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Looking to grow your sales, give your sales team more opportunity? Do you know how LinkedIn can assist you to do this?

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Build your business with june 2013

  1. 1. WELCOME!We will take you from setting up your profile toconnecting with your target marketwith Anyssa C and Coach Tony
  2. 2. Ed Gilligan, President of American Express, told Jill Schlesinger in a fireside chatthat“if you want to truly innovate in the digital age, you can’t be handcuffed bypreconceived rules and limitations.”“There’s an art and a science,” Gilligan said.“There is a science of scorecards and metrics … the art of it is knowing whenthose rules don’t apply.”
  3. 3. Communication Designer / SocialMedia Coach - Anyssa CarruthersB.F.A.Creating venues and moments, digital and realthat will grow your client list.● Branding and Communication Designer● Over 20 Years Customer Service, GraphicDesign Experiences● BFA from UFV / Sales and Marketing Trainingand experience.Community Involvement● Girl Guides of Canada/Navy League ofCanada● Fundraising for Canuck Place● Used to Start The Coffee HouseNetwork to assist businesses to Connect● Langley International FestivalContact: Coach - Tony MalykDedicated to helping you Build TheEnterprise You Always EnvisionedCertifiedProfessional Business Coach& Paradigm Shifter● Certified Professional Business Coach,Trainer, and Speaker● Over 25 Years Management Experience InSales, Operations & Customer Service● Founded And Operated Two Businesses● Finalist – 2011 George Preston MemorialBusiness Person Of The Year AwardCommunity Involvement● Past President – Rotary Club Of Langley Sunrise● Past Director – Langley Curling Club● Langley Chamber Of Commerce & Surrey BoardOf Trade● Contact:
  4. 4. Where will we go today?Where will we go today?Anyssa :● How can LinkedIn help yougrowyour business and yournetworking● Search and Engage● Sell - Market – Recruit – Partner● Crafting Your ProfileTony:Why Identify Your Ideal CustomerHow To Create a Profile Of Your IdealCustomerWhere To Find ThemUsing "VEA" Coaching (an acronym forVision, Empower, Achieve)
  5. 5. If youre a CEO, here areIf youre a CEO, here are7 Tasks7 TasksLinkedIn can help you do better:LinkedIn can help you do better:Help your team.Connect to your team so they can benefit from your great network.Suppose one of your salespeople is calling on a new prospect.She searches for the company on LinkedIn and sees that one of yourconnections knows the VP of purchasing.She can leverage the trust of that connection to build her relationshipwith the customer.Net result: You accelerate your business.Net result: You accelerate your business.
  6. 6. Manage the demands for your time.Someone wants to meet with you to pitch a service or a group wants you to speak at anevent.Is that person or group relevant to your needs?Are they legitimate?Are they a good contact for you?Linkedin makes it easy to check them out before committing.A quick search reveals anyone you know in common.You get key overview info, and helps you allocate valuable time.You get key overview info, and helps you allocate valuable time.
  7. 7. Hire smarter.Looking for new talent?The best people arent always looking; they may already be employed.As a result, some of your best hires come from referrals, from people you and youremployees trust.With Linkedin you can leverage your employees networks to find more talent.After all, great people know other great people.After all, great people know other great people.
  8. 8. Check references with one click.The best time to check out potential hires is before you meet them.Validate the pool of applicants before investing valuable interview time by searching fortheir LinkedIn profile.You can also run a reference search to get a listof people who have worked at the same company, over the same time period as thecandidate or prospect.By the way, reference checking also comes in handywhen youre considering an acquisition.
  9. 9. Check references with one click.The best time to check out potential hires is before you meet them.Validate the pool of applicants before investing valuable interview time by searching fortheir LinkedIn profile.You can also run a reference search to get a listof people who have worked at the same company, over the same time period as thecandidate or prospect.By the way, reference checking also comes in handywhen youre considering an acquisition.
  10. 10. Find and reach experts fast.Linkedin is a rich directory of experts that you can tap into when youre looking for acritical skill set or need to perform market research.By using the advanced search page you can find a specialist on almost every topic,industry or company.Linkedin InMails allow you to reach out to them directlyLinkedIn Signal lets you get specific
  11. 11. Gain insightLearn how others●approach new markets●revamp processes●resolve problemsYou can also use it to●find funding●question industry experts●draw on the collective knowledge ofyour trusted connections and their connections.●
  12. 12. Gather competitive intelligence.Contacting former employees of a company is a great way to conduct competitiveresearch.Perform an advanced people search for a company name and select Past from the dropdown menu to find people who used to work at that company.This is also a good way of recruiting employees with experience at particular companies.
