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One page presentation quality


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One page presentation quality

  1. 1. CHAPTER - QualityQuality• Recent studies by the Consumers Association ofCanada found dissolved metals and othersuspended particles in all 15 brands of bottledwater they tested.• These levels were higher than those found in normal unfiltered tap water from major cities in Canada. And the surrounding 1-800-543-4272• Bottled water is not regularly tested for manypollutants including pesticides, found in somebottled water because it is considered a food and notbound by drinking water guidelines specified byhealth and environmental departments.“Consumers buying bottled water to avoid healthhazards from tap water may not get the desiredbenefits….” 1
  2. 2. CHAPTER - QualityCity of TorontoDepartment of Health“The results of this study suggest that, under goodoperating and maintenance conditions, reverseosmosis/activated carbon treated water has the 1-800-543-4272potential to contain the lowest levels of the prioritycontaminants. Activated carbon treated water hasthe next lowest level of contaminants followed bybottled water. Tap water contained the next highestLevels.” 2
  3. 3. CHAPTER - QualityBottled Water The City of Toronto Health Department and Environment Canada reported finding (in) separate studies:• Pesticides 1-800-543-4272• Suspended particles• Partially dissolved metals• Inorganic chemicals• Bacteria• Inadequate testing and quality control measures In all popular brands of bottled water which they tested extensively. 3
  4. 4. CHAPTER - QualityUniversity of MontrealDr. Pierre Payment• Over the course of 15 months the people drinkingunfiltered water got sick significantly more often.• 35% of all gastrointestinal problems in the tapwater drinkers were water related.• Found bacteria counts in bottled water even higher than in tap water. 1-800-543-4272Could these facts effect profitability through:• Absenteeism?• Lowered productivity?• Insurance costs? 4