AoC Beacon Awards Mini Profiles 2011/12


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AoC Beacon Awards Mini Profiles 2011/12

  1. 1. AoC Beacon Awards Teaching Leadership Responsiveness,and Learning, and Quality Partnership Curriculum Improvement and Impact Design and Development 2011/2012 Winning College Profiles
  2. 2. Awards for Teaching and Learning,Curriculum Design and Development• Association of Colleges Award for Inclusive Learning• CoLRiC Award for the Effective Integration of Libraries/LRCs in Curriculum Delivery• Edge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning• Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award for Health and Community Care• LSIS Award for Effective Use of Technology in FE and Skills• OCR Award for Skills
  3. 3. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Association of Colleges Award for Inclusive Learning Learning Services Team, West Cheshire College LEAP2WORK“” LEAP2WORK, a project developed by West Cheshire College and Cheshire West and Chester’s Supported Employment Team, supports local young people aged 16-25 with learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD) to makeI love the job the transition away from benefit dependency and towards economicand I think independence.they like me! The project came about through the drive, passion and determination of staff at West Cheshire College who for many years have been working toEmma, learner improve the employment opportunities of young people with the College The Office for National Statistics (November 2010) says 52% of disabled people between the ages of 16 and 64 are economically inactive, compared to 23% for the general population. Radar, the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, estimates that 44% of disabled 19 to 21 year-olds are not in employment, education or training (NEETs) - compared to 23% for the non-disabled population. LEAP2WORK is making small but significant inroads into these appalling statistics by moving young people with LDD towards employment and economic independence and away from benefits; removing some of the barriers they experience to enable progression towards financial independence and independent living. LEAP2WORK is a major programme at West Cheshire College, delivering a coordinated approach across all curriculum areas to ensure that whatever their vocational interests, LDD learners have the opportunity to access the specific training and support required to progress into further training and employment.
  4. 4. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development CoLRiC Award for the Effective Integration of Libraries/ LRCs in Curriculum Delivery Information and Learner Services: the Learning Resource Centre, Northampton College Embedding information and study skills into“ the curriculum Research suggested that information and study skills, while essential toI’ve just compared every student’s success, were underdeveloped. Believing in the centralthe grades of the importance of ensuring that the Library is embedded at the heart of the student’s experience, Northampton College determined to address this issue.assignment based The Library team designed and delivered Information and Study Skills sessionsmodule for this year in a highly effective collaboration with curriculum colleagues to help studentswith last year devise research plans, access information from a variety of sources and produceand found a 5% correctly referenced material for assignments.improvement. This Over 4,000 students took part and feedback was excellent, with 97% claiming that the sessions helped them enormously with their ability to produce highI feel reflects the value quality evidence of their understanding and knowledge. Importantly, someof the research skills module grades were seen to rise by 10%. ”sessions and prepares The College ensured that designs for its new building included a state-of-the-students for the rigour art library, created as a fulcrum to the physical structure and symbolising the central importance of research skills within the learning experience.of HE. The Library team has taken its concept around peer organisations withinCourse Leader FE and HE and is working to refine its service through further professional development to maximise the impact of the fantastic new library on the learning experience and future success of its students.
  5. 5. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Edge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning Engineering Department, Exeter College Aerospace Engineering “Learning by doing”“ Exeter College’s first priority when selected as Flybe’s lead academic partner in 2007 was to create a unique and innovative post-16 practical learning pathway to license new aircraft engineers in collaboration with the CivilMany thanks to Aviation Authority, Flybe, GoSkills, SEMTA, the Skills Funding Agencythe College for and awarding organisations.supporting us in The Flybe Diploma in Engineering, a four year industry based course developing underpinning knowledge and practical skills concurrently,filling the two is a framework of vocational qualifications, a professional certificate andTechnician posts for a Foundation Degree.the new simulator. It aims to:Nick and Aaron are • Provide the aerospace industry with talented, licensed engineerspromising engineers • Provide a practical learning course meeting employer and sector ”and have had an requirements whilst being enjoyable and affordable to students • Support learners in achieving their aspirationsexcellent grounding • Promote a seamless transition from FE to employmentfrom the College. • Address the ‘lost’ skills by training students to become ‘pure’ engineers • Reduce barriers to participation of minority groups and encourageKevin Berry, more women into engineeringManager Flight • Expand the integration of qualifications into practical learningTraining Devises Over 3,000 hours of practical training in the live aircraft hangar and workshops mean learning is real and relevant with student feedback showing the most valued feature is having live aircraft, parts and components “at their fingertips”. Learners’ high levels of practical skills and knowledge allows for progress to employment, earning a salary in excess of £30,000 per annum.
