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Beacons Prospectus 2009/10

  1. 1. Beacon Awards Prospectus 2009 - 2010
  2. 2. The AoC Beacon Awards 2009-2010 Sponsors The Make Your Mark The AQA Award for The Edge Award for Award for College/School Practical Teaching and Enterprise Partnerships The Churches' Award for Practical Learning Sustainable College Partnerships that Recognise Diversity and Develop People and Communities The FENC Award for the Creative Production, The Association of Adaptation and Delivery Colleges Award for of Learning Resources The Mercers' Company Widening Participation Award for Science or Mathematics Benefit Solutions The City & Guilds Award The Jardine Lloyd for Staff Development in Thompson Benefit Further Education Solutions Award for Health and Community The Becta Award for The Network for Black Care Excellence in the Use of Professionals Award for Technology Promoting Race Equality The Department for Children, Schools and The Learning and Skills Families Award for Council Award for 14-19 Successful Delivery of Collaboration The British Council Level 3 Qualifications The OCR Award for Award for International Functional Skills Student Support The Learning and Skills Council Award for College Engagement with Employers The CLA Award for Promoting the Value of The RNIB and Mencap Copyright The Learning and Skills Award for Students with The DCSF, DIUS and LSC Council Award for Learning Difficulties Award for Smarter Equality and and/or Disabilities Procurement Diversity The CoLRiC Award for the Effective Integration LSIS Award for The Welsh Assembly of Libraries/Learning Leadership of Innovation Government Award for Resources Centres in The Edexcel Award for in Curriculum College Engagement with Curriculum Delivery Lifelong Learning Development Employers
  3. 3. A Message from the Minister for Further Education Print and Design Services The Government’s very glad to give its continuing support to the AoC Crossgate has been Beacon Awards which are now in their sixteenth year. These awards are providing quality design unique because they bring out the strengths and wide-ranging talents of the and print services for College sector. 30 years. In difficult times like these, when we face difficult challenges, Colleges are a vital source of support for people and their local communities. Not only do We are also proud to have been Colleges give people the training they need for their future, but they are also associated with the Beacon a place for people who may have lost their jobs to keep connected and avoid Awards since they were being isolated. launched by the AoC in 1994 as a producer and sponsor. Last year’s “Celebrating Colleges” report made clear just how innovate and excellent UK Colleges are. Over the past decade, Colleges have proved We provide our services to a themselves to be highly adaptable to social, political and economic wide range of clients in both circumstances whilst always making sure they give their local communities the public and private sectors the support that they need. including a number of Schools and Colleges. That is why it’s so important for Colleges to get involved with the AoC Beacon Awards. We need to be aware of the fantastic work going on in our Our range of services include Colleges throughout the country and to be reminded of how Colleges can be the design and production of: the life-blood of their communities. • Brochures Thank you to all the sponsors of the AoC Beacon Awards for their continuing • Mailers support of these important awards and to the AoC for ensuring that the • Exhibition Display awards keep to the highest standards, so winning Colleges know they have • Posters received the greatest possible accolade. • Folders • Prospectuses • Stationery For more information on our services call Alan Knight on 020 8539 5304 Siôn Simon MP Minister for Further Education 1979 - 2009 Celebrating 30 Years in Print further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy 1
  4. 4. The following bodies have given invaluable The AoC Beacon Awards Programme support for the Programme for 2009-2010 which is greatly appreciated: The AoC Beacon Awards Programme The AoC Beacon Awards, launched in 1994, recognise and are designed to promote the interdependence of further education colleges, business, professional and voluntary sector organisations to their mutual advantage. The aim of the programme is to highlight the breadth and quality of education in colleges throughout the UK and increase understanding of colleges’ contribution to UK educational skills policy and economic and social development. The Awards: • Recognise imaginative and exemplary teaching and learning practice in colleges • Draw attention to provision which encourages and supports learners to approach challenges positively and creatively • Support learning and continuous improvement through the dissemination of Award-bearing practice. . The Programme represents partnership in action by providing significant benefits for the major players involved: • An Award acts as a development grant to help realise the full potential of a project based in a college of further education. • An Award serves to promote the business needs and interests of the sponsor. The dissemination of exemplary practice represented by the Award-winning projects is a major purpose of each year’s AoC Beacon Awards Programme. Project Profiles of each year’s winning colleges are written up and are available on the AoC web site approximately a year after their announcement. Administered by the Association of Colleges The AoC Beacon Awards Steering Group The AoC Beacon Awards were set up by The Partnership Trust in 1994. The AoC Beacon Awards Programme is operated through the AoC Charitable Trust which is a Registered Charity in England, Wales and Scotland, and is Since August 1996 they have been administered by the Association of administered by the Association of Colleges (AoC). The AoC Beacon Awards Colleges. office is offered advice and guidance by the Steering Group for the delivery and development of the programme. The Steering Group is made up of The AoC Beacon Awards are run through the AoC Charitable Trust which is a representatives from colleges, funding bodies and sponsoring organisations Registered Charity in England and Wales (charity number 1040631) and in (Steering Group members as of 1 April 2009 appear on the back page). The Scotland (charity number SC039064). Steering Group makes all final decisions about Award winners in the light of recommendations from the team of Assessors and the Lead Assessor. Authored by Alice Thiagaraj Authorised by Dame Patricia Morgan-Webb further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy 2 3
