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Crime and young people


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In recent years a higher proportion of youth have experienced arrests by their 20s, than in the past. What forces them to become offenders and what measures does the government taking to reduce the crime rate? In this presentation you will find answers to this questions.

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Crime and young people

  1. 1. Crime and young people PREPARED BY ANZHELIKA BILA, PAUB
  2. 2. At high risk to commit a crime are young people who:  do not work, or who dislike school
  3. 3.  do not have any special leisure activities
  4. 4.  do not have any hope or plans for future
  5. 5.  spent little or almost no time with their parents or other adults
  6. 6.  start smoking or drink alcohol at an early age
  7. 7.  belong to groups where the principal activities are related with bad habits
  8. 8.  talk a lot about drugs
  9. 9.  are socially excluded
  10. 10.  do not have people in their lives who can offer a positive vision of what life can be
  11. 11.  are not educated enough
  12. 12. Some statistics
  13. 13. Types of crime
  14. 14. Parts of the World
  15. 15. Age of the offenders
  16. 16. Reducing youth crime:  Quick justice for young offenders  Preventing re-offending by minors: o Parents of minors required to attend hearings and the trial o Proper support and guidance o Training and education programs o Personalized approach o Tackling problem gangs of youths
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention!