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Bing Brown Bag


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A rundown of Bing, it's new algorithm, and the dispersion of some myths that have been floating around.

Bing Brown Bag

  1. 1. Brown Bag <br />or: How I learned to stopworrying and love the Bing<br />Presented By:<br />Kate van Ravenhorst<br />Christie Wang <br />Tony Emerson<br />July 15, 2009<br />
  2. 2. Agenda <br />Background<br />        Launch<br />        Impact<br />        &quot;Decision Engine&quot; - new features<br />Bing & SEO<br />        Bing’s algorithm<br />        Bing’sSERP<br />Bing & PPC<br />Future of Bing & Client Takeaways<br />
  3. 3. Launch <br />Evolution<br />        MSN Search- Fall of 1998<br />        Windows Live Search- March 2006<br />        Live- March 2007<br />        Bing- June 3, 2009<br />Marketing<br />        $80M to $100M in ad dollars<br />        Online, TV, Print and Radio<br />        Doesn&apos;t mention Yahoo & Google by name<br /> Focuses on &quot;search overload&quot; and why to switch<br />
  4. 4. Impact <br />Bing gains in market share...<br />Number of Search Queries: 25% average weekly growth rate (Hitwise)  <br /> <br />Click Share: 5% increase since launch, mostly in Finance and Travel categories (Hitwise)<br />Market Share:Bing’s gain is mainly from Yahoo and, not Google (Compete)<br />
  5. 5. Impact <br />...but sources disagree as to how much<br /> <br />Previous<br />Current<br />Previous<br />Current<br />Previous<br />Current<br /> <br />Source<br />Google<br />Yahoo<br />Bing<br />Projection<br />78.72%<br />78.48%<br />10.99%<br />11.04%<br />7.81%<br />8.50%<br />Bing will surpass Yahoo<br />StatCounter/Fox News<br />StatCounter/iTWire<br />89.81%<br />89.69%<br />5.10%<br />4.86%<br />3.08%<br />3.50%<br />Google isn&apos;t worried<br />Compete/<br /> <br />74.00%<br /> <br />16.00%<br /> <br />6.50%<br /> <br />HitWise/The Domain<br />69%<br />74%<br />20%<br />16%<br />3.40%<br />6.63%<br />Microsoft/Yahoo deal<br />Samplers, not switchers: Only 4 in 10 Bing users turned to the search engine more than 5 times in the last month<br /> <br />Microsoft research: 55% of people use more than 1 engine per week, and 60% of people are open to making the switch to another engine.<br /> <br />Verizon partnership: five-year deal with Verizon Wireless to support subscribers with the preloaded default search engine on mobile phones.  <br />
  6. 6. &quot;Decision Engine&quot; <br />More than just a pretty background<br />Four main compartments at launch<br />        Shopping (launched with more Cashback offers)<br />        Local (aggregates reviews)<br />        Travel (very strong, but too much like Kayak?)<br />        Health (note very few paid ads for health-related searches)<br /> <br />Redesigned SERP - New features<br />        Explore Pane<br />        Quick Tabs <br />        Search History<br />        WebGroups<br />        Document Preview<br />         <br />
  7. 7. &quot;Decision Engine&quot; <br />Related searches: more prominent <br />TrackableWhen a user clicks on a “Related Search” in Bing after their initial search, a unique parameter is appended to the URL. This allows sites to track these visits.More usage<br />Over 3% of referred users on Bing came from related searches, compared to less than 1% on Google (iCrossing). <br />
  8. 8. &quot;Decision Engine&quot; <br />Instant Answers: greatly expanded <br />Area codes<br />Conversions<br />Dictionary<br />Encyclopedia<br />Finance<br />Flight details<br />Flight status<br />Health<br />Holidays<br />Hotels<br />Local listings<br />Math<br />Movies<br />Music<br />News<br />Shopping<br />Sports<br />Track a package<br />Weather<br />
  9. 9. Bing & SEO<br />How will the new algoaffect optimization?<br />Probable Algorithm Differences <br />        Domain Age (<br />        Importance of Body Copy (Bing for Webmasters whitepaper)<br />        Keywords in URLs (       <br />Commonly Cited Algorithm Differences<br />        Outbound Links<br />        Title Tags        Linked Pages&apos; Title Tags<br />
  10. 10. Bing & SEO<br />How will the new SERPdesign affect optimization?<br />Document Preview<br />Now it&apos;s SEO&apos;s job to ensure that Bing is properlydisplaying the right text in the preview.<br />Webgroups<br />Only five results for broad keywords.<br /> <br />Quick Tabs & Related Searches<br />SEO should take note of the Quick Tabs and relatedsearches that appear for clients&apos; keywords.<br />Best Match<br />A secondary SEO goal could be tobecome a Bing Best match, likeCavendar’s.<br />
  11. 11. Bing & PPC<br />More discerning algorithm <br />Users who are more likely to click see more ads, while users who are less likely to click see fewer ads. <br />        “Categorizing results according to best match and not popularity”<br />      “Advertisers most likely will not be able to verify that their own ads are showing on Bing, due to their usage patterns or history.”<br /> MSN suggests we ask them to do this for using their internal tools to “help you locate your ad and confirm it is appearing on Bing and showing to quality users.”<br />If you can’t see your client’s ad, it does not mean your ad is not serving! BOO ☹<br />
  12. 12. Bing & PPC<br />Apogee&apos;s clients&apos; performance<br />Taking into consideration Bing’s more discerning algorithm…<br />Impressions are down considerably<br />CTR is up slightly<br />CPC has remained steady or slightly lower<br />
  13. 13. The Future of Bing<br />No toolbar?<br />Both Windows Live Toolbar and MSN Toolbarwill be powered by Bing and aim to offer users a convenient way to access Bing search results. With the launch of Bing, MSN Toolbar 4.0 will be released with inclusion of new Bing-related features such as Bing Cashback offer alerts.<br /> <br />Changes to features and/or algorithm?<br />MSN employees have hinted at big changes coming in the next few weeks, making mention both directly to Apogee PPC and on the Bing Community forums.<br />
  14. 14. Takeaway<br />Things to tell clients<br />Too soon to tell muchAs of now, it’s more of an upgrade from MSN (not quite a revolution). Changes are likely to come soon and we’re watching closely.<br />Google still dominates<br />Has and will, for the foreseeable future, have the vast majority of market share.<br />SEO best practices remain the same<br />Services like Best Match, Instant Answers, and Quick Tabs gives sites a few more spaces to reach (not just Top 3). <br />Mixed PPC resultsBecause ads won’t show until a user’s search pattern is established. From Apogee’s IP address, we hardly see any.<br />
  15. 15. Next Apogee University<br />August 19, 2009<br />