  6. 6. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award for Health and Community Care Science, Maths and Humanities Department, Fareham College NHS Leg Care Community Clinic“ The Leg Care Centre run by Southern Health and Fareham College provides specialist care for patients in the Fareham and Gosport area in a comfortable, inviting environment. Linked to the Community Innovations Team (a patientI believe that the support network), patients are able to come and socialise so they can engageCollege students are in communication with others and be re-integrated into the community. The Centre provides a social learning model that ensures patients aren’t isolated ingetting valuable their homes waiting for district nurses. This helps to make the most efficientexperience and the use of patient and nursing time. Anecdotal evidence already suggests thatnursing staff can patients are healing more quickly and without more effectively The Leg Care Centre is also helping students because it provides a professional ” learning environment as those studying Health and Social Care and Access toin a single site, Nursing volunteer to gain hands-on experience which many universities lookso everybody is for. Without this type of experience many universities will not accept studentsa winner. who wish to study a nursing profession or similar degree. The number of patients the Leg Care Centre treates has increased dramatically.Local GP Since its official opening on 21st September 2009, it has gone from treating half a dozen patients to 505 patients a month. Southern Health and Fareham College are currently working to expand the centre further by developing more services for patients and opportunities for students.
  7. 7. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development LSIS Award for Effective Use of Technology in FE and Skills Innovation and Excellence Unit, Preston College Innovation and Excellence Unit“ The Preston College Innovation and Excellence Unit was established to create an engaging and innovative approach to learning and assessment by developing an enthusiasm for the use of new and emerging technologies.I can edit video To develop the effective use of technology, a varied and bespoke staffstraight away, development programme supporting the introduction of cutting edgewithout having innovative technologies into teaching practices was implemented. Staff were ” invited to technology based sessions that were tailored to their levels of learningto wait for a PC and ability, following an extensive skills audit of the learning journey. Thisand MovieMaker created a culture and passion for excellence in both staff and load. Filming in 3D has supported the development of skills such as sports coaching and catering, whilst 3D software has allowed learners to experience aStudent working engine or beating heart. Head cameras have recorded unique first person perspectives in vocations such as hairdressing and supported the development of internationally recognised iTunes U content. Other mobile technologies such as Kindles, iPods and PSPs have supported the initiative and engaged staff and students alike. By thinking laterally about the use of technology within FE, and supporting new assessment and curriculum design, the success rates of learners have increased dramatically to above 90%.