  13. 13. Learn Linkedin for BusinessThe strategy should be specifically defined to provide the most leverage forthe target companies and specific decision makers that you are trying to sellto.The better qualified the lead, the faster the time to close.The better qualified the lead, the faster the time to close.-Ken Krogue of
  14. 14. Search and EngageSearch and EngageSave you and your team more time:Save you and your team more time:● Decide ahead of timewho you are going toconnect with andwhat they look like● We will cover howyou decide that withTony next.● Decide what yourtarget looks likegeographically● Then you can use thesearch tools to assistyou!
  15. 15. Bio Break..Bio Break..
  16. 16. Search and EngageSearch and EngageSave you and your team more time:Save you and your team more time:
  17. 17. Export Your ConnectionsExport Your Connectionsthen import to your CRMthen import to your CRM( Client/Contact Relationship Management)( Client/Contact Relationship Management)You can export your connections from theConnections page.● To export your connections list:● Click Contacts at the top of your home page.● Click the Export connections link in the bottom right cornerof the page● Leave the Export to field as it appears and enter thesecurity text if prompted.● Click Export.● Save the file in a location where you can easily find it, likeyour computers desktop. ( I use a file with the date)● Note: If youre using Internet Explorer and see a yellowpop-up blocker across the top of the page, click the yellowbar and then select Download File.● Only the full name, email address, current employer, andposition are exported.● Make sure you do tag clients as you contact them so youcan sort them later.
  18. 18. Protect your client listProtect your client list
  19. 19. Who can see your connections- Choose only you(we will look at the how again later)
  20. 20. Crafting Your ProfileCrafting Your Profile
  21. 21. Portal vs ResumeThe sales adage “people buy from people”has not changed with the rising trend ofSocial Media and Social Selling.This is a place to get to know more peoplewho you can pre-qualify as being part ofyour target market or on the periphery of it.It is a place to grow connections youalready have and not just hope to meetthem on the golf course.● People buy frompeople● Same rules apply asin the old sales game
  22. 22. Your ProfileLets make it sexy!● Key word Your Job Title● Customize Your URL -Make your weblink● -LinkedIN APPS – LinkedIn Applicationshave been replaced with a new featurethat lets you display samples of your workon your profile. With it, you can link to orupload images, presentations, videos, ordocuments.Important: Not everyone will havethis feature right away, as it isgradually being released to allmembers.● Join “OpenLink Network” - Only Premiummembers can join the OpenLink Networkor receive OpenLink messages.● Search engine optimize your profile,specifically your headline and your title.● Filter the keywords that you wouldwant to be searched for throughout thissection as well in a creative way tohelp optimize your profile for search.● You can look at your competition forideas as well and at what yourcustomers are doing as well.● Or you can say you are a LinkedinOpen Networker and offer your email inyour summary so people can contactyou.● Network Updates. - make sure you addsomething daily or use HooteSuite- IF someone else isnt usingHootesuite and posted something youare intersted in, take time to pick up thephone and talk about it if it is mutuallyinterested and book a T-Time at theend of the week..
  23. 23. Keyword YourTitle● Use your full name● Optimize your page for search results in Google● It makes you easier to find for friends,employees and co-workers
  24. 24. Your HeadlineYour Headlinea. Write a headline that displays all the different titles that someone islikely to search for on LinkedIn to find you.For example:Social Media Marketing Consultant | Social Media Trainer| SMO | BlogMarketing | Internet Marketing Specialist because these are the titles thatsomeone would most likely be searching for to find someone with myexpertise.b. Write a descriptive headline that illustrates what you do withkeywords filtered in. For example: Marketing strategist that specializes ingrowing revenue through strategic partnerships and digital channels(There is a 120 character limit as of May 2013).
