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How to be a Green Consumer!


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to be a Green Consumer!

  1. 1. 17 million tons of waste is dumpedinto oceans Each Day from industriesmanufacturing consumer products
  2. 2. We will Soon need… 5 Planets!
  3. 3. Are we really that stupid ??
  4. 4. Does it make you wonder… …What can I do?
  5. 5. Just be somethingThere isa ResponsibleConsumer you couldsimple thateveryday!do every single day….
  6. 6. Choose products that are trulyGreen across lifecycle…
  7. 7. Which protect the Environment• Low carbon footprint products• Biodegradable• Responsible packaging• Store powered by green servers
  8. 8. And Create SustainableLivelihoods • 40 NGOs, Artisan Groups • Reaching approx 700 BoP producers • Reduce
  9. 9. But what are these products like… …and where can I find them?
  10. 10. Organic FoodEat Organic..Purest of Pure, healthy and nutritious food
  11. 11. Organic Personal Care Hair Care Go Organic…Live a chemical free life !!
  12. 12. Tree Free Stationery Hand Made Paper Eco friendly Notebook & Journal/Planner /Organizer pen made with recycled andNeem Pens and Pencils biodegradable material. Why cut trees to meet your stationery needs? Trybeautiful and eco-friendly hand made paper note books.
  13. 13. Cruelty Free Leather-Made from hides of animals that die anatural death
  14. 14. Botanical BeadsJewelry
  15. 15. 300 Yr old Folk ArtKavad
  16. 16. Natural Holi ColoursMade From Flowers
  17. 17. Reach us +91-141-4047939