  8. 8. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development OCR Award for Skills Functional Skills Team, Walsall College Roll out of Functional Skills“ Walsall College Mission Statement: “Our greatest passion is unleashing the potential of individuals, communities and businesses; our greatest legacy is the talent of our learners: skilled, professional and enterprising.”Functional Skills Ensuring learners are equipped with the essential levels of English, Mathshas given me the and ICT to secure employment or further study is at the heart of this statement,confidence and and is the aim of the Functional Skills team.knowledge that will The College’s goal is to unlock lifelong learning potential and raise thehelp me in the future. aspirations of each learner, allowing them to access employment and/or further study opportunities. The overarching aim is to ensure all the College’s 16-19I feel maths is full time learners have the English, Maths and ICT skills needed to achieve,important in the whilst adapting to the current economic situation.industry because it Walsall College’s innovative approach dealt with each of its concernsis used daily and I efficiently and effectively at no extra cost to the College. As a result, Functional Skills are now integrated into vocational courses, where they have beenbelieve that these embraced and successfully delivered by tutors, both on campus and inlessons have given the workplace, with an 81% success rate. ”me the skills to The College has embraced the opportunity of using new technology, staffunderstand the expertise, extensive staff development and learning spaces to implement a sustainable, personalised, holistic and highly effective approach.importance of it.Allanah Takya –hairdressing student
  9. 9. Awards for Leadershipand Quality Improvement• Association of Colleges Award for Procurement, Collaboration and Shared Services• City & Guilds Award for Staff Development• LSIS Award for Leadership of Innovation in Curriculum Development
  10. 10. Awards for Leadership and Quality Improvement Association of Colleges Award for Procurement, Collaboration and Shared Services Procurement Unit, City of Bristol College Delivering efficiency and sustaining prosperity“ through partnershipThis award recognises In 2009, City of Bristol College embarked on a project to improve efficiencyand celebrates the across the College through the removal of unnecessary and inefficient processes.commitment of the College toseek innovative alternatives The initial project aims were to:which both improve current • Establish procurement as a shared service across the Collegeprocesses and benefit the • Review and map all non-pay expenditure identifying critical risksstudents. and opportunitiesSavings made, through more • Develop and implement a strategic plan for procurement activityefficient purchasing, were • Ensure the support of the wider College for procurement throughinvested in frontline services key stakeholder engagementfor students. The key to • Ensure College compliance with all procurement legislationsuccess was collaborationwith each faculty within and internal financial regulationsthe College to determine • Develop a centre of excellence for procurement within the Collegepossible savings. • Deliver savings of 3-5% through improved procurement processesThanks to the hard work of and proceduresthe Procurement Team, this • Work with organisations with similar goals and values to achieveaccolade showcases again mutual benefitsthat the learner is at the In its first year of operation the Procurement Unit delivered savings ”heart of everything we doand we are delighted that of over £400,000. In 2011 the Procurement Unit delivered cashable savingswe have been given this of approximately £500,000.prestigious award. These savings, both in cash and non-cash efficiency gains, have provided directKeith Elliott, benefit to the College’s learners. This has been done by redirecting the resourcesPrincipal saved to the delivery of front line services across the College.
  11. 11. Awards for Leadership and Quality Improvement City & Guilds Award for Staff Development Quality Teaching, Learning and Performance Team, West Nottinghamshire College An innovative, encouraging and motivating approach“ to personal and professional development Being judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2008 was only the beginning of WestWhen we first went Nottinghamshire College’s journey to achieve excellence everyday in equalityinto the session and and diversity.saw that the slide The College has developed an innovative approach to embedding equality and diversity in every corner of the organisation – making it a topic embracedsaid equality and by staff and students alike.diversity ... I thought Called ‘Advance, Embed, Celebrate’, its equality and diversity scheme doesn’tthe session would merely ‘sit on a shelf gathering dust’. Instead, it is a whole-organisationbe boring. It was culture that allows staff to develop their knowledge and understanding throughbrilliant and really individualised training programmes supported by an online toolkit – featuring hints, tips, coaching activities and resources – that act as a ‘one-stop shop’.linked to what we Furthermore, bespoke training programmes have been rolled-out to partnerwere doing ... it made providers, supported by mobile learning technologies including MP3 players, ”everybody think Sony PSPs, DVDs and webinars – meaning the College’s approach toof what we take excellence extends beyond its campuses.for granted. Of the 1,564 staff accessing the training to date, 98% said it enabled them to embed equality and diversity into their working practices.Plumbing student This innovative approach encourages staff to share initiatives, ideas and resources – and take responsibility for their own continued personal and professional development.