  25. 25. Fix your URLFix your URL
  26. 26. OPTIONS
  27. 27. Privacy Settings
  28. 28. You should change this:● Make your blog/website linkssexier(choose “other” when you go toenter the type of site you arelisting)
  29. 29. Click on the pencils for change
  30. 30. SkillsAdding to your Skills & Expertise Section:The skills and expertise section isbecoming increasingly more important toyour LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn made achange last year that now requires you tohave 3 skills added to your profile in orderto get to 100% profile completeness. Youare allowed to add up to 50 skills to yourprofile and I’d recommend adding all 50 ofthem if possible. Recruiters are using skillsto find people that match a specific criteriaand they are likely searching for a specificset of skills as opposed to a specific jobtitle.To get to this section, hover over “More” inthe top navigation of LinkedIn next to thesearch bar and select “Skills & Expertise”from the list. Enter in a skill in the searchbox and wait for the list of populated skillsto come up. As an example, type in“leadership.” As you’re typing you shouldsee a list of related skills to “leadership.”Click whichever one would apply to you andwhen you get taken to the page for thatskill, hit the blue “Add Skill” in the lower leftside of your skill box. Go back to edit profilemode of your profile and you should see anew section if you scroll down that says“Skills.
  31. 31. Your Photo● Wear business attired that suite the culture ofyour company and target market.● It should only be you! ( no dogs, kids or xgirlfriends cut out of the photos.)● Do not use a company logoNot taken at a social function No wine● Make sure you are the focus, not thebackground● The file needs to be a .jpg, .gif, or .png andsize limit is 4 MB● Quality should be clear and not look scannedor with low resolution● Dont forget to Smile● Find a photographer and get some greatshots!
  32. 32. Welcome BACKWelcome BACK
  33. 33. EducationEducation: Filling out your educationinformation is important because manypeople have a strong affinity to the collegeor university they attended.Many people who don’t normally connectwith people they don’t know on LinkedIn willconnect with alumni from the same collegeor university.
  34. 34. Your Summary – Why you matterLinkedIn Summary is to Answer Why You MatterThe Summary can be up to 2,000 characters.If you include a weblink, it will not be a clickable hyperlinkbut you can now add portfolias and images and add them tosections..Questions your LinkedIn Summary should answer:Why Do You Matter?Why Does Your Company Matter?It should be key word specific and client centric#1 Look at the top right of the screen and see if you are currentlysigned into LinkedIn.You can choose to log out and see same view anyone with aninternet connection would see when viewing your LinkedInprofile, whether he or she is a LinkedIn member or not.#2 Not all sections of a LinkedIn profile appear in that PublicProfile, but your Summary is one that does. As such, theLinkedIn Summary is very important, as anyone searching foryour name via Google will get an impression on you and yourbusiness, via a click of your LinkedIn Public Profile.Koka Sexton, Senior Social Marketing Manager at LinkedIn:“Your LinkedIn profile was your online resume where youcould outline your entire career in one page. It’s a shamethat many people still hold this belief.. Your profile should beused as a resource, not a resume.” To Koka’s point, if yourLinkedIn Summary focuses on your quantifiable results,you’re not utilizing LinkedIn as a resource, but a resume.#3 Call to ActionNow that you have caught someones attention as to whyyou and your company matter, a call to action along withyour contact information should be very easily found.Instead of "contact me here," include a benefit statement ora call to action along with your contact information details.Example:TO INCREASE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTPRODUCTIVITY VIA LINKEDIN SOCIAL SELLINGWORKSHOPS:Valarie Sparks ◙ ◙858-220-8330
  35. 35. TIP #1:Never leave the Summary section blank!.Let people know they have found what they are looking for, or that you have that edgethat will assist them!
  36. 36. TIP #2:You get 2,000 characters to let other know why you matter! Waste nothing!Research your key words so every word, statement,reference counts!Although the MOST important spots for keywords are your Headline....Specialities and Job Titles, your Summary section counts tooMake sure you use the words “they” are looking for!
  37. 37. TIP #3:Stories capture peoples attention:Jason Alba in particular suggestswriting PAR (Problem – Action – Result)stories in your summary statement.Andrew Foote aslo recommends123three bullets with your top accomplishments.Grab as much attention as you can as soon as you can!