  5. 5. The 2009-2010 AoC Beacon Awards The Awards The AoC Beacon Awards recognise and commend exemplary initiatives (which can be programmes, courses, projects or other forms of teaching, SPONSOR FOCUS OF AWARD GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS learning, advice, guidance or support). AQA College/School Partnerships UK Association of Widening Participation UK • New projects or initiatives which have not completed a full cycle of Colleges implementation so that evidence of outcomes is unavailable will not Becta Excellence in the Use of Technology UK be eligible for consideration. British Council International Student Support UK CLA Promoting the Value of Copyright UK • Awards take the form of monetary grants of, on average, £5,000 which CoLRiC Effective Integration of Libraries/LRC UK will be awarded on the clear understanding that the total monies will in Curriculum Delivery be set against expenditures incurred taking forward the development Christian Churches Partnerships that Recognise Diversity and Develop UK of each winning initiative. People and Communities • Colleges are defined as institutions which were incorporated under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (the Act). City & Guilds Staff Development in Further Education UK • Awards are designed at the discretion of the sponsors as UK Awards or DCSF Successful Delivery of Level 3 Qualifications England as Awards for colleges in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or DCSF, DIUS and LSC Smarter Procurement England Wales. Edexcel Lifelong Learning UK • It is a condition of entry that each college gaining an Award undertakes Edge Practical Teaching and Practical Learning UK to inform its community about its achievement and about the support and interest provided by the sponsor. It should also undertake to FENC Creative Production, Adaptation and Delivery UK inform the sponsor of how the Award money was used. of Learning Resources • It is expected that within approximately three months of the Jardine Lloyd Health and Community Care UK announcement of the Award, the winning college will organise a Local Thompson Benefit Presentation Ceremony in consultation with the sponsor to allow for Solutions maximum media coverage. The AoC Beacon Awards office should be advised of the arrangements. LSC 14-19 Collaboration England • Award winning colleges are permitted to use the AoC Beacon Awards LSC College Engagement with Employers England logo with the year of the programme beneath it on college headed LSC Equality and Diversity England paper, promotional material etc. LSIS Leadership of Innovation in Curriculum England • Letters of commendation will be sent to shortlisted colleges on the Development recommendation of the AoC Beacon Award Assessors and the Steering Make Your Mark Enterprise UK Group. Highly Commended colleges are entitled to use the AoC Beacon Awards logo with ‘Highly Commended (year)’ beneath it. The Mercers Science and Mathematics UK logo is available from the AoC Beacon Awards office. Highly Network for Black Promoting Race Equality UK Commended colleges will also be sent certificates testifying to their Professionals achievements. OCR Functional Skills UK • A summary list of Awards, their sponsors and the geographical focus of each appears opposite. RNIB and Mencap Students with Learning Difficulties and/or UK Disabilities Welsh Assembly College Engagement with Employers Wales Government further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy 4 5
  6. 6. The AoC Beacon Awards AoC Beacon Awards Assessment 2009-2010 Calendar The Assessment of the AoC Beacon Awards applications will be the responsibility of specialist assessors co-ordinated by the AoC Beacon Awards Manager. Normally two assessors will be assigned to each Award. The process has three stages – shortlisting, visiting and final decisions 2009 STAGE 1 Assessment leading to shortlisting will have regard to the general requirements detailed on page 8 of this prospectus together April AoC Beacon Awards 2009-2010 with the stipulations governing the specification of each Award. The outcomes of this stage are lists of applicants who best match these Prospectus distributed to colleges criteria. These lists are verified by a Steering Group representative. 22 July Closing date for receipt of AoC Beacon STAGE 2 Assessment by visiting involves matching the ‘evidence on Award applications the ground’ at the shortlisted colleges with their applications. In particular, the assessors will be interested in outcomes, methods of August – September First stage of assessment (shortlisting) evaluation, quality assurance, the future development of the initiative September – October Second stage of assessment (site visits) and possible dissemination. The assessors would expect to have discussions with staff, students and other relevant parties in the course October Third stage of assessment and final of the site visit. Assessors, prior to a visit, may contact the college to selection by AoC Beacon Awards request additional information. The outcomes of this stage are the Steering Group judgements and recommendations for Awards. 17-19 November 2009-2010 AoC Beacon Award Winners announced at the AoC Annual Sponsors may, with the agreement of the AoC Beacon Awards Manager, undertake Conference Stages 1 and 2 of the assessment process in respect of their own Award(s), in conjunction with an AoC Beacon Award Assessor. 2010 STAGE 3 The Lead Assessor will present the Assessors’ reports and January – April Local presentation ceremonies recommendations to the AoC Beacon Awards Steering Group which 10 February AoC Beacon Awards National will select the Award winners and those colleges to be Highly Commended. Presentation Ceremony November Project Profiles of winning All AoC Beacon Awards are awarded or withheld at the sole and absolute discretion colleges issued of the AoC Beacon Awards Steering Group and those acting on its behalf. No explanation will be given following the making or withholding of an Award. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy 6 7
  7. 7. How to Apply for AoC Beacon Awards The Awards General AoC Beacon Award Criteria • Monitoring Procedures – demonstrate how Curriculum Focused Awards Page No. Your application may be for a programme, course, or quality assurance was used to improve the initiative. DCSF Award for the Successful Delivery of Level 3 Qualifications 26-27 project or for some other aspect of your college provision – teaching, learning, guidance or support. To Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award for Health and be eligible, your initiative should show evidence of • Outcomes and Benefits – show how the Community Care 36-37 imaginative yet sustainable teaching and learning initiative has benefited the students/trainees Mercers’ Company Award for Science or Mathematics 48-49 practice or other relevant provision. It must also fulfil and others involved with the project – this should be supported by written evidence OCR Award for Functional Skills 52-53 the following criteria: from beneficiaries who may be students, trainees, employers or, in some cases, parents. • It must meet the specific requirements set out by IT Awards and Awards where college the sponsors of the particular Award for which you are applying (see relevant page in the • Dissemination and the Future – indicate provision enhances learning Awards section of the Prospectus) how the initiative could be of benefit to other Becta Award