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Rajasthan brochure


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Rajasthan brochure

  1. 1. Changing Mindsets in the Home I had life, but no voice. Speak for me. In Village Councils Message is going out on poster (confidential) Marudyan society Registered Society – ITO exempt 80G - F.C.R.A. I would like to help in some way Name:…………………………….... Through the Written Word Phone:……………………………… Email: ………………………………Brothers want Sisters and ask, F emale I LOVE MY BABY SISTER I nfanticide ‘Please talk to our parents!’Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts, built in the 12th century by the Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal R ajasthan +91 – 958 2222332
  2. 2. Immediate short-term Solution:CAN THIS BE TRUE?  To supply an FD (Fixed Deposit) for each girl that is On June 20th was the shocking TV programme about the baby girl infanticide in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer area. In this programme Preeti Choudhry stated: born. The FD has become a considerable amount for a“According to unofficial estimates, nearly 2500 cases of dowry and festivities by the time she gets married.female foeticide or female infanticide take place inthe state of Rajasthan everyday - Midwives say girls are Long Term Solution:being disposed off ruthlessly - 14 cases of possible  To set up a Girls’ School with qualityfemale infanticide in three months in a single village.,” Link: education. Education is sorely lacking in the area. The girls will get good jobs and add to Action Plan Visit the area, find out the truth, understand the family income. In turn there will be the problem and find solutions to this centuries old practice. respect and the dowry… much, much less. We made 3 extended visits to Jaisalmer district. Female EmpowermentOur Findings: “If you can give our girls a good education, we know that this An emotional subject with many charged reactions mindset of ‘women are a liability’ will change and…... female infanticide will become a thing of the past.”Statistics: (58% literacy in the area. In other words: men are educated, women few)  Around 100 girls are borne yearly in the Basyia belt of 120 villages near Jaisalmer. Approximately 40 of these 100 girls Our Appeal: are born to Bhati Rajputs. More than 25 baby girls Here is a need. For our plans to become reality we need active support and per annum are killed. cooperation. Let’s not dump this one on others and excuse ourselves. Around 20 or 50% of the Bhati Rajputs baby We save tigers, whales and snakes…… the saving of baby-girls girls are killed and the other 5 girls are from other is a worthy cause. castes. Contact us:Why? Marudyan society,  The main reason; when an uneducated girl Tel: +91-958 2222 33 2 marries in this region the dowry in gold is Email: extremely high. No marriages have taken place for decades among the Bhati Rajputs.Survey:  Researched boy/girl ratio. Distributed literature, conducted meetings with elders & headmen, The mindset of the people is such that they want change and want this and concluded the following: stigma of female infanticide to be removed. Will I, will you help?