SEO A La Carte


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SEO A La Carte

  1. 1. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING SEO a la Carte: Start-up, Audit, and Training 4 CUSTOM TAILORED SEO Apogee Search’s a la carte menu of search engine optimization (SEO) Apogee Search’s suite of services are ideal for clients who do not require ongoing campaign SEO a la carte services will management, have a new campaign in need of a jumpstart, or are provide you with the building interested in receiving customized training in any area of natural search. blocks to launch a successful We provide our clients with expert tools and techniques that work to search engine optimization develop high return natural search campaigns. campaign, provide a fresh perspective on an existing campaign, or educate your 44 SEO START-UP 4 in-house team on industry best practices and emerging trends The team of experts at Apogee provides the building blocks for a in search engine marketing. successful SEO campaign. Apogee enhances natural search campaigns by guiding clients through the initial stages of SEO campaign Through our menu of SEO a management. In addition, we offer add-on services that prepare clients for la carte offerings, we provide real solutions that will deliver specialized vertical search engines that are relevant to their industry. maximum ROI on your search marketing efforts. The SEO start-up entails a selection of targeted high impact keywords, recommendations to improve a website’s design and content, the development of expert link building strategies, and the performance of a rankings baseline to determine where a site is ranking now and where it can rank in the near future. 44 SEO AUDIT 4 Search engine algorithms change frequently, which is why it is so important to consistently monitor the performance of a campaign to prevent sudden drops in rankings. The specialists at Apogee Search will audit existing natural search campaigns by reviewing a site’s content and keywords, exploring site navigation, performing a rankings baseline, and evaluating incoming links and search volume. We will also examine how well a site is indexed by search engines. Through this in-depth analysis, Apogee can diagnose any potential issues that may be responsible for, or lead to, a decline in rankings. 44 SEO TRAINING 4 Apogee Search’s SEO training will educate your in-house team on the industry’s best practices in order to execute successful SEO campaigns. Apogee Search We will tailor training programs according to your industry and specific 6207 Sheridan Avenue Suite 200 online marketing goals. We offer several custom training options including Austin, Texas 78723 SEO 101, advanced SEO, writing for the web techniques, and local p. 800.984.3041 search submissions. f. 512.583.4205