for Excellence in the Use of Technology 14-15 colleges and how you perceive it developing • It must be subject to evaluation/quality in the future. CLA Award for Promoting the Value of Copyright 18-19 assurance to influence the continuing CoLRiC Award for the Effective Integration of development of the initiative The statement needs to be accompanied by a completed Libraries/Learning Resources Centres in Curriculum Delivery 20-21 application form (see back of this Prospectus) and must • It must have regard to ensuring that equality and DCSF, DIUS and LSC Award for Smarter Procurement 28-29 be signed by the Principal/Chief Executive. diversity are accounted for in all aspects of the Edge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning 32-33 programme’s delivery. No initiative which has previously won a Beacon Award FENC Award for the Creative Production, Adaptation and • It must have been running for at least one will be eligible for consideration for the same Award a Delivery of Learning Resources 34-35 academic session by 31 July 2009 second time. Make Your Mark Award for Enterprise 46-47 • It must have features which actively promote A college may apply for as many Awards as it wishes. exemplary teaching and learning However, it may submit only one application per • It must be of benefit to one or more groups of Award. Awards focused around inclusivity and reaching students or trainees who will be identified and described in the application A college which has a project which fits into two or out to communities and beyond more categories may submit that project for only one Association of Colleges Award for Widening Participation 12-13 • It must have wider relevance and applicability Award. making it of value to other colleges as an British Council Award for International Student Support 16-17 example of good practice or innovation. All applications will be treated as strictly confidential to Churches’ Award for Sustainable College Partnerships that Recognise the Steering Group, Assessors and Beacon Awards Diversity and Develop People and Communities 22-23 Manager. Material from any application will only be Edexcel Award for Lifelong Learning 30-31 How to Structure your Application made public with the express approval of the college Your application should address all of the above criteria LSC Award for Equality and Diversity 42-43 concerned. and should be made in a statement of no more than Network for Black Professionals Award for Promoting Race Equality 50-51 3,000 words. The statement should be made by a senior Each application will be sent an acknowledgement RNIB and Mencap Award for Students with Learning Difficulties member of staff who has had close contact with the addressed to the Principal/Chief Executive. Your and/or Disabilities 54-55 initiative. Written evidence from beneficiaries should be college will be subsequently contacted only if the project included in the word limit. You may make reference to is shortlisted. other materials (i.e. multimedia material, college Leadership and staff development Awards documents etc.) which the assessors can request, should You are asked to submit THREE copies of your complete City & Guilds Award for Staff Development in Further Education 24-25 they wish to do so. application AND statement (including supporting evidence) LSIS Award for Leadership of Innovation in Curriculum Development 44-45 Your submissions should be structured, as far as by Wednesday 22 July 2009 to: possible, under the following headings: ALICE THIAGARAJ • The Project: Planning and Purpose – include AoC BEACON AWARDS MANAGER Partnership Awards AoC CHARITABLE TRUST a description of the initiative and how it was AQA Award for College/School Partnerships 10-11 2-5 STEDHAM PLACE set up or developed. Also include a clear LSC Award for 14-19 Collaboration 38-39 LONDON WC1A 1HU description of target group, including numbers. All enquiries about making an application should be LSC Award for College Engagement with Employers 40-41 • Aims and Objectives – outline how aims and addressed to the Beacon Awards office at the above address Welsh Assembly Government Award for College objectives were established and how the and NOT to Sponsors or Assessors. Engagement with Employers 56-57 initiative evolved to meet them. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy 9 8
  8. 8. The AQA Award for College/School Partnerships The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is the largest of the three The AQA Award for College/School Partnerships is open to all further English awarding bodies offering a range of qualifications and services education, sixth form and tertiary colleges in the United Kingdom who have including GCSE, GCE, the Diploma, AQA Bacc and Extended Project established successful and sustainable partnerships with schools. Qualification, from its offices in Guildford, Manchester and Harrogate. The Assessors will be seeking evidence of at least three of the following: Each year AQA administers a range of examinations for over 1.75 million candidates in a wide range of centres across the country, for which • Complementary Curriculum Delivery e.g. – colleges and schools approximately 25,000 examiners and moderators are responsible for setting sharing planning and delivery of post-14 provision and marking. AQA is playing a leading role in the modernisation of the examinations system: it set the first ever on-screen GCSE and is committed to • Curriculum Continuity and Transition e.g. – evidence of colleges the continued use of electronic marking. working with schools to give summer/taster courses pre-induction, evidence of colleges and schools bringing staff together to discuss As an organisation, AQA’s purpose is to provide high quality public continuity of support, evidence of learning partnerships examinations, tests and related services in the UK and overseas. It aims to deliver a coherent portfolio of qualifications and supporting services which • Information/Marketing and Promotion e.g. – shared arrangements for represent rigorous, consistent education standards and to provide dissemination of information e.g. – career fairs for all providers in an opportunities for students to engage in a lifelong learning process. area, joint meetings for parents and learners • Student Support e.g. – evidence of policies for transport or financial assistance, evidence of school/college tutors providing continual support for learners • Sharing Facilities e.g. – sport/science etc. facilities, sharing staff expertise, schools offering sites for adult courses. The assessors will be particularly interested to see evidence of high performing colleges partnering with lesser performing schools to share best practice and raise standards. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 10 11