  12. 12. Awards for Leadership and Quality Improvement LSIS Award for Leadership of Innovation in Curriculum Development Transportation Department, South Birmingham College “Learning is not TAXI’ng”“ “Learning is not TAXI’ng” aims to increase the skills base of local taxi drivers and improve their customer service skills.As private hire In partnership with Birmingham City Council’s taxi and private hire car licensing office and private hire car associations, the course has directlydrivers, we now feel engaged with the city’s minority ethnic communities who have traditionallythat we have updated had little involvement with the formal education system in this country.our knowledge and Over 2,000 local taxi drivers have received the Road Passenger Vehicle Driving ”also learned new Level 2 qualification, being trained in areas such as customer service, disability awareness and how to deal with emergencies, all with the aim of ensuring theskills to improve public have confidence in their local taxi company.our services. The initiative seeks to ensure it is accessible for all and particular attention is paid to learners whose first language is not English. These learners are givenAbdul Afiez, extra support and a classroom assistant. For those with low levels numeracyTaxi driver and literacy, English and maths are embedded into the curriculum and students provided with extra support from subject specific tutors. The outcomes for the drivers have been improved literacy and numeracy skills and increased self-esteem. Further afield, the project has contributed to family and community learning, improved professionalism of the sector and to the safety of passengers. Many of the drivers who have completed this course have re-enrolled to study literacy and numeracy at a higher level or have continued onto a Level 3 qualification.
  13. 13. Awards for Responsiveness,Partnership and Impact• AoC Create Award for College Engagement with Employers• AQA Award for College/School Partnerships• Pearson Award for Widening Participation to Lifelong Learning• University of Southampton Award for 14-19 Widening Participation• Welsh Government Award for Overcoming Deprivation
  14. 14. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact AoC Create Award for College Engagement with Employers InnoTech Centre, South West College InnoTech Centre“ The InnoTech Centre is an exciting venture by South West College in Northern Ireland. The aim of the Centre is to nurture and grow innovation and technology in SMEs through high grade knowledge exchange andThe South West technology development. The focus of InnoTech is to provide practical technicalCollege provides solutions with an emphasis on the near-market development of new products and processes. To date, InnoTech has delivered over 95 research andoutstanding support development (R&D) projects with small companies which have generatedto local SMEs to help in excess of £4.3m for the regional economy.them develop com- The InnoTech Centre was established in 2009 to meet the demands of businessmercially viable prod- in the region that required technical expertise and know-how to bring innovative ideas through to fruition. InnoTech employs a team of 15 scientists,ucts and services in technologists and engineers, and has taken a multi-disciplinary approach,the core areas of elec- providing industrial knowledge transfer and R&D services to industry in thetronics and software, areas of design, renewable technologies and electronics and software. This range of specialisms is unique to the InnoTech Centre and enables the team to deliverindustrial design and on a wide range of innovative projects. These include mechanical design ofsustainability; many engineering machinery, development of mobile apps and consultancy on a wide range of renewable energy installations including wind turbines,of these businesses do hydro systems and energy from waste. ”not have the capac-ity to undertake thiswork on their own.Innovation FundEvaluation, FEInspection, April 2011
  15. 15. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact AQA Award for College/School Partnerships Curriculum and Technology Team, South West College STEM Centre“ The STEM Centre at South West College in Northern Ireland is a specially designed contemporary teaching facility and exhibition space focused exclusively on delivering educational and instructional activities in the areasThe impact of the of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The Centre is designedprogramme outside to bring a ‘wow’ factor to STEM education and to date has generated impactful learning experiences for over 4,000 pupils from some 50 schools across Northernthe College in Ireland. Located at the College’s Dungannon campus, the 350m2 facility is thepromoting an interest only dedicated, purpose-built STEM Centre of its kind in the UK and Ireland. ”in STEM courses The stylish and relaxed environment is designed to capture and attract theand careers is imagination of young people and promote interest in the vast range of career paths and options available. The facility and its activities have been developedsignificant. in partnership with international STEM specialists and industry representatives and the Centre offers a unique platform for employers to lead, engage with andIndependent shape the next wave of skilled workers.evaluation of The multi-purpose Centre is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment including:STEM Activities, • A fully immersive theatre featuring 3D projection and surround soundFE Inspection,January 2011 • 30 iPads loaded with educational applications • A laboratory with multi-purpose, custom-built workstations for practical sessions • Multimedia Studio equipped with 10 pod-style workstations
  16. 16. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact Pearson Award for Widening Participation to Lifelong Learning Humanities and Social Science Team, Ruskin College Engaging vulnerable people“ Ruskin College’s clear mission is to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged adults. This project engages ‘hard to reach’ individuals with complex needs. Most struggle with low self-esteem, limited social andMy self-esteem has employability skills and negative learning experiences. Ruskin College ”improved a lot, I feel enables them to achieve through innovative, imaginative and individualised teaching and learning.more grown up and Classroom teaching promotes social inclusion and employability; embeddedless isolated. within the curriculum, learners develop soft skills, e.g. working with othersStudent and moving towards integration within the wider community. This is transformative, helping to improve self-esteem and to realise potential, changing their perspectives on life. Tutors assist the transformational process, taking a holistic approach: acting as mentors, questioning behaviours and attitudes, empathising with learners’ situations and attending partnership events. ‘The close working relationship with the teacher has been invaluable; she has encouraged clients to continue with classes. The outcomes have been amazing’. Education becomes a positive experience, encouraging learners to invest in their futures by taking responsibility for their own learning. The confidence engendered can lead to employment, re-building relationships and to considering further study to build on their learning. ‘I am on the road to success now!’
