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Swindon colleg1


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Swindon colleg1

  1. 1. Swindon College – Putting Moodle into the Cloud Background Swindon College have updated their previous Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to a new Moodle, in the cloud, which has improved accessibility and ease of use for learners and created efficiency savings. The project is now past the design stage, staff have been trained on the new Moodle and the previous VLE was switched off in August 2013. After auditing the existing Moodle courses they were migrated to the Cloud with 90% of courses now available on the new Moodle and 75% actively used by students and staff. Swindon College have been working with ULCC who are hosting the new Moodle. Although sharing server space has meant that the user experience is sometimes slower, Swindon College has set up a good relationship with ULCC and are in discussions to move a single hosted server in thefuture. Key achievements The College considers the design of Moodle and the layout for courses as a main achievement as this has enabled consistency over all College courses and creates recognisable course templates for students. With management and support staff trained on the new system the old VLE was switched off in August 2013 and with on-going support staff have reported positive experiences with Moodle. Moodle Zone Homepage for esy access to courses
  2. 2. Positives As Swindon College have a good relationship with ULCC it has allowed them to look at ways of improving the Moodle and they now hope to upgrade to Moodle 2.6 in April 2014. Usage data charts sent from ULCC on usage from August 2013 illustrates in the first month usage has increased dramatically for the VLE. Students and staff have all stated how much easier it is to find resources and activities from their course.
  3. 3. Both students and staff are reporting positive experiences using Moodle and like the new design theme. Students have found the interactive aspects of Moodle helpful with staff reporting better management and communications. Swindon College anticipate annual savings of 7% initially which will grow as the cloud expands. Moving forward Further training will be provided for staff as the Moodle progresses and when the upgrade is due early next year. The College is also considering hosting their own server to improve speed of use. Swindon College are currently undertaking an audit of Moodle to ensure students are getting the most from it. This will be an on going review with improvements sought.