Fickle minded:A fickle mind is well defined in the as follows: the mind that "continuously runs after fleetingthings"; mig...
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The charecterstics of frog in x ncert


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The charecterstics of frog in x ncert

  1. 1. Fickle minded:A fickle mind is well defined in the as follows: the mind that "continuously runs after fleetingthings"; might be thinking in a two way while taking any decision.For instance, a friend of mine is deliberately fickle minded. Once she was being warned byher group to stay away from a girl A who had a shallow thinking. She came to A full of angerand broke the friendship. The next minute she turned completely and was waving around hersince A was the favorite of all teachers. This proves her fickle mindedness.Shallow Minded:A shallow minded person is some one who focuses only on the frivolities of life and has nodepth. What are important to them are things that are only surface deep.A real instance from my life followed this. While I was talking to a boy of my class, the topicbeing concerned with a school assignment, she started relating both of us needlessly. Neitherhe nor I did something such but just to satisfy her shallow mentality she used us as aresource.Instant Success wanting:They only give heed to their priorities, their goals and in the process would not think ofanyone else.A girl of my class belongs to the category of such people. Let’s assume she is the friend of Aand A hates Z. the students are asked to do an assignment and A is unable to help hercomplete it. She would just not spent a minute thinking about A’s feelings and rush to Z forhelp. The motto of her life at that present moment would be to complete the project, by hookor by crook.Materialistic:The characteristic of materialistic people is greed. It involves the desire to live in plushhouses, wearing highly expensive clothes and jewelry and driving flashy cars. In short, theurge to lead an extravagant life.The life of one of my classmates is feel materialism, live materialism. She is that fashion-follower which has no extent and this is also not the case that she has good dressing taste. Shewears the dresses with heavy works and exposure. The one who could provide her worldlyexpenses se just goes on with his/her avoiding the person’s nature.Commercializing Art:This category of people uses the talents of other people as a resource to earn money. Thispractice has become common as most of the dance and singing reality shows are truly basedon it. A friend of mine is quite clever and sharp and fortunately is gifted with a friend of immenseart and craft talent. She always used to ask her friend to decorate her assignment files andother notebooks, in a very interesting manner. The poor friend has to complete with theglorification work forcibly. This was the manner through which my friend commercializedher friend’s art to yield not money but rather good grades.