  38. 38. TIP #4:Break up the blocks of text as much as possible! Make it easier to read...PROCUREMENT AND TREASURY SPECIALIST:INCREASING THE BOTTOM LINE ON GLOBAL ACCOUNTS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬CREATIVE, STRATEGIC MARKETER | OUT-OF-THE-BOX CORPORATE IDENTITY DESIGNER▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬BUSINESS-SAVVY CORPORATE COUNSEL: MANAGING LEGAL ISSUES TO ADVANCE CORPORATE GOALS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬And here are suggestions of subheaders, some of them general and some more specific:RESULTS:CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:BUILDING TRUST | ENGINEERING WINNING TEAMSAWARD-WINNING PERFORMANCE | SURPASSING TARGETED might use other graphic elements like stars and bullets.Here are some that work: ◙ ■ ►❖ ★Using these symbols, along with headers and sub-headers to break up text,will engage your readers and make your Summary
  39. 39. TIP #5::Include your contact information. Make it easy for people to find you. If you’re comfortable, include your phone number and e-mail. Or just include youremail, or perhaps a special e-mail you use just for LinkedIn, so if you get spammed you can easily close the account.Finally, make it enticing to contact you! For example:▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Seeking a true contributor who goes beyond what’s required to exceed project goals?CONTACT ME: xxxxxx❖▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬TO OPTIMIZE YOUR ORGANIZATION’S ROI:John Jones ◙ xxxxxx ◙ 555.123.4567Using the right teaser (without getting corny), and providing easily accessible contact information, will make it hard for anyone reading your profile to resistcontact you.NOTE: Do NOT put your contact information in your name field.Doing so is against LinkedIn’s Terms of Agreement and you could get your account shut down. You definitely do NOT want that to happen!
  40. 40. Spell check- virtual assistant - need I say more!
  41. 41. Be Curious!● Be identifiable if you are looking tobuild your list.● Find out whos checking out yourprofile by allowing others to seewho you are if you view theirs.● Be curious and check them outback! Maybe they are a competitor,a potential client...– Look at their profile, newsfeeds, portfolio or whatever youhave bench marked in regardsto a target.
  42. 42. Endorsements/RecommendationsGetting Endorsements:THERE ARE 2 questions aboutendorsements most often.1)What is the difference between anendorsement and a recommendation2)Why should I be worried aboutendorsements?The difference between an endorsementand a recommendation is that anendorsement is just someone “endorsingyou” or letting everyone on LinkedIn knowthat they believe you are a valuableresource for a specific skill..... I have a theory on this....A recommendation is a writtenrecommendation for you in a specific role.The reason why getting an endorsement isimportant to you is because as you getmore endorsements for a specific skill, it ismore likely that you’ll come up in the searchresults when someone is searching thatskill. For example: I have 58 people whohave endorsed me for Social MediaMarketing so when someone searches forpeople with the skill social media marketingin my area, it is likely that I will come upsomewhere on the first few pages of thesearch results
  43. 43. Work Experience(Current and Past Positions): Your job title is important because there are many different variations of titles thatsomeone might be searching for on LinkedIn.If you only include one variation or keyword, it might be hard for someone searching tofind you. If you’re a CEO, someone might be searching for President, Founder,Managing Partner, Owner, etc.You may want to use something like: President and CEO of _____ Company. Thedescription is a great place to put your job responsibilities and accomplishments.
  44. 44. RecommendationsGetting Recommendations:It is important to have at least three recommendations from co-workers, STUDENTS,people you manage, or clients. Recommendations now appear right below your jobdescription for a certain position. LinkedIn does not require 3 recommendations anymore toget to a 100% complete profile however I still think this is best practice.
  45. 45. Portfolio● You can link to a creative portfolio on yourwebsite such as Flickr or your Blog● Upload photos within your profile to make it aricher experience and it will just keep becomingmore connected as it explores its creative side.● Alot of Portfolios on Linkedin are referring to theother kinds.. that contain stocks, bonds....
  46. 46. 1. You need to add your industry andlocation2. A current position3. Two past positions4. Your education information5. A minimum of 3 skills6. A profile picture7. At least 50 connectionsTracking Your SuccessSo now you might be wondering, “How do Iknow that the changes I made are helpingpeople find my profile?” When you’re onyour home screen or in edit profile modeyou’ll see a box on the right hand side thatsays “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.” Click intothat, and after filling in all of the informationto your profile, you can monitor theappearances in search results over the nextcouple weeks to see if there is an increase.The higher your appearances in search, themore optimized your profile is for thekeywords you are targeting.What does it take to get to100% profile completeness?
  47. 47. What Groups should youjoin?... I suggest 3 or eachto start...● 1- Join groups your competition isin.. and listen● 2- Join groups your potential leadsare in or people who would beinterested in being on your list..and listen● 3 Join Groups that contain peopleor companies that are alsomarketing to your potentialclients ... and you guessed it..Listen..● When you have found valuableinformation or made some goodconnections.. then move on tojoining more groups so it does notsuck to much of your time.
