Exam procurement update 2012


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Exam procurement update 2012

  1. 1. Title of the slideSecond line of the slide Exams Procurement Update Carl Johnson – National Procurement Manager Peter Brewer – CPC Managing Director 29th May 2012
  2. 2. Title of the slide IntroductionSecond line of the slide • What has happened in the past? • What are the issues? • What can colleges do? • CPC research into Exams • What can be achieved from a sector led approach?
  3. 3. Title of the slide What has happened?Second line of the slide • SFA – Produced a Toolkit – http://www.felp.ac.uk/content/procurement-awarding-exam- body-buyers-guide • Ofqual – Produced Research, guidance and has its General Conditions of Recognition – http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/how-we-regulate/138-economic- regulation-articles/347-examination-fees • CPC – Research and recommendations • AoC – Produced Guidance / feasibility study – http://www.aoc.co.uk/en/policy-and-advice/aoc-procurement- team/exams.cfm – http://www.aoc.co.uk/en/policy-and-advice/funding-and- finance-pensions/audit-tax-licensing-compliance/exam-fees.cfm
  4. 4. Title of the slide What are the issues?Second line of the slide • Exam spend is increasing but why? • Awarding bodies and Ofqual state that exam fees have only risen with inflation • Colleges are seeing their exam spend increasing above inflation • Hard to collect the granularity of detail to identify the route cause of the increasing spend – Please help us with evidence
  5. 5. Title of the slide What can Colleges do?Second line of the slide • Look at the process costs – Consolidated Invoicing – Late Fees • Be more commercially aware of exam costs (You have the spend) – New areas – Toolkit – Capturing natural switching points – Negotiate help with switching costs • Working Collaboratively – Rebates
  6. 6. Title of the slideSecond line CPC slide of the FEASIBILITY STUDY • Why conduct a study? • Methodology used • Problems encountered
  7. 7. Title of the slide CPC FEASIBILITYSecond line of the slide STUDY The recommendations 2.A framework agreement cannot be achieved. WHY NOT?
  8. 8. Title of the slide CPC FEASIBILITYSecond line of the slide STUDY 2. Build a database (owned and built by the FE sector) to show: – Full pricing across all Boards – All available discounts/ special offers – All late fees – Any other pricing information
  9. 9. Title of the slide CPC FEASIBILITYSecond line of the slide STUDY 3. Form a national negotiating body representing all interested bodies in the sector to: – Negotiate annual increases with the Boards – Act as a central body under which bodies of work in this area can be “commissioned”
  10. 10. Title of the slide CPC FEASIBILITYSecond line of the slide STUDY Potential projects for the national body: – Uniformity of payment methodology – Uniformity/improvement of training provision – Set up discounts and rebates – Explore potential service/ product improvements – Coordination of results from work undertaken by regional groups – Look into cross sector collaboration
  11. 11. Title of the slide CPC FEASIBILITYSecond line of the slide STUDY 4. Research the possibility of working with the DFE to include Schools/ Academies in the project to improve negotiating power with the Boards Note: Exams spend is around £1 billion, of that FE spend is £200 million.
  12. 12. Title of the slide What can be done on behalf of theSecond line of the slide whole sector? • AoC regularly meeting Ofqual alongside DfE. • AoC working with CPC on the feasibility of setting up a National Negotiation body headed up by the AoC • Some potential areas to tackle – Make pricing more transparent – Negotiate future price increases – Set up SLA’s – Standardise T&C’s and documentation
  13. 13. Title of the slide Summary & QuestionsSecond line of the slide
  14. 14. Title of the slideContact of the slideSecond line us • Procurement_team@aoc.co.uk • Helpdesk – 0808 178 1669 • FELP – www.felp.ac.uk – Exam Toolkit http://www.felp.ac.uk/content/procurement-awarding- exam-body-buyers-guideExam Toolkit – Exam Guide http://www.felp.ac.uk/content/exam-fees- improving-value-money