  9. 9. The Association of Colleges Award for Widening Participation As the representative body for colleges, established in 1996 by the colleges The AoC Award for Widening Participation is open to faculties in further themselves to provide a voice for further education at national and regional education colleges, sixth form colleges and tertiary colleges which can levels, AoC’s role is to provide leadership within the new culture of lifelong demonstrate active strategies for Widening Participation either over a range learning. The AoC welcomes this opportunity to demonstrate its support of of courses or for individual courses. the Awards Programme through sponsoring this important Award. It is imperative to recognise the exemplary work colleges are doing in promoting The Award will be given to the college which can demonstrate it is providing social inclusion and this award helps highlight how colleges are making a teaching and learning opportunities for any learners who have not presently difference to their local communities. fulfilled their potential, or who may be underachieving or who had not yet accessed education. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 12 13
  10. 10. The Becta Award for Excellence in the Use of Technology Becta is the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the The Becta Award for Excellence in the Use of Technology is open to all further effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning. It is our education, sixth form and tertiary colleges in the United Kingdom. ambition to utilise the benefits of technology to create a more exciting, Assessors will be looking for full evidence (including statistical information) rewarding and successful experience for learners of all ages and abilities, in relation to the following criteria: enabling them to achieve their potential. Through strategic partnerships with key national organisations, we work to • Demonstrate and identify key issues and areas of activity where provide the support and understanding required by the Further Education technology has brought clear transferable benefits to an FE and Skills and Skills sector for the full benefits of harnessing technology to be realised. sector organisation and its provision. Our research and partnerships throughout the sector demonstrate proven • Clearly demonstrate the successful application of technology to benefits of technology for education. These include personalising individual organisational business processes. learner experience, enabling flexible learning, improving organisational • Demonstrate with full appropriate evidence that the practice is having efficiency, and supporting and enhancing management processes. The measurable impact, qualitative and/or quantitative, and identify the benefits of using technology are shared throughout the sector, positively benefits to learners which result from this activity. impacting on learners, staff and employers. • Identify how the investment in technology has contributed to Recognising and celebrating excellence in the use of technology is essential to transformation. support improvement throughout the whole sector. This award and others that we support and lead, including our own Next Generation Learning • Identify to what extent the return on investment relates to the awards for FE and Skills, helps to share and communicate the benefits of organisation’s improvement and progress towards e-maturity ** excellence in the use of technology throughout the whole sector. We • Show clear evidence of the impact of the changes in practice which encourage all of our award winners to disseminate their examples of effective have resulted, and the development cycle and approaches required to practice to benefit others understanding of the impact of technology. achieve the desired outcomes. • Demonstrate examples of organisational practices, including how technology has facilitated and supported the development and management of the core business, the leadership and management of the organisation, staff development, and/or produced efficiencies. • Demonstrate a strong strategic approach and senior leadership involvement in the delivery of all • Demonstrate that the use of technology is fully embedded across the whole institution ** Becta defines e-maturity as ‘the capacity of a learning provider to make strategic and effective use of technology to improve educational outcomes.’ further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 14 15
  11. 11. The British Council Award for International Student Support Purpose The British Council Award for International Student Support is open to all The British Council builds engagement and trust for the UK through the colleges in the further education sector in the United Kingdom. exchange of knowledge and ideas between people worldwide. The Award recognises best practice in supporting international students from They work in three main programme areas: recruitment through to completion of qualifications. It will be granted to the college which has developed and maintained consistent and caring Inter-cultural dialogue procedures in the support of international students studying in the UK. Their aim here is to: Assessors will seek to identify: • Strengthen understanding and levels of trust between people in the UK • academic support, including English, study skills and tutoring and other societies • accommodation support with reference to safety and security • Strengthen the consensus for rejecting extremism in all its forms • faith support systems, given that international students can come from • Increase the ability of individuals and organisations to contribute to a wide variety of faith backgrounds positive social change and the strengthening of civil society • responsible marketing practices in the recruitment of international • Increase the use of English as a tool for international communication students and inter-cultural understanding UK creative and knowledge economy • comprehensive, accurate and clear information covering courses and qualification requirements, tuition fees and payment details Their aim here is to: • Increase the value to the UK of its share of the market for international • clear and consistent application and admissions procedures education • student welfare support including pre-departure information, • Enhance the UK’s reputation as a source of expertise and a partner for orientation programmes, counselling and careers guidance skills development, including in the teaching and learning of English • open and accessible procedures for handling complaints on academic • Strengthen the international profile and engagement of the UK’s and non-academic matters creative sector • exemplary approaches in, for example, integrating international and • Increase the UK’s contribution to international co-operation in research home students, fostering employability skills and welcome events. and innovation • Ensure that every teacher and learner of English worldwide has access to quality language services from the UK Climate change Their aim here is to: • Increase understanding of the case for tackling climate change • Increase support for the achievement and implementation of international agreements that address the threats of climate change • Strengthen relationships and networks which lead to action on climate change mitigation and adaptation further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 16 17
