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  1. 1. GameHow many words?
  2. 2. Listen to the sound andcheck (/) how many times of each word you hear.
  3. 3. b u la ryV o ca
  4. 4. populationpopulation
  5. 5. Superlative adjectiveThe superlative is used to say whatthing or person has the most of aparticular quality within a group orof its kind.
  6. 6. Form Rule For exampleW ords of one Double the big -syllable, with one consonant and biggestvowel and one add -est to theconsonant at the end of the word.end.W ords of one Add - est to the high -syllable, with end of the word. highestmore than onevowel or morethan oneconsonant at theend.W ords of two Change y to i, happy -
  7. 7. Examples:-The empire was at its biggest underthe rule of Trajan.- It was the biggest continuous landempire in history.
  8. 8. Questions• Who was the ruler when the Mongol empire started? Genghis Khan Genghis Khan• Is the first emperor of the Roman Empires was Augustus? Yes, it is. Yes, it is. Roman Empire Roman Empire• Which empire was older? Mongol Mongol• Which empire had more people? Empire Empire
  9. 9. Roman Mongol Aztec  Empire Empire Empire 1. W hen did it start? 2. W hen did it end? 3. W hich areas did it rule? 4. How many people did it rule? 5.W was the ho ruler(emperor)
  10. 10. ty 2 c ti viA st ( po g) en in li st
  11. 11. Listen to the audio record. Choose one and supposingyou are the ruler of the empire. Then design yourempire to protect invasion by drawing the picture. 1. Roman Empire 2. Mongol Empire 3. Aztec Empire 1. Roman Empire 2. Mongol Empire 3. Aztec Empire