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  • Ao c college he conference march 6 2013

    1. 1. CATS project in Management Sue Betts 6 March 2013
    2. 2. Background & Context UKPLC – acute shortage of qualified business managers – just 1:5 are qualified, currently Business managers are the fastest growing occupational group – numbers set to rise from 3 million in 2007 to 3.6 million by 2020 Employees in the workplace and also learners thinking about further study are often unaware and unsure about what options and opportunities are available to them in the area of management courses, or eligibility to study
    3. 3. Some of the problems with management curriculum inLondon HE provision often lacks flexibility Information on P/T study opportunities is often lacking The link with professional qualifications is often unclear Opportunities to use APEL are often limited Generally, there’s a lack of coherent, accessible information about what’s available within and across institutions in London, to facilitate clear, informed choice
    4. 4. Management areas offered across the Linking LondonPartnership Accounting Business Computer Science & Systems Construction Fashion buying Hospitality Human Resources International Tourism Logistics & Supply Chain Music Sports Business & Statistics
    5. 5. What the project aims to do To develop a flexible, credit-based management curriculum offer, to support progression from level 3 to level 4 and higher CATS project funding - £78,000 from BIS ‘A collaborative curriculum project using a common approach to credit accumulation and transfer in management provision to increase progression.’ Project administered by AoC Time-scale – 1 July 2012 – 30 June 2013 Honorarium funds available to facilitate involvement & input
    6. 6. Key PartnersFECsCity & Islington College – Ian Sterling: of Westminster College – Lyndon Sly: College (Jackie Beckford-Walker): Kingsway College – Howard White:, University of London – Dean Pateman: University – Darryll Bravenboer:
    7. 7. Cont.Professional bodies• Chartered Management Institute – Ann Bell:• Institute of Administrative Management – Peter Bennett:• City & Guilds - Geoff Holden:• Institute of Leadership & Management (David Pardey):• Open College Network London Region (Jacquie Mutter):
    8. 8. Partners
    9. 9. Detailed Project Aims To develop a comprehensive framework of curriculum provision that supports transition to named management courses / awards at levels 4/5 from a range of discrete level 3 provision at respective partner HEIs/FECs To develop this offer, in association with the professional bodies, CMI and IAM, to facilitate take-up of appropriate professional body accreditation, where appropriate To examine ways of embedding the use and take-up of APEL to enhance the flexibility and potential time-frame within which individual students can progress through named awards
    10. 10. Cont. To support credit articulation of this provision, to enhance flexibility of take-up To publicise this offer to students in a timely and appropriate manner To ensure/ support transferability of process to other curriculum areas (e.g. STEM; Sustainable Development)
    11. 11. Project outputs / key deliverables Articulation Agreements between sending and receiving institutions which specify the courses available for progression at higher levels to Level 3 learners (minimum of 2 per partner) The creation of a flexible management curriculum offer that clearly articulates credit, professional body alignment, APEL and HE progression opportunities – The work of the 5 partner projects Information, Advice and Guidance materials which specify the management offer available to students, including opportunities for APEL and the accreditation of professional qualifications
    12. 12. Cont. A Staff Handbook Case studies (one case study from each partner) The organisation of a project dissemination conference in June 2013 Production of a final report to the Association of Colleges (AoC) & contribution to a national case study Project peer evaluation through the University of Greenwich External evaluation through contract
    13. 13. Thank you for listening - Any questions?For any further information about the project, please contact: Pam Calabro, Project Manager