  48. 48. Group behaviours!Group behaviours!(that dont really work)Dont bother reading the group rules. Just dive right in.One group sends a welcome letter to every new member and posts expectations through a convenient "Group Rules" link andregular announcements. In spite of this, it is amazing how many members dont bother reading them.Tip: Take the time to read the group rules.Every LinkedIn Group configures the LinkedIn infrastructure in a different way. Rules are also different from group to group. Forexample, some groups dont allow any blog content and you can only post articles from bonafide journalist sources.Immediately start a discussion to introduce yourself and promote your services.Would you go to a professional association meeting and immediately shout a sales pitch to everyone in the room? Its just asrude to shotgun promotional material out to the group.Tip: Take the time to find out how each group handles member introduction discussions.Many groups provide Member Introductions discussions with guidelines about what to post.Invite people to join your own LinkedIn Group.What you have to offer is of much greater value.Tip: Just dont. Its just as rude as going to a party and shouting that there is a much better party across the street.Keep posting your own topics. Dont bother responding to other discussions or trying to assist other members.Youre much too busy and someone with more time can do that.Tip: If you reach out to other members, theyll be much more open to your content. Remember people tend to dobusiness with people they know and like and not in response to sales pitches.Dont bother with subgroups. Just post each and every topic in the main group.After all, youre way too busy to take an extra 30 seconds and post in the right subgroup and make it easier for members to findyour content.
  49. 49. Groups continuedTip: Take a moment to find out the structure of the group and post content in the right area.Seize every opportunity to shotgun your sales pitches out to the group. If another group member posts spam or a topicthat belongs in another area, take that as cue to add your own promotion.Clearly spam is okay today and the other members love receiving digests filled with sales pitches.Tip: Flag all promotional spam and misposted content.LinkedIn automatically deletes content after a certain number of flags (set by the Group Owner and Manager).If your discussions or comments are deleted, just post them again.What you have is so valuable that the deletion must have been a mistake.Tip: A deletion is a clear message from the community about what is inappropriate. So, suck it up and dont post itagain.Take every opportunity to let members know that they are wrong.A group member tried to ram his idea down the throats of other members. He alienated people instead of convincing them ofthe merits of his service.Tip: State your point of view once or twice. Listen to the merits of other ideas instead of pushing your own.Join as many groups as possible and flood them all with generic content.After all, if the content is generic, it applies to everyone, right?Tip: Even if your blog content is generic, customize your LinkedIn discussion post for your audience.If you have a lot of generic content, instead of flooding the group, start one discussion and use it for updates.If you disagree with a decision by the group leaders, start a protest discussion or thrash them on your blog.Your temper tantrum will earn the goodwill of other members and make them really enthusiastic about doing business withyou.
  50. 50. Build Your NetworkingBuild Your NetworkingStart with people you know and have their emailsAbbotsford Chamber MemberLangley Chamber MembersSurrey Board of TradeYour friends at Rotary or other Business Meetup.coms or BNIIf you have their card from a business meeting, connect there as well andshow real interest in who they are.Learn about Introductions on Linkedin.I can tell you a story about Blair !~InMails are private messages that allow you to directly contact any LinkedInmember who isnt a 1st degree connection, while protecting the recipientsprivacy. Learn how to purchase and send InMails.You can send up to 400 personal emails a day but only 50 at a time..dont be a spammerdont be a spammer
  51. 51. Company PagesCompany PagesThey Connect You!● Employees are linked to a Company Page when they add or edit a positionon their profile and select a specific name from the company dropdownlist. If they dont click a company name in the dropdown list, they wontshow up on the Company Page.● If a colleague doesnt appear on the Employees tab of your company page,send them the following instructions:● Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your home page and click EditProfile.● Click Edit next to your current position.● Click Change Company and type the full company name.● Important: This step is crucial. Click the correct company name in thedropdown list.● Click Update.
  52. 52. FOR MORE ON COMPANY PAGES:● We can set them upfor you and integratewith your other socialmedia and marketingplans and connectyour staff● Check if your staffcurrent or past isconnected● Just let us know onthe survey you have ifyou would like us tocome out to yourbusiness● Let us know whatyour challenges areand we will assist youto move them out ofthe way...
  53. 53. Getting Around
  54. 54. Need Help?Then... call us at
  55. 55. Yes of course Facebook is on Linkedin
  56. 56. And the other guys..
  57. 57. Basically you can decide to use Linkedin toSell Market – Recruit – Partner – ConnectIt is what we assist you withIf you would like more online training or review you can join us online.If you would like us to come out to your business and assist your sales teamto build their list and grow great targeted sales leads wecan build a strategy for you and your team!