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Top tip to save money and the environment throughout print process


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Top tip to save money and the environment throughout print process

  1. 1. APOGEE CORPORATION LTD Top Tips to Save Money and the Environment Throughout the Print Process Jason Staniforth 0845 250 44 99
  2. 2. Top Tips to Save Money and the Environment Throughout the Print ProcessIt might surprise you to know this, but making some simple changes to your printing ordercould have a big effect on your environmental impact; not only that but it could possiblyimprove the quality of your finished print and also save you some money!The first step you need to take is speaking with your printmachine supplier, software supplier and supplies supplier;wouldn’t it be great if you could have the same company for all3 of those – Well I’ll quickly point out that you can!First of all, I would start looking at the Paper that you usewithin your company. Where possible, try and use highrecycled content paper. The best one to go for would be paperthat is 100% post consumer – not only is it 100% recycled, italso comes in a great range of colours and weights.Using this paper is great for your Green Credentials as it helps to save energy, water, landfillsite space, reduces Co2 air emissions and not to forget, saves trees! When producing yourprinted materials on this paper, you should be proud of your commitment to theenvironment by showcasing your efforts in the form of the “chasing arrows” logo and alsowriting “Produced on 100% post-consumer paper”. You will be surprised at how manycompanies will pick up on this, and if they are customers, well, sharing green interests isonly going to have positive effects on your business relationship.You can also purchase paper with pulp that is brightened without using Chlorine. Thenormal way, traditionally that pulp is bleached has been linked to a risk towards theenvironment and to humans due to the dioxins produced. There are different grades of thisChlorine-free paper which you can choose from to suit your specific printing needs.You can also look at lowering basis weight of your paper; this would mean that the paperhas fewer fibres per individual sheet which would result in resources being saved. If you areworried about the quality of your paper and print being affected by reducing your paperweight, then you will be pleased to know that reducing by only a small amount (E.g. 80lb to70lb) will often leave you with the same result as that of the heavier paper. A benefit of thisis that your paper cost will be cheaper and as your paper is lighter, mailing costs of afinished piece of work could also be less due to its overall finishing weight.It is always wise to stay up to date with news on environmentally friendly paper types andtechnologies are always changing and being updated; the way to stay on top of your moneyand environment savings is to stay up to date with your industry relevant news.This blog is a great source of industry relevant news – Sign up and follow it to avoid missingindustry relevant progression - There are tons of
  3. 3. other ways to save money and reduce waste in a printing environment, how aboutsuggesting to your supplier that they do not shrink wrap your supplies, they simply usecardboard partitions and rubber bands instead, these can be used again or recycled.You could also try printing on both sides of your paper to reduce the amount of paperactually used, or if you can’t use both side, why not try reducing the size of the margins orusing smaller text!The most obvious area in which a business can save money and help the environment iswith the ink!Ink choices are plentiful, you could try using a soy based or linseed oil based ink as these areless toxic than your standard types of ink and a great thing about them is that they stillproduce the same quality of work – make sure you state on your printed articles that youare using such inks, you will be surprised at how many companies will actually react to yourenvironmental friendly ways!For those who really want to have a huge effect on their environmental credentials why notconsider “waterless” printing? This is a much more environmentally friendly way of printingthan conventional printing.This type of printing uses a special silicone rubber coated plate with temperature controland a special type of ink. Having all of this eliminates the water system used forconventional printing. Printing this way does not reduce your print quality so is a beneficialinvestment to make along with its reduced press running times which will save energy foryour business and help the environment. For more information regarding a digital office solution, please email
  4. 4. Thank you for taking the time to read and absorb the information written.For more articles on digital print, why not visit and sign up to the Apogee BLOG Or follow Apogee on TWITTER Or “like” Apogee on FACEBOOK Or go direct to the Apogee Corporation Ltd WEBSITE