive keyword phrases. Therefore, the best SEO efforts will be worthless if Strong growth in market share, you are focusing on the wrong keywords. For this reason, we consider all of the increased web presence, whatever your business and factors below in determining the best keywords to optimize for each client. online marketing needs are, Apogee will work to meet • Keyword conversion metrics from paid search campaigns them, giving you higher • Client business objectives rankings and ROI. • Monthly search volumes • Google SERPs • Current rankings • Keyword competitiveness 44 LINK BUILDING 4 External linking is the single most important factor determining a website’s natural ranking on Google. Few SEO campaigns will be successful without on-going link building efforts. The effectiveness of an external link building program is determined by the quantity of external links, quality of linking websites, relevance of linking websites, and the format of external links. Apogee staffs a team of link building specialists who submit strategic, high-value links based on each client’s customized campaign plan. 44 ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION 4 Apogee Search Based on researched campaign keywords, on-page recommendations include 6207 Sheridan Avenue suggested revisions to title tags, page copy, site maps, alt tags, style tags, meta Suite 200 tags, and site navigation. In addition, Apogee consults with clients on avoiding Austin, Texas 78723 and resolving web development practices that are not conducive to on and off- p. 800.984.3041 page optimization, including the use of frames, flash, scripting, dynamic page f. 512.583.4205 content, and other web development techniques.