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Training Series Live!: Making the Most of Online Leads


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Steve Wunch, Vice President of Learning & Development at Landmark Apartment Trust, joined us for our June webinar to share tips for making the most of internet leads.

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Training Series Live!: Making the Most of Online Leads

  1. 1. Cast Your Inter-NET – Capture Your Prospect Steve Wunch: Vice President, Learning & Development – Landmark Apartment Trust
  2. 2. • To hear the presentation: – Listen using your speakers – Dial-In • (646) 307-1720 • Access Code: 802-032-353 • Questions? – Send them and we’ll cover as many as we can at the end of the webinar – Follow @ApartmentsBiz – This session will be recorded for future reference Housekeeping tips
  3. 3. Steve Wunch Vice President, Learning & Development Presented by
  4. 4. • HEADLINES – Grab their attention – make them want to READ what you have to say! • Get Personal BEFORE You Get To Business – How relationship building is just as important in the virtual world as it is in the real world • Don’t BURY the Lead – Answer EARLY – they’re probably on their Phablet anyway! What’s in store
  5. 5. • There’s POWER in Questions! – A new slant on “Telling Isn’t Selling” • Chunk It – Don’t Dump It! – Little Tidbits keep the conversation going! What’s in store
  6. 6. Talk In Headlines
  7. 7. • What does this look like? • Why does it matter? • Any best practices out there? Get Personal Before You Get To Business
  8. 8. • Templates are great…for starters Companies Using Quotes Template BOO BOO - Easy to Make... Example of what CAN happen! Don’t BURY The Lead
  9. 9. • Telling Isn’t Selling! – Turn your tells into “Asks” • GREAT Example for Webex.pdf – Keep It Simple! • Chunking NOT Dumping – Little tidbits – Not all at once – Have a conversation There’s POWER in Questions!
  10. 10. • Questions? Tweet them using #ApartmentsBiz • Each session will be archived on the Blog ( and at Training Series Live!
  11. 11. Thank you!