Performance Marketing


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Performance Marketing

  1. 1. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING Performance Search Marketing As the popularity of paid search marketing (pay per click) has risen, so have prices, complexity, and competition for top positions. To excel in this dynamic 4 INDUSTRY INNOVATORS and highly competitive market, advertisers must work harder, smarter, and Apogee Search is the first devote more resources to PPC search campaigns. For those companies that lack search marketing agency to the necessary internal expertise, tools, and time to manage highly competitive deliver a guaranteed ROI to search campaigns in-house, selecting an experienced search marketing partner its customers. Our goal is to is your best solution. develop successful search marketing campaigns for all of Apogee Search’s experienced staff of Google AdWords certified paid search our clients, and we continue professionals will provide your company with the expertise necessary to to be industry leaders in succeed in today’s competitive search marketing environment. Apogee Search providing the best possible uses proven techniques, powerful analytics tools, and leverages their expertise customer service to our clients. in statistical evaluation to generate measurable results at every stage of the search marketing process. We guarantee your success, because we have to. If your campaign does not reach its 44 GUARANTEED ROI 4 defined ROI, then we take a An industry first! Apogee guarantees a client-defined return on investment on penalty on our management every campaign we manage. Advise us on how much you are willing to pay fees, and no one else can promise you the same. for a lead, transaction, or sales dollars. If we are unable to meet your ROI goal, we will take a penalty on our management fees. This means that Apogee only succeeds when we help you succeed. 44 EXCEEDING SERVICE EXPECTATIONS 4 At the core of Apogee Search is a talented staff of over 50 search marketing experts. Our services team members undergo rigorous and ongoing training to keep abreast of new developments and strategies for high-performance search campaign management. More importantly, the entire Apogee team is ingrained with a customer-centric approach to campaign management. A dedicated paid search specialist is assigned to every client in order to develop a close relationship and understanding of their business. We strive to better understand overall goals and to leverage non-search marketing activities into every search campaign strategy. Apogee Search’s value-based approach to online marketing thrives in this competitive environment. The performance and value of every keyword for every campaign is analyzed independently and gauged against the competitive placement costs determined by the market. Apogee also looks beyond standard keyword selection and bid management, providing further performance improvements by optimizing ad copy, landing pages, and other campaign variables. The result is a successful campaign that not only performs, but performs better than your competition. Apogee Search 6207 Sheridan Avenue Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205
  2. 2. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING 44 TECHNOLOGY 4 Apogee employs the most advanced bid management tools available to manage client campaigns. Our systems continuously monitor keywords and bid prices, and make bid adjustments automatically based on client ROI goals. Apogee selects bid optimization strategies based on the ROI goals of each unique client including cost per lead (CPL), cost per sale (CPS), cost per click (CPC), ad position, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Rather than waiting for a predefined monthly report, Apogee provides clients with their own login to our SearchForce management system. By utilizing SearchForce, clients are able to view the performance of their campaigns at any time and create custom reports. Campaign custom reports include dashboards for quick analysis of key performance indicators, access to trend graphs and reports, and customized client requested data reports as detailed below. 4 Customized Performance Dashboards Users may select from a number of account level charts and tables to be displayed in their personalized dashboard, including search engine distribution, account level performance trends, and key indicator performance tables. 4 Comparative Trend Analysis Comparative trend reports allow you to compare any two campaign performance metrics (conversion rate, conversions, ad position, ROAS, and many other variables) over a specified period of time. 4 Custom Data Reporting Clients may request custom data reports to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at no additional charge. Commonly requested reports include lead volume by ad group, top performing keywords, conversion detail listings, sales amounts, and ROAS by search engine, to name a few. Apogee Search 6207 Sheridan Avenue Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205