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AoC London Members' Bulletin Issue 111


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Published in: Education, Sports, Business
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AoC London Members' Bulletin Issue 111

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin23 March 2012- Issue 111Feedback from Regional Forum – 13 MarchAttendees heard a comprehensive update on recent policy developments from Lesley Davies,AoC’s Deputy Chief Executive. Lesley spent some time discussing changes to the Ofstedframework and outlining the support being provided to Colleges preparing for or goingthrough inspection. She is arranging for a group of Principals to meet new Ofsted ChiefInspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, and will come back to us in due course to seek nominations tobe part of the group. Ofsted and inspection will form part of the agenda for the Principals’Forum on 8 May. Lesley spoke too about a new AoC Portfolio Group for Academies which isbeing set and for which a London nomination (at Principal level) will be sought. If you wouldbe interested in getting involved, please let Rebecca Breen know. If you would like a copy ofLesley’s slides and/or to find out more about support for inspection, please contact: RebeccaBreenAlso on the agenda was an input by Katie Mitchell, Head of Higher and Further Education atSport England, who provided an update on the funding coming to the sector to developstudent participation in sport over the next five years. The prospectus setting out theopportunities to apply for one or more of the 150 full-time College Sport Maker posts to drivethis activity or for funding to support existing work through the Sport England ActivationFund will be published at the end of April and Sport England will be holding pre-applicationworkshops for Colleges. Watch out for announcements which will also be included in futureeditions of the Bulletin.Michael Farley, Principal of Tower Hamlets College, rounded off the session by tellingattendees about the work being done on behalf of the AoC Marketing Committee to get half adozen news stories about London Colleges into regional media. For more information aboutthe campaign, please contact Judith SmythFeedback from Speed Dating Event for London Colleges with LondonWork Programme Providers – 16 MarchRepresentatives from Londons Colleges and Londons Work Programme Providers werebrought together on Friday 16 March in a speed-dating event at Westminster KingswayCollege. The session was facilitated by the Colleges representative body, the Association ofColleges, London Region. The event was split into two sessions. The morning offeredColleges, Prime contractors and their sub-contractors in East London the chance to get to knoweach other better and the afternoon did the same for organisations in West London. TwelveLondon Colleges attended the morning session, meeting Prime contractors Seetec, CDG andA4e and sub-contractors active in East London. The afternoon session saw a similar number ofColleges meeting their opposite numbers, Ingeus, Maximus and REED, in West London.The Colleges and Work Programme Providers who attended declared the event a big success
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 23 March 2012that could lead to fruitful long term relationships between their respective organisations. IanAshman, Chair of AoC London Region, said: "This was our first major opportunity to engagedirectly with most of the Work Programme Providers and their subcontractors. A good turnoutof Colleges demonstrated our commitment to this important relationship. Our experience,based on some pilot work with Primes, is that such links will help Colleges to fill the availablecourse places and develop new business opportunities."Andrew Emerson from Seetec added “Were delighted to be working with London Colleges.The creation of an individualised plan to support customers back to work is crucial. Skillsdevelopment plays a major part in satisfying employer needs, enhancing customer progressionand enables the individual to improve their chances of securing sustainable employment.”Sport England WorkshopsColleges that are interested in bidding for one of the 150 new Sport Maker posts or funding tosupport their existing sports activities should note that Sport England are likely to hold a pre-application workshop in London on 27 April. We’ll let you have more information as soon aswe get it.Ending Gang and Youth Violence – Colleges’ involvementThe Home Office publication, Ending Gang and Youth Violence, sets out the Government’s plansfor £10 million of investment in early intervention work in 2012-13 to support the areas mostaffected by gangs and youth violence. Nineteen London Boroughs (see table below), plus 11local authorities in other parts of England, will be supported, based on data on serious youthviolence and local police intelligence on the severity and location of gang activity.A key element of this support is the offer of a peer review by a group of experts. The processwill involve a desktop review of current partnership problem profiles, data and intelligence,strategies and delivery plans, followed by a visit. The review visits will identify good practice,as well as exploring gaps in provision, barriers and risks. The teams of peer reviewers can comefrom a range of backgrounds and will have been trained and accredited by the LocalGovernment Association. Following the peer review, the team will offer ongoing support tohelp unblock barriers to progress, and further help can be arranged from advisors in thenetwork on particular issues. A series of modules is being developed which will help local areasto identify good practice in key areas, for example commissioning.The peer review process may include a focus on educational establishments so some Collegesmay be invited to take part, including in any follow-up work.London Boroughs involved in Ending Gang and Youth Violence initiative• Brent • Islington • Wandsworth• Croydon • Lambeth • Westminster• Ealing • Lewisham• Enfield • Newham + 3 others to be confirmed• Greenwich • Southwark• Hackney • Tower Hamlets• Haringey • Waltham Forest Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 23 March 2012”This is Abuse”“This is Abuse” is an initiative that was launched by the Home Office in 2010. It aims toempower young people to make the decision to avoid violent and controlling relationships.In a recent study by the NSPCC, 25 per cent of girls and 18 per cent of boys said they’d been hitor attacked by a partner. But abuse isnt always physical, and many young people dont knowhow to spot the signs that something is wrong, either in their own relationships or those of theirfriends.For 2012, AoC is teaming up with the Home Office to promote the campaign. As well as raisingawareness of the issue, the campaign will help teenagers recognise all kinds of relationshipabuse, and put them in touch with organisations that can help. Please support the campaign byvisiting the site to find out more about the issue. The Home Office have also produced postersand postcards to display on site, along with a ‘Coaches Guide’ which equips the reader withhelpful advice and support on the issue.To place an order for any of these materials, please contact Charlotte