  17. 17. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact University of Southampton Award for 14-19 Widening Participation 13-16 Centre, South Birmingham College South Birmingham College Pre-16 Academy“ The pre-16 Academy provides full or part-time education for young people for whom mainstream education is not appropriate, many of whom are disaffected and vulnerable young people.I am proud of myself The Academy accepts the most challenging of young learners on a full-timebecause I have turned basis, including those who have been excluded from school, are schoolmy life and I am now refusers, have been bullied or who are new to the area and unable to gain a school place. In addition, over 300 young students attend on a part-timegoing off to university basis whilst still in full-time school-based education.and then on to The opportunity to supplement traditional GCSE learning with vocationalbigger and greater qualifications in areas such as motor vehicle, construction and cateringthings which I could provides these young people with broader future opportunities, and thenot have done vast majority continue in education at a College or sixth form after school.without the help Students at the pre-16 Academy are all allocated a mentor, who is available to provide support in and outside the classroom. Students also benefit from ”and support from small class sizes and lessons outside the formal setting of a school helpstutors and staff these young people respond positively and has resulted in over 95% ofat pre-sixteen. them progressing to further study. Working with partners across the city of Birmingham and the surroundingCordell Jeffers, areas, the Academy delivers courses that directly meet the needs of this agestudent group, and that helps to put young students on the right path for future employment, training and education.
  18. 18. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact Welsh Assembly Government Award for Overcoming Deprivation Learning/Learner Services Department, Cardiff and Vale College Entry to Vocational Studies“ South Wales’ Cardiff and Vale College has worked in partnership with Social Services and Careers Wales to design the award-winning Entry to Vocational Studies (EVS) programme. This innovative personal development programmeThe staff and provides young people from deprived backgrounds with the opportunity toPrincipal have been develop their vocational skills and basic skills.incredible in opening The EVS programme focuses on vocational areas such as automotive, hairdressing, beauty and retail with additional individual tutorial supportthe doors to some of each week. The flexible nature of the curriculum has been tailored to thethe most challeng- needs of the young people and The shared vision and collaborative arrangements between the College andproviding bespoke its partners including: Morrison Supermarkets PLC, The Celtic Manor Hotelsupport and learning and Resort and WE DOWDS Shipping, raises the aspirations and confidence levels of the learners so they can progress onto further study or employment.opportunities to help Each partner has given time, resources and support by providing a varietybreak down barriers, of opportunities for the learners to develop in the workplace and gain employability skills.raise self-esteem andconfidence and inspire The course runs over 38 weeks, with roll-on monthly entry for young ” people. Learners progress to Level 1 courses or onto employment.these young people This year, the programme has expanded to take up the high levelto achieve their of need in this particular area.full potential.Shirley Rogers,Careers Wales
  19. 19. AoC Charitable Trust, 2-5 Stedham Place, London WC1A 1HU Telephone: 020 7034 9900 Facsimile: 020 7034 9950 email: Website: