Learn Massage to Fight Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain


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Shows how to learn full body massage techniques to fight pain and release trapped tension in the back, shoulder and neck areas. Also includes some health tips on how full body massage can help you feel better.

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Learn Massage to Fight Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

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  2. 2.  The therapeutic value of a truly good full body massage has been known for centuries  Massage is still recognised today by medical experts worldwide as an excellent way to fight pain and strengthen resistance to disease
  3. 3.  Medical research now provides strong evidence that massage: ◦ Drastically reduces stress and related illnesses ◦ Boosts the immune system ◦ Gives you an all-over body detox ◦ Reduces anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. ◦ Alleviates neck, shoulder and back pain
  4. 4.  The following slides show 8 full body massage tips that you can learn to: ◦ Stretch and knead the skin, muscles and joints of the neck, shoulder and back to get rid of toxins ◦ Release trapped tension in tight knotted muscles in the upper and lower back ◦ Soothe muscular aches and pains in the neck and shoulders that cause the majority of headaches and migraines
  5. 5.  Effleurage movement over top of chest to back of neck: ◦ With fingertips move hands from centre of upper chest out to shoulders
  6. 6. ◦ ...then move fingertips up each side of the neck and round to the back of the neck before returning to mid upper chest and repeating
  7. 7.  Knuckling movement over top of chest to back of neck: ◦ Follow the same path as the previous effleurage stroke but use the front part of your knuckles instead of fingertips
  8. 8.  Finger vibrating movement over top of chest to back of neck: ◦ Cover the same area again but spread out the fingertips, press and move in rapid side-to-side movements from the upper chest to the back of the neck
  9. 9.  Knead the back of the neck: ◦ Starting at the trapezius muscle at the bottom of the neck, use the front part of your fingers to make small circular movements that knead the skin ◦ Work up to the upper part of the back of the neck
  10. 10.  Knuckling of the neck and shoulder muscle: ◦ Starting by massaging and kneading the trapezius muscle with your knuckles from the outside of each shoulder to the top of the neck
  11. 11.  Spider walk up the back from the buttocks to the shoulders: ◦ Starting at the left side of the back, use the top of your fingers to walk like a spider up the back, dragging your thumbs behind and gently grabbing skin and muscle to drag to the top as you move up ◦ Repeat until you’ve covered the whole back
  12. 12.  Circular movements on the coccyx: ◦ Using your thumbs press down in circles on the lower part of the back using medium to heavy pressure
  13. 13.  Track the hip bone: ◦ Using the palms of your hands with your fingers as an anchor, move your hands up and down tracking the hip bone from the spine all the way to the bottom
  14. 14.  This is only a sample of the full body massage techniques that you can learn to use to fight pain naturally  Massage offers many more therapeutic qualities through the ability to stimulate the body’s in-built healing mechanisms
  15. 15.  When you learn to massage, you are actually encouraging the body to: ◦ Depend on itself to fix nagging pains and recurring ailments and illnesses, even long-term and chronic conditions ◦ Rather than resorting to sole dependence on prescription medicine or over-the-counter painkillers ◦ Find out more at: ◦ www.learn-2-massage.com