  12. 12. The CLA Award for Promoting the Value of Copyright The CLA Award is open to all further education, sixth form and tertiary colleges in the United Kingdom and rewards initiatives that promote the value of copyright to students and/or staff. The CLA Award recognises courses or projects that increase understanding of copyright and its role in protecting and encouraging creativity. Submissions for the award may be based around courses, projects or management practices that include education about copyright and incorporate a practical consideration of intellectual property issues. Protecting creativity Curriculum areas featuring literature, creative writing, visual arts or • The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd. (CLA) is owned by authors and publishing are particularly favoured, although other fields - such as music, publishers and issues licences permitting the copying and re-use of drama or even business management – will also be considered. extracts from books, magazines and journals on their behalf. Assessors will be looking for evidence that colleges demonstrate one or more • Our licences provide peace of mind by allowing easy, legal access to of the following criteria: copyright publications for information, teaching and training purposes without them having to seek permission from individual copyright owners each time. • Creative courses are offered that include teaching on copyright. • CLA works closely with the Association of Colleges (AoC) and the • Projects are developed in which consideration of copyright plays a Association of Scotland’s Colleges (ASC) in ensuring that the licences significant role. offered provide the best solutions for both the colleges and the rights • Policies or guidelines are promoted that encourage responsible use of holders CLA represents. copyright materials. • Creativity and the expression of ideas depend upon the protection Examples of winning submissions might be: provided by copyright law. Awareness and understanding of • A writing course for students that includes a module on protecting and copyright can directly benefit students while protecting and sustaining managing their work showing how copyright can benefit them. the creative industries in the UK. • A college that publishes and promotes policies on managing their and • Your own college may well be developing future authors, artists or other people’s intellectual property. publishers whose livelihoods may depend on organisations such as CLA. Entering a submission for the award demonstrates support for • A student and/or teacher project that requires and demonstrates some creators, brings recognition to your college and helps to strengthen the practical consideration of copyright issues, such as publishing a college creative industries in the UK. magazine. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 18 19
  13. 13. The CoLRiC Award for the Effective Integration of Libraries/Learning Resources Centres in Curriculum Delivery The Council for Learning Resources in Colleges (CoLRiC) was founded in This award is to promote and encourage good practice and high standards in 1993 as an independent organisation dedicated to enhancing and maintaining libraries/learning resources centres (LLRC) in colleges, and to enhance their the quality of learning resources service in further education colleges potential as areas that contribute to the delivery of the college’s curriculum. throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. It now has a membership of It is open to all further education colleges in the United Kingdom. over 250 colleges. The assessors will be looking at: CoLRiC stimulates the enhancement of quality in college learning resources services in a number of ways, including providing and publishing national • The liaison, involvement and consultation between the staff of the standards and criteria for service provision, a peer accreditation scheme, publishing ‘Working Papers’ and guidelines for inspections and initiating LLRC and the academic and managerial staff of the college research into areas related to the aims of CoLRiC. • The participation of the LLRC in the college’s information and curriculum delivery strategies CoLRiC also raises awareness and understanding of the learning resources service’s role by contacting college senior managers and governing bodies, • The integration of the students, including flexible and distance making strong representation to organisations that are important to the future learning students, in curriculum delivery through the LLRC of college learning resources services, organising conferences, and being • The use of information and learning technologies (ILT) and information active members of other organisations. and communication technologies (ICT) through the LLRC. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 20 21
  14. 14. The Churches’ Award for Sustainable College Partnerships that recognise diversity and develop people and communities The Award is open to all colleges in the United Kingdom. The churches, in partnership with Fbfe (National Council of Faiths and Beliefs It seeks to affirm colleges and their chaplaincies/faith teams in the work they in FE, formerly NEAFE), are very pleased to sponsor a Beacon Award as part do to develop the communities they serve and the learners within them, in of our continuing support of further education colleges, and of our advocacy partnership with the faith groups and voluntary / community organisations of the work of FE within the churches and faith communities. which support them. The Award will be given to the college that has most effectively developed a sustainable partnership with local communities / Seeking to ensure that all fulfil their potential through education, the faith groups which supports the development of the whole person among churches have a long history of commitment to lifelong learning, education and training through chaplaincies and local partnerships. We work for learners and communities. This will be broadly interpreted, recognising the community development in both informal and formal settings, and for justice diversity of localities, colleges and the rich variety of opportunities to and hope for people at the margins of society. This Award confirms the promote spiritual development and social cohesion in college and churches’ vision, shared with colleges, of an inclusive learning society. community. We believe that further education is concerned both with skills for Assessors will be looking for evidence of: employability, and with development of the whole person - spirit, mind and body - and therefore we promote the place of shared human values, and of spiritual and moral development in FE. We encourage innovative curriculum Imaginative and sensitive use of college resources to meet spiritual and approaches which help students develop a sense of meaning and purpose in community needs and promote mutual understanding through life. partnership with diverse communities with a focus on one or more of the following: In partnership