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Online Reputation Management


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Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. APOGEE SEARCH MARKETING Online Reputation Management Are you concerned that searches for your company, product, or even personal name will bring up false, embarrassing or out of date results that 4 SAVE YOUR REPUTATION your colleagues, customers or partners might read? Apogee Search’s online Protect your reputation and reputation management services can keep your “dirty laundry” off the first the integrity of your brand page of search engine results, and protect your brand image. image with Apogee Search’s online reputation management portfolio of services. 44 HOW REPUTATION MANAGEMENT WORKS 4 Apogee Search works to push negative search results off the first page, saving We will build a customized reputations and protecting brand images. We leverage our knowledge and strategic plan that will address any negative press and drive expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and reputation unfavorable search results off management techniques to develop a customized strategic plan that will the first page. address specific brand issues. Our strategies will craft high-ranking, favorable online content for businesses and individuals to drive harmful publicity down in the search engine results pages. These strategies include but are not limited to: • Implementing fool-proof methodologies to grow an online brand network • Creating high impact content and a portfolio of sites on trusted domains • Maintaining and developing RSS feeds to build positive brand awareness • Optimizing existing websites to help maximize positive brand effect • Working with the source of unfavorable press to help minimize its impact We also offer unique reputation management services that will monitor online buzz about a brand, ensuring that our clients are never surprised by major issues. With our fingers fixed on the pulse of the web, we work with the online community to address issues head on before they become unmanageable. 44 BENEFITS OF ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT 4 Apogee’s online reputation management services can benefit any business or individual that is concerned with having a negative public image displayed on the web, or is worried about the possibility of future harmful press. This service can make preemptive strikes against possible outbreaks of negative press. We will also work to displace current sites that have posted unfavorable content. A successful brand can take years to build and just a few minutes to demolish. Misleading, false, even defamatory information can ruin a hard earned brand Apogee Search 6207 Sheridan Avenue reputation. Apogee’s online reputation management offerings will not only Suite 200 rebuild a brand image, but also work to ensure a brand’s resilience. Austin, Texas 78723 p. 800.984.3041 f. 512.583.4205