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AoC West Midlands Celebration of Sports 031213


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AoC West Midlands Celebration of Sports

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AoC West Midlands Celebration of Sports 031213

  1. 1. The regional arm of the national Association of Colleges, representing the interests of the forty-six further education, sixth form and specialist colleges in the West Midlands
  2. 2. Why sport matters
  3. 3. Why sport matters
  4. 4. Why sport matters
  5. 5. Why sport matters
  6. 6. Recruitment
  7. 7. Colleges are the first choice destination for everyone who wants to pursue a career in sport or a related area
  8. 8. Over 6,000 students are studying sports courses at West Midlands Colleges
  9. 9. Increasing employability
  10. 10. Sport helps develop the essential employability skills that many employers are looking for when they recruit
  11. 11. Motivation Team Working Commitment Communication Skills
  12. 12. Motivation Team Working Commitment Communication Skills . . . all skills that can be developed and enhanced through sport
  13. 13. It’s not just about taking part . . . but also volunteering as a coach, organiser or official
  14. 14. An average of 76 students are trained and involved in leadership and volunteering at each West Midlands College
  15. 15. Inclusive participation
  16. 16. Over 1500 students took part in West Midlands regional tournaments in 2013
  17. 17. Promotion advocacy
  18. 18. Investment
  19. 19. Sporting excellence
  20. 20. Team West Midlands win the 2013 British Colleges Sport national championships for the first time with 6 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 4 bronze medals
  21. 21. Through AoC’s partnership organisation, British Colleges Sport, young people can develop their skills and abilities in local, regional and national competitions with the potential to go on to compete at elite level
  22. 22. Teaching excellence
  23. 23. Experienced sports practitioners (many of whom have achieved excellence in their own fields) teach college courses enabling young people and adults to achieve professional qualifications in sports leadership, coaching, and leisure management
  24. 24. 40 West Midlands Colleges are working directly with their County Sports Partnership or other organisation to drive community sport
  25. 25. Each West Midlands college offers an average of 19 different sports activities to students
  26. 26. Students not only get involved in sport to continue interests and skills that might have been developed at school but also to try out sports and other physical activities perhaps for the first time
  27. 27. Students from 18 colleges were represented in Team West Midlands at the BCS national championships going on to win the Wilkinson Sword
  28. 28. Champions the development of the skills, knowledge and talent of everyone living, working, and studying in the region. And promotes the importance of Colleges to the region’s economic and social well-being.
  29. 29. To find out more about AoC visit or follow us on Twitter @AoCWM