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Wessex Partnership


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Wessex Partnership

  1. 1. Wessex Education Shared Services Ltd Learning From a Journey Towards Sharing Business Support Services Robin Gadd Brockenhurst College Wessex College Partnership ~ Project Director
  2. 2. According to the Anglo-SaxonChronicle, Wessex was founded byCerdic and Cynric, chieftains of aclan known as the Gewisse, whowere said to have landed on theHampshire coast and conqueredthe surrounding area… (Wikipedia)
  3. 3. The Five Wessex Colleges
  4. 4. Defining Wessex Today! 50 miles
  5. 5. 2 Key Objectives for Sharing Reduce expenditure on administrative activity across Enhancing scale, capacity our business support and capability for services By… continuing process innovation in business support servicesIncrease the % of income flowing directly to teaching and learning
  6. 6. An 18-month AoC-supported Project to October 2012 Principals’ GroupTeaching & MI, Software Finance & HR IT Learning Dev & Exams Payroll Underlying themes: quality and procurement scale opportunities
  7. 7. Are we nearly there yet? OK,Can We? Should We? so how?Research, develop Implementation Blueprint businessour relationships, planning, commit cases for each work up our to the change, service area options GO GO GO… The Wessex College Partnership
  8. 8. Research, develop our Can we? relationships, work up our options• Getting to know you!• Comparing structures and functions• Process mapping (straw man approach)• Principles of Six Sigma (why? why? why?...)• Constant challenge to ourselves to think bigger! The Wessex College Partnership
  9. 9. The Wessex CollegePartnership
  10. 10. Blueprint business Should we? cases for each service area• How much will it cost and save?• How quickly do we want or need to get there?• What level of risk are we ok with?• Have we the will to finish the course? The Wessex College Partnership
  11. 11. The Wessex CollegePartnership
  12. 12. Efficiency Savings to Date• Cost Savings achieved during the project phase – A mix of cashable and non-cashable benefits – Mostly one-off – Mainly cost avoidance (e.g. procurement referrals, good practice etc)• Grand total: £570,000• Across five colleges• Immeasurable learning benefits The Wessex College Partnership
  13. 13. Implementation OK, so how? planning, commit to the change, GO GO GO…• Double check all our assumptions!• Decide whether we’re in or out, and the right time to be in!• Create the operational vehicle and seek good legal advice!• Engage the wider expertise of our staff and get building! The Wessex College Partnership
  14. 14. Wessex Education Shared Services Ltd• VAT ‘Cost Share Group’ – New exemption in July 2012 Finance Bill – Addresses key constraint familiar from outsourcing – Legal entity (company limited by guarantee) – Jointly and wholly owned (and managed) by its member colleges – Employer of staff: TUPE, pensions etc
  15. 15. Governance A Principal/Director.Chaired by a College FD. A Governor (with Monthly monitoring, relevant experience). fixing, planning. A College FD. Service Level +Agreements & customer experience. Board WESS Executive Head. Ensuring equitable An experienced sharing. Operations senior leader transferring in. Group Plenty of experienced college managers! WESS Management Team
  16. 16. Sharing “back office” services People + SystemsProcess
  17. 17. Multi-Dimensional Services Exams Financial ManagementManagement Information Payroll In-College Centralised Enrolments HR Administration Strategic/ Process/ Systems Dev Transactional Transformati Procurement onal HR Business Partnering Data Management External Claims/ Returns
  18. 18. Multi-speed Sharing Costs & Benefits BPC Brock BPC Brock BPC A.N.Other Brock A.N.Other And Another And Another And Another The Wessex College Partnership
  19. 19. Business Case Headlines over 10 years• 2 College Scenario – £7.6m• 3 College Scenario (8 years) – £10.2m WESS• 4 College Scenario (7 years) Processes – £13.3m (30%) Procurement (55%) College Processes (15%) Lots of assumptions, but this is REAL MONEY being saved (Non-cash, qualitative benefits are additional!) The Wessex College Partnership
  20. 20. Challenges• LGPS Pensions – Hampshire and Dorset schemes – different structure! – Schedule 2, Part 2 admission ok. – But VAT Cost Sharing Groups are entirely new entities – Inclined to treat us like high-risk commercial outsourcers looking to reduce headcount dramatically and quickly! We’re NOT that!! – Implications for contribution rates and guarantees – If you think lawyers are costly, try actuary rates!!• TUPE – Is not black and white – How long does protection apply for? – How much travel is reasonable? – Define “material detriment” please?• Not to mention, the People Factors! The Wessex College Partnership
  21. 21. Keys to success so far• Make Time for Trust!• Be Honest, but Challenge Each Other to Think Big!• Be Prudent & Realistic in Savings Forecasts• Get alongside employees to guide them on the journey• Keep stakeholders informed at the right time, in the right way• Don’t give up!!! The Wessex College Partnership
  22. 22. What do you think?