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The Ape Con Myth Slideshow Sideshow (V1I3)


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Sometimes the Ape Con Myth is your only chance.

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The Ape Con Myth Slideshow Sideshow (V1I3)

  1. 1. TheApe Con MythSlideshowSideshow Volume 1, Issue 3
  2. 2. Mongolia’s Coal Deposits Draw Neighbors’ AttentionAmerica’s Shameful Human Rights Record North Korea Tests the Patience of Its Closest Ally Turkey Says It May Target Any Syrian Forces Nearing Border Mexican Democracy’s Lost Years
  3. 3. Why am I so worried......about making a living?
  4. 4. Yang YinYes No
  5. 5. Sun, the Gentle K’un, the Receptive Chên, the Arousingpenetrating - wind - 1st daughter devoted - earth - mother inciting - thunder - 1st son Li, the Clinging K’an, the Abysmal 00026 - The I Ching or The Book of Changeslight-giving - fire - 2nd daughter dangerous - water - 2nd son Tui, the Joyous Ch’ien, the Creative Kên, Keeping Still joyful - lake - 3rd daughter strong - heaven - father resting - mountain - 3rd son
  6. 6. There’s got to be an easier way.Let’s find it.
  7. 7. Do you know what the Ape Con Myth is? Contact: Ape Con Myth
  8. 8. Thanks for visiting the Ape Con Myth Slideshow Sideshow See you next time! Looking for more?! 00009 - DeploymentSlideshowSideshow www.ApeConMyth.comVolume 1, Issue 2