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Star post ii


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The Indian Fusion Star Post 2

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Star post ii

  1. 1. Star Post
  2. 2. Star Post 2 You Submit Post Post Reviewed and PublishedYour post gets 1000+ likes within a month of being published You WIN!
  3. 3. Competition Guidelines
  4. 4. General Guidelines•1000 likes must be achieved within one month of thepost being published•It is the author’s responsibility to notify the ManagingEditors or Editor in Chief on reaching 1000 likes•The author is free to share the post in all online sharingplatforms including FB, Google+, Twitter and more.•Only one post may win per author in a month. (If twoposts get 1000+ likes for the same author, he shall beeligible for the prize money for only one post. But therespect earned == huge!)•The author must not spam others email/facebookaccount with the purpose of gathering likes
  5. 5. Post Eligibility Criteria•Completely original content•Minimum 300 words•In case the author wishes to republish the post toanother blog, a “Read Original Article here” link , linkingto the post at TIF must be given there.•In case the post has been published at another blog ona previous date, it shall not be considered eligible to takepart in the competition
  6. 6. Author GuidelinesOpen to all: Regular Authors + Guest Authors mayparticipatePlease note, the post may be disqualified if:•It is brought to our notice that the author is spammingothers to get Likes.•Readers complain of abusive material in the post.•The post has copied content•The post does not meet minimum words requirement.•The post is simply a video picked from youtube•The post is claimed to be written by someone else andthe claim found to be true.
  7. 7. How to Participate•Submit your post•Keep a watch when it is being published by the editors.•Start promoting your post everywhere. Get as manylikes as you can within a month. As soon as you get 1000likes, shout at the TIF FB group or mail
  8. 8. How to Win Tips•Check out the various sharing websites. At the end ofeach post you can see the sharing buttons, they will beyour best friend in getting the award!•Get 1000+ Likes within a month!
  9. 9. And the Winner gets A crisp 500 Rs note! + Direct Entry to the Mega Competition! +A chance to be in the Marketing Team of TIF!