with all faith communities we work to promote mutual understanding between diverse communities and to foster greater awareness • Employability and vocational skills provision which builds spiritual in colleges of different faiths and cultures. We currently support chaplaincies and moral development across the curriculum and/or in a particular in over 270 colleges, many of them multi-faith teams offering students and programme; staff pastoral and curriculum support, and opportunities for service in the local community. • In-college provision for students’ spiritual needs through multi-faith chaplaincy/ student support links with local faith communities; For further information about the For further information about fbfe, please churches’ involvement in FE, contact: • Collaborative work that builds links with faith groups and please contact: voluntary/ community organisations to promote access, Ann Limb, Harjinder Singh achievement and the growth of the whole person for NEET John Breadon (Co chairs, fbfe) students and disadvantaged groups; Churches’ National Adviser in Further Email: Education Email: c/o Education Division Education Division Church House Church House Great Smith Street Great Smith Street London SW1P 3AZ London SW1P 3AZ Tel: 020 7898 1529 Tel: 020 7898 1517 Fax: 020 7898 1520 further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 22 23
  15. 15. The City & Guilds Award for Staff Development in Further Education City & Guilds is the UK’s leading provider of vocational qualifications, The City & Guilds Award for Staff Development encourages applications supporting learning for work, life and leisure, and the opportunity for from all colleges of further education who believe they can meet the criteria. individuals, businesses and communities to prosper. The award aims to recognise contributions from across the whole range of The City & Guilds Group comprises City & Guilds, the Institute of staff working in further education. The assessors will be looking to reward Leadership & Management (ILM), the land-based awarding body City & innovative best practice that delivers identifiable results and benefits. In Guilds NPTC and the City & Guilds Hospitality Awarding Body (HAB). The particular they will be looking for evidence of the following: Group offers a wide range of qualifications across all sectors – from administration to engineering and from health, care and community justice to • Effective ways for encouraging and motivating staff security. Awards are available for all levels of skill and knowledge from entry level to the highest levels of professional expertise. • Schemes that allow and encourage personal and professional development We’re always aiming to improve learning support and the delivery of • Effective and imaginative work to support staff development qualifications and assessment. We provide effective, reliable and secure online testing through our global online assessment (GOLA) system. We have also • Schemes that can demonstrate positive outcomes for teachers, other developed a learning portal called City & Guilds SmartScreen staff and learners ( which provides general advice, guidance and learning support for tutors and learners for an increasing number of our qualifications. City & Guilds is committed to supporting the professional development of all staff working in further education: teachers, tutors, management, technical, support and administrative. At a time of significant change for the education and development of teachers, City & Guilds is keen to recognise effective and imaginative work to support staff development across the breadth of the sector. We recognise the role further education staff play in promoting and developing skills across a wide range of learners and we believe it is essential we share best practice within the sector. Through this award we will showcase effective ways of encouraging and motivating staff and schemes that encourage and promote professional development. We are proud to sponsor an award that shares our passion and commitment for excellence and innovation and recognises outstanding achievement. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 24 25
  16. 16. Department for Children, Schools and Families Award for Successful Delivery of Level 3 Qualifications More young people than ever before are achieving level 3 qualifications. The The Department for Children Schools and Families is sponsoring an Award latest data shows that 48% of young people aged 19 were qualified to Level 3 for successful delivery of level 3 qualifications by a further education or sixth in 2007 compared with 46.6% in 2006. These figures are testament to the hard form college in England. The Award will be given to a college which best work of young people and those who work with them in schools, colleges demonstrates exemplary performance in enabling young people to achieve and work based learning providers. But we need to do more. In a changing qualifications at level 3. world economy it is ever more important to equip young people with higher Assessors for the Award will be looking for evidence of: level skills so that they can succeed in a competitive jobs market and pursue productive careers. Increasing the numbers of young people who achieve • Outstanding levels of achievement of level 3 qualifications by young Level 3, particularly for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, has people aged 16 to 19; the potential to break the cycle of disadvantage, opening up opportunities in highly skilled employment or entry into higher education. • Innovative approaches to teaching and learning which are leading to this success; • High quality support and guidance for young people which helps The Department for Children, Schools and Families has set challenging them stay motivated to learn and achieve. targets to raise attainment at level 3: by 2010/11 we want 54% of young people to be achieving level 3 qualifications by the age of 19, and our The assessors will also be interested to see evidence of: Children’s Plan sets the goal that by 2020 at least 70% of young people should • Narrowing the achievement gap between young people from different achieve level 3 qualifications. To get there we will need schools and colleges socio-economic groups; to provide inspiring, motivating learning options which keep young people engaged and on the path to success. This Award will be given to a college • Support for vulnerable young people and those from minority groups, which leads the way in delivering high quality teaching at level 3 which which helps them to achieve qualifications; and results in high rates of success for young people. • Collaborative working with a wide range of partners to support progression into and out of Level 3 provision. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 26 27
