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Body language general


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withBody language in the world. With quiz.

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Body language general

  2. 2. I´M BORED!
  6. 6. Protective and negative, shielding the person from other people and their ideas. Tension and greater anxiety . Crossed legs can also mean that the person wants to visit the toiletLEGS CROSSED -
  11. 11. Human emotions: Human_Emotions_-_Lie_to_Me_[].mp4
  12. 12. you get off the plane in Tibet, expecting a nice relaxing vacation, and a Tibetan native makes this face at you. What the heck? You’re being Punk’d. You got in the middle of a spitting fight. You are being greeted. You’ve met the village idiot.In some parts of Tibet, sticking your tongue out is a friendly greeting! I think I like TibetYou are in Kenya, and an old woman spits on the top of your head. What’s goingon?She just saved your life! There was a malaria mosquito on your head and she drowned it.She was giving you a blessing.The spit is part of the curse she just placed on you.It is part of a marriage ceremony.In the Maasai tribe of Kenya, spitting on the head is a form of blessing (this is an old custom that is fading away). What is still common though, is the older person of two meeting spitting on their hand before shaking hands -thereby transferringthe goodness of their spirit in saliva as a blessing to the other. Eew.
  13. 13. Take the quiz to find out how much you know about body language, gestures and foreign customs. What does this symbol mean? all right zero money unmentionable orifice This is a trick question, as this symbol means all of these things. In the U.S. (and other places), it means “all right,” in Japan it means “money,” in France it means “zero,” and in Brazil it means the “unmentionable orifice”, literally. Ok, how about this symbol? Does it mean: “I love you” in sign language, silly. “Goat” in sign language. The sign of the devil, man, aren’t we at a Black Sabbath concert? A sign to ward off evil spirits. This is a trick question. The symbol, called the corna, is both a heavy metal symbol and a way to ward off bad luck.Ronnie James Dio is credited as making this symbol popular among heavy metal fans. Growing up in an Italian family, he saw his gramma making this symbol to ward off the evil eye. When Dio replaced Ozzy Osbourne, (who used the peacesymbol in concert) in Black Sabbath, he wanted his own symbol, so he started using the corna. This symbol also means “bullsh*t” in American Sign Language!
  14. 14. You are eating a meal in the Middle East, and your host asks how you like your food. Your mouth is full, so you give him a “thumbs up.” He stalks away from the table. What happened? You didn’t answer fast enough. He’s going to get you more food. You did the equivalent of «flipping him the bird», meaning you want to have sex with him/her. His mother was calling. Although “thumbs up” symbol means “ok,” or “good,” in the U.S. in parts of the Middle East, it means you want to have sexual relations with the person you’re giving the thumbs up to. I guess someone had better tell all the soldiers giving the thumbs up all over Iraq, huh?You flag down a cab in Australia, and hop in the back. You try to make pleasantchat with the driver, but he seems angry. What’s going on?Don’t take it personally, cabbies are known to be gruff in Australia.He’s not really a cabbie, you’ve just been picked up by a serial killer posing as a cabbie.Run!You insulted him by getting in the back.You’re not supposed to talk to the cabbies In the United States, people hop in the back of the cab. But Australians pride themselves on everyone being equals, so you’ve just insulted the cabbie by hopping in the back instead of getting in the front with him!
  15. 15. This fellow is doing something offensive to Muslims or the Thai. What is he doing wrong? His overuse of aftershave is offensive to anyone. He’s wearing socks. In middle easternhis head with an object. He’s pointing at countries and Thailand, the foot is considered crossed and part of the body,is exposed. as well as His leg is the lowest the sole of his foot physically spiritually. This man is exposing his foot to those around him, and is pointing his foot at the person to his right.You are eating dinner in Pakistan, and use your left hand to reach for another piece of bread.Your host looks offended! What have you done wrong?You’ve served yourself, you should always wait and be asked if you want more.You wanted seconds, you greedy pig!You used your left hand.You are wearing nail polish which offends them. It’s not that you went to get more food, but that you used your left hand. In many middle-eastern countries, the left hand is seen as “unclean” as it is used to wash your private areas (instead of toilet paper). As you might guess, “lefties” have a hard time over there.
  16. 16. They say a picture paints a thousand words – and the same can certainly be said for gestures. We allsubconsciously give away hints as to our true feelings, through our movements and gestures. This is a list of 25 examples of body language. Do you know more? 1-Gesture: Brisk, erect walk Meaning: Confidence 2-Gesture: Standing with hands on hips Meaning: Aggression 3-Gesture: Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly Meaning: Boredom 4-Gesture: Sitting, legs apart Meaning: Open, relaxed 5- Gesture: Arms crossed on chest Meaning: Defensiveness 6-Gesture: Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched Meaning: Dejection 7-Gesture: Hand to cheek Meaning: Evaluation, thinking 8-Gesture: Touching, slightly rubbing nose Meaning: Rejection, doubt, lying 9-Gesture: Rubbing the eye Meaning: Doubt, disbelief 10-Gesture: Hands clasped behind back Meaning: Anger, frustration, apprehension
  17. 17. 11-Gesture: Locked ankles Meaning: Apprehension 12- Gesture: Head resting in hand, eyes downcast Meaning: Boredom 13-Gesture: Rubbing hands Meaning: Anticipation 14-Gesture: Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed Meaning: Confidence, 15-Gesture: Open palm superiority Meaning: Sincerity, openness, innocence16-Gesture: Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed Meaning: Negative evaluation17-Gesture: Tapping or drumming fingers Meaning: Impatience18-Gesture: Steepling fingers Meaning: Authoritative19-Gesture: Patting/fondling hair Meaning: Lack of self- confidence; insecurity20- Gesture: Quickly tilted head Meaning: Interest
  18. 18. 21-Gesture: Stroking chin Meaning: Trying to make a decision22- Gesture: Looking down, face turned away Meaning: Disbelief23- Gesture: Biting nails Meaning: Insecurity, nervousness24 Gesture: Pulling or tugging at ear Meaning: Indecision25 Gesture: Prolonged tilted head Meaning: Boredom
  19. 19. • Language can also be a communication problem if you can’t pronounce words correcty…• E.g. sheet – shit ; peace – piss; beach- bitch, full – fool;• hate – ate ; hungry – angry ; bear – beer ; ship – cheap – sheep;• Watch the funny video and see what I mean • Language barrier...An Italian speaks English.. [].mp4