Jackson more information about “Teenage Relationship Abuse”, please update – WorldSkills UK CompetitionsNAS is looking internationally to the road to WorldSkills Leipzig 2013. To create a great TeamUK requires great training and NAS are looking for Training Managers. If you think yourCollege might be able to help either with the immediate or the ongoing request, please get intouch with Patrick Gormley, Apprenticeships/Skills Competition Development on opportunities for WorldSkills Performance Development Tutors and TeamLeaders is being sent separately to Principals and Vice Principals (C&Q). If you’re interested inthis, contact Rebecca Breen for a copy of the information.Some of you may have missed the information sent out previously by NAS about registeringfor the Have a Go and Showcase elements of The Skills Show taking place in November inBirmingham. In recognition of this, the deadline for registration has been extended to 27 April2012. If you would like to find out more about The Skills Show, please and education needs of young blind people in the communityThe Ethical Property Foundation ( is an independent charity withthe aim of making the best use of property for society and the environment. Established in2005, it provides a high quality property advice service backed by professional experts tocharities and community groups. With a base in London and Bristol, the Foundation has beenfunded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to offer services to all the regions in England.Alongside the advice service, it is developing innovation in property solutions for charitieswanting to develop better services and value with other public bodies by integrating assets. The Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 23 March 2012 Ethical Property Foundation is working with the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) to scope and develop the concept of “a life without limits” with a focus on living and learning needs of young people in the 16 years plus age group. The RLSB has become a major champion and expert in helping blind people achieve their goals in life through its work in London and the south east. The Ethical Property Foundation and the RLSB would like to hear from London Colleges who would have an interest in exploring options with a view to pilot combined living and education services for young blind and partially sighted people in order to help them to achieve greater life opportunities. Contact: Ian Parker, Ethical Property Foundation., or telephone 0207 065 0763.College News Story of the Fortnight International Colleges Culinary Competition welcomed to central London as Westminster Kingsway College take the gold medal Five International Colleges specialising in Culinary Arts and Hospitality from around the world have gathered in central London to showcase their skills. The International Colleges’ Culinary Competition provides a unique opportunity for chef students from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, USA, New Zealand and Australia to demonstrate their abilities. The competition was held to coincide with the British Council’s Going Global 2012 London conference. Photo credit: Westminster Kingsway CollegeRecent meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Feedback 9 Mar Sport England KA Event covered sharing the initial thinking Active Colleges with the sector about the investment Consultation Event process, timescales, the role of a College Sport Maker and the funding criteria, followed by an open discussion. 9 Mar Meeting with Vic Regular catch up meeting. Grimes 12 Mar AoC Worldskills KA The agenda included updates on the Portfolio Group National Skills Show, the Devolved Nations and Regional Update as well as an update on current national competition Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 23 March 2012 developments, on WorldSkills International Team Development and a local research on competition impact on success rates.12 Mar Meeting with Nick Discussions on the “Higher Apprenticeship Davy and Hugh Perspectives” Conference. Joslin, co-author of Apprentice Progression Tracking Research Project report13 Mar AoCLR Regional AoCLR See headline Forum14 Mar AoC Business JS The agenda included: Development • Jobcentre Plus – information and up- Managers’ Network date from Paul Tucker Senior Meeting Partnership Manager (London and the Home Counties Group) • Macleod Associates – Employment Outcomes and Careers Guidance Software – showcasing - a professional recruitment on line job finder tool – Tor Macleod • London Skills and Employment Observatory – the central source of information, research and data on all skills and employment issues in London – Vicky Davies • Regional Update – round up of issues and current opportunities15 Mar Principals meeting JS, KA The agenda included: An update on the with Mayoral London Enterprise Partnership (LEP); Advisers, Sir Peter London Colleges’ Manifesto; Mayor’s Rogers and Munira Education Inquiry Feedback and IAG; and a Mirza London-wide Careers Service.16 Mar London Colleges JS See headlines and Prime Contractor “Speed Dating” event23 Mar AoCLR CIS/MIS JS The agenda included: managers network • Update from Paul Kelman, meeting Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Information Authority • Presentation regarding Active Dashboards from James Lloyd, Business Development Executive, Dynistics Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 23 March 2012Future meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Agenda 3 Apr Meeting with KA Regular catch up meeting Mary Vine-Morris 16 Apr London Regional KA, JS Agenda tbc Champions MeetingEvents and Dates for the Diary  AoC College Pensions Conference, Tuesday 27 March, London. A link to the website for more details and the conference programme is found here: AoC Create Pensions Conference.  AoC London HE Coordinators meeting, Tuesday 24 April, AoC Offices, London. Please email Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoC London VP C&Q network meeting, Monday 30 April, AoC Offices, London. Please email Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoC Equality and Diversity Conference, Wednesday 23 May 2012, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London:  AoC London Principals’ Forum, Tuesday 8 May, Hackney Community College. Please email Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoC London Marketing Managers’ network meeting, Thursday 10 May, Venue tbc. Please email Judith Smyth for more information.Policy and other documents GLA news Hunt on for musicians to take part in Londons biggest street music competition Mayor of London in new jobs and skills drive Thousands of school children ‘Get Set’ to take their 2012 seats thanks to Mayor and LOCOG’s ticket bonanza Mayor announces new £41m capital fund to drive jobs and economic growth in London Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 23 March 2012If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this bulletin, to requestadditional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for futureissues, please email Rebecca Breen.Kate Anderson Judith SmythRegional Director Executive Breen Cyheme BiloutaRegional Coordinator Team Administrator (part-time) to the Easter Break, the next bulletin will be on Friday 20 April. Page 7 of 7