  17. 17. The DCSF, DIUS and LSC Award for Smarter Procurement Making money go further for the benefit of learners The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and the This award is open to all further education colleges in England. Department for Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS), in conjunction The Award seeks to identify and recognise imaginative and innovative ways with the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), are working to ensure colleges in which colleges have managed their procurement activity and/or taken across England get the most from their budgets. By helping colleges adopt an advantage of procurement opportunities to make sustainable savings that innovative and pro-active approach to procurement the team is maximising have been re-invested in supporting learners. the resources available to frontline staff and students. The Departments’ and LSC’s work with English colleges ensured that the FE sector saved £72million Entries are welcome from whole organisations, any specific area of the between 1 April 2007 and 31 March 2008; enough to fund 2,000 college organisation, and any area of the Learning and Skills sector provision. lecturers. The assessors will be looking for evidence of sustainable collaborative Whether it is by collaborating with other colleges, joining purchasing partnerships between the college and other organisations, whether they are consortia or improving their management of procurement, colleges can save with other colleges, employers, schools or LEAs. Applications from consortia hundreds of thousands of pounds by actively managing their procurement groups of colleges would be welcomed. activities. All of the money that is saved stays within the college to be Colleges should demonstrate how the savings made as a result of sound reinvested into services and facilities that benefit both the staff and students. procurement policies and practices have directly benefited learners. The Since the scheme launched in 2005 many colleges have achieved considerable savings made can be on any scale; the assessors will be looking for how the savings by making small changes to their purchasing methods. college has maximised the opportunities presented to it and its partners for In addition to the financial benefits offered by procuring correctly there is the the ultimate benefit of its staff and students. risk of legal penalties should procurement rules and regulations not be complied with. In 2006 new EU rules were brought in governing how public sector money should be spent, and these have already resulted in organisations across the public sector being taken to court by suppliers. The Departments and the LSC team have been working with colleges for over three years now, and have provided access to NVQ training, spend analysis, an online repository of tools, templates, guidance and other support, as well as running 22 regionally based network meetings to discuss procurement matters. Over 220 colleges are actively engaged with the programme of support, and the Departments and the LSC are delighted to sponsor this AoC Beacon Award. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 28 29
  18. 18. The Edexcel Award for Lifelong Learning Edexcel provides qualifications to schools, colleges and employers and The Edexcel Award for Lifelong Learning is open to all colleges of Further processes over 8.5m examination entries each year. An innovative leader in Education and Sixth Form Colleges which have made specific provision to educational services, Edexcel provides a wide range of academic and attract adults to continue their education. The Award will be given in vocational qualifications including GCE, GCSE, BTEC, NVQs, Technical recognition of effective and imaginative approaches to motivate adult Certificates and Key Skills/Functional Skills; and provides qualifications to learners which can show that it is either a new initiative or concept or has built learners from Entry to HE level. on the best practice from other providers. As an awarding body, Edexcel delivers qualifications to over 5,500 secondary There should be evidence that provision has: schools; 700 further education centres, WBL learning providers and adult education centres, including all FE Colleges; 76 higher education institutions • actively encouraged the participation of adults who have not and more than 900 employers in the UK. previously engaged in programmes of study Edexcel is a member of the Pearson Group which includes the Financial • enabled adults to complete programmes of study successfully and Times and Penguin. supported interesting practice which encourages adults to stay in Edexcel is also pioneering a number of far-reaching IT initiatives, including learning onscreen marking and testing, to change and improve the examinations • resulted in the provision of innovative learning materials which system. By uniquely offering students and teachers rich data on exam motivate adult learners. performance, through its Results Plus service, Edexcel is helping to raise attainment. Edexcel believes education enhances life opportunities and provides people with choices, through an academic or a vocational route. Find out what Edexcel can do for you by visiting and see for yourself how Edexcel can help. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 30 31
  19. 19. The Edge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning Edge is an educational foundation with the aim of raising the status of Edge wants to recognise, celebrate and publicise examples of excellent practical practical and vocational learning. learning. We believe that we must listen to learners themselves if we really want to improve learning experiences. Edge runs campaigns to change attitudes and behaviours – by engaging with students, employers, teachers, government and the media, we seek to We invite entries for this award from colleges whose learners have experiences change the way practical and vocational learning is viewed and carried out. that are: Edge provides grants and funding – we support organisations and new • Real – with opportunities for learners to tackle real life problems by initiatives that will deliver real changes. learning from people in the know, using the tools of the trade. Edge works to change policy – we work with opinion formers, • Meaningful – the college can demonstrate that learners can explain educationalists and policy makers to identify the key barriers and why they are working on a particular task, and the benefits to opportunities for change. themselves, and others, of completing it well. • Challenging – with opportunities for learners to work alongside We want young people to learn through practical training and experience experts and be challenged to perform at new levels of skill. how to succeed at a vast range of jobs – from building work to business – by doing work experience, apprenticeships and trainee schemes. • Stretching – the college can demonstrate that the learners can describe their new skills and insights and show the distance they have travelled. That’s why we are sponsoring this year’s Beacon Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning. • Life-changing – the college can demonstrate the doors that are now open to learners and the way that their learning at the college has reshaped their future. ‘Until the voices of learners are heard, nothing will really change’ (Andy Powell, Chief Executive, Edge) further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy gguidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 32 33
