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Learn Facial Massage To Fight Age Lines And Wrinkles Slideshow


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Shows how to learn facial massage techniques to look younger and healthier naturally. Step-by-step instructions and pictures describe how to apply each technique to reduce neck lines, tighten baggy chins, soften laughter lines, frown marks, crow's feet and forehead expression lines.

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  • Very interesting premise, that facial wrinkles can be affected by external massage. Very interesting concept. I wonder if there have been placebo-controlled studies? If so, this could really be something.
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Learn Facial Massage To Fight Age Lines And Wrinkles Slideshow

  1. 1. Dedicated to your wealth, health and fulfilment
  2. 2.  A facial massage: ◦ Irons out fine lines and wrinkles ◦ Stimulates blood circulation for a healthy complexion ◦ Removes toxins from your skin to reduce impurities and blemishes ◦ Allows muscles to ‘slide’ back into place more easily after a stressful day
  3. 3.  Which means that, when you learn to facial massage, and repeat the treatment regularly, you’ll look younger and healthier naturally, without having to: ◦ Buy pricey anti-age serums and creams ◦ Take the invasive step of plastic surgery
  4. 4.  The following slides show some facial massage techniques that: ◦ Smooth out facial lines such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown marks and laughter lines ◦ Firm baggy skin around the eyes, chin and neck ◦ Leave you with a toned and silky complexion glowing with health and nourishment.
  5. 5.  Knuckling movement over top of chest to back of neck: ◦ Use the front part of your knuckles and move hands from centre of upper chest out to shoulders ◦ ...then up each side and round to the back of the neck ◦ Repeat three more times
  6. 6.  Fanning: ◦ Use your fingertips to lift upper chest and neck skin in fast repetitive movements upwards around the shoulders and up to the top of the neck
  7. 7.  Kneading of the upper chest, shoulders and front and back neck ◦ Take tissue between your thumb and fingers and lift tissue upwards with a kneading motion
  8. 8.  Effleurage ◦ Apply circular movements with your fingers from the shoulders and neck to the chin and over the nose to the forehead
  9. 9.  Prayer movement ◦ With palms flat on either side of the chin, move your palms upwards over the nose to the forehead, dragging the fingers behind
  10. 10.  Zigzag ◦ With fingers flat on the chin, rapidly and repeatedly move the hands together so that your fingers interlock
  11. 11.  Circular moves ◦ Using your fingertips trace small circles around the mouth, ensuring very light pressure on the skin covering the teeth ◦ Divide the cheek area into three and trace small circles with your fingertips around each area
  12. 12.  Fast lifting ◦ Cup hands round the bottom of the chin and lift upwards across the cheek to the ear with a very light and rapid movement.
  13. 13.  Circular moves ◦ Make large circles with your fingertips around the eye area from the top of the nose over the eyebrows and down under the eyes ◦ Work inwards, applying very light pressure under each eye.
  14. 14.  Kneading ◦ On the eyebrows, take tissue between your thumbs and forefingers and make small kneading movements inwards.
  15. 15.  Friction ◦ With the fingertips of two or three fingers make fast up and down movements on the forehead to increase blood circulation
  16. 16.  This is only a sample of the facial massage techniques that you can learn to use to look younger naturally  Maybe one of the best things about learning facial massage is that you can either: ◦ Use the techniques on someone else, who should be lying down on their backs ◦ Or adapt each move to apply it to yourself anytime you want to relax and feel better.
  17. 17.  As well as rejuvenating the face through cell renewal and detoxification, facial massage can also: ◦ Help fight headaches and sinus pain, ◦ Chase away anxiety, stress, depression and premenstrual tension.  When you learn to massage, you not only discover how to look younger but also feel better too. Find out more at: ◦