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Marketing plan for a new android app

This presentation is created during a marketing internship under Proff. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.
This presentation is about the marketing plan for a new android app for google play : Egitime

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Marketing plan for a new android app

  1. 1. A new Android APP
  2. 2. Executive Summary
  3. 3. It acknowledges you with various different career options with details. Gives preparation tips and provides every short detail related to every career option..
  4. 4. Aims to solve all your career related problems and provide you with everything at one single platform. It further inspires through daily success and hardwork quotes
  5. 5. •The app detects your location and shows a list of all the coaching centers associated with the career option you choose. •It also provides you with career advice and will solve all of your query. •Egitime also shows the list of colleges all over the world for the career option you chose and displays everything according to its rank. •It also gives free tips and ways for self study •Egitime illustrates stories highlighting their struggle of famous people successful in that stream
  6. 6. Egitime has a special section where there are regular updates for various competitive exams and the headlines of the day are also displayed. You will aware of all the news related to the world specifically related to competitive exams.
  7. 7. Situation Analysis •Company Overview •Market Overview •Target Customers
  8. 8. Company Overview Strong Custome r demand Customer relationshi p manageme nt practices Diverse content and reliable sources
  9. 9. Potential Customers School Students college students young professionals others
  10. 10. Because you need to be aware Education any time… Egitim means education in Turkish
  11. 11. The End Thankyou