  20. 20. The FENC Award for the Creative Production, Adaptation and Delivery of Learning Resources Take, Shape, Share FENC is a charitable organisation that supports colleges, schools and work- The FENC Award for the Creative Production, Adaptation and Delivery of based learning providers across the UK and Europe. We are one of the largest Learning Resources is open to applications from centres or departments and most successful voluntary communities dedicated to the supply of skills- within any further education, sixth form, land-based or tertiary college in the based learning materials and applications. United Kingdom. Virtually everything in our catalogue is based on collaboration; our success E-learning plays an important role in vocational education. FENC recognises mirrors the willingness of individuals, departments, institutions and the that learning resources are key to enabling students to respond positively to wider vocational community to share their efforts with colleagues elsewhere. the learning experience. There is a growing realisation amongst tutors that effective e-learning materials are not the exclusive domain of the Being part of FENC means being part of a community that recognises the technologically proficient or gifted among us. This award acknowledges benefits of working together. We all produce content. Contributing to the staffs’ creativity, resourcefulness and flair using software readily available to resource bank, or working with us to produce even a handful of new titles all, tailored for the educational advancement of their own students. can soon build up into a considerable port folio if every institution does the same. When judging the entries the assessors will be looking for progress and achievement against at least two of the following criteria: The winner of the FENC award 2008-2009 was Aberdeen College who have shown us how their Content Development Support Team assists teaching staff in the production of engaging and interactive materials, and provides a • The production of new resources in order to assist in the delivery of high quality support service to all teaching staff in order to encourage more learning. extensive and sophisticated use of the college VLE. FENC is keen to continue building on the success of this award, to celebrate • The adaptation of existing resources in order to assist in the delivery the ability of every one of us to make a difference to the learning process of learning. through the imaginative, adaptation or delivery of resources. • The creative use of different media types to meet personal learning We invite all colleges to consider sharing their local learning resource success needs. stories with us. Win or lose, FENC will be proud to promote all qualifying • The application of different media types to convey different learning submissions to the wider college community as part of its charitable remit to messages, or the application of different media types to give better share best practice. understanding of a single topic/subject. On 28th of April 2009, for example FENC is building its annual networking event in Birmingham around the submissions to its Beacon Award for 2008- • That you are sharing your learning resources with your colleagues 2009. We are honoured to be welcoming staff from over 12 colleges, who will within your college and/or with other organisations. be coming together to share their enthusiasm and expertise with the rest of • That your production, adaptation and/or delivery of learning the college community. To find out more, please visit resources is a recognised part of your college commitment to Personalised Learning. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 34 35
  21. 21. The Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award Benefit Solutions Benefit Solutions for Health and Community Care Universities & Colleges Healthcare Services. The Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award for quality in health and community care programmes is open to faculties in colleges of further Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions has been advising and education, sixth form colleges and tertiary colleges offering courses which implementing healthcare solutions for the education sector since 1981 when cover community and residential care, health studies, early years/nursery we launched the Universities & Colleges Corporate and Voluntary Healthcare nursing and other health and community care programme areas. Plans. Our knowledge of the sector’s requirements combined with our knowledge of market products and solutions has ensured the continued Evidence is required of: growth of our reputation. Our healthcare solutions now form an integral part of employee benefits at • Responsiveness to employer and training needs in the provision of over 300 Universities and Colleges and cover over 80,000 employees. These high quality courses or specific training programmes. services extend beyond private medical care and include all aspects of Health • Innovation and flexibility in the planning and delivery of courses & Safety, Occupational Health and employee benefits. Details of our including joint initiatives with service providers such as outreach comprehensive services can be obtained including Flexible & Voluntary activities and the use of technology where appropriate. Benefits Schemes from: Jo Fincham on 01344 381 609 or by email at • Effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms with clear evidence of outcomes. JLT Benefit Solutions Limited is a member of the Jardine Lloyd Thompson • Successful development of co-ordinating strategies to facilitate Group who have divisions specialising in Insurance Broking, Employee Benefits, Actuarial Consulting and Healthcare. The Group provides solutions learning outcomes through consistency in supervision and in the to maximise the effectiveness of our client’s financial, human resources and assessment methods used in practical work placements. risk management initiatives. Jardine Lloyd Thompson is one of the largest UK publicly quoted insurance brokers in the UK. The assessors will be looking for: JLT Benefit Solutions Limited. Authorised and regulated • Outstanding schemes that provide models of good practice in health by the Financial Services Authority and community care provision. A member of the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group. • Initiatives that have innovative and flexible features with clear Registered Office: 6 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2PH documentation on the outcomes. Registered in England No. 2240496. Vat No.244 2321 96 • Effective collaboration with employers and service providers in the planning and evaluation of the course. further education - serving the needs of a better society and strong economy guidance on applying for this award appears on page 8 and 59 of this prospectus 36 37