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HRNEXT - people are profits

  1. 1. People drive profits March 2012 HRNEXT Private and confidential
  2. 2. Introduction Anurag Shrivastava  Over 15 years as HR and functional Heads in various organizations of repute - UB Group, Digital Equipment, Aditi Technologies , Talisma and Prudential ICICI  Experience in handing complex projects in  Compensation and rewards  OD interventions  Job description and competencies  Employee satisfaction surveys  Hiring experience – entry level to CEO  Building HR function and teams HRNEXT Private and confidential
  3. 3. Credentials Education  1985-90 – IIT Kharagpur, 1992 XLRI Jamshedpur UB Group 1992-1995  Factory industrial relations head ;North Bihar and UP; successfully negotiated union agreements  Corporate HR as Head HR for sales Digital Equipment 1996-1998  Developed and implemented C&B and rewards strategy  Employee Satisfaction survey  Recruitment of high end engineers for engineering centre HRNEXT Private and confidential
  4. 4. Credentials Aditi Technologies 1998-2000  Crafted the employee hiring strategy to enable company to become a key vendor to Microsoft  Ensured growth from 180 people to 1000 people within 2 years  Ensured company becomes a top 10% brand in IITs Talisma Corporation 2000-2004  Part of start up management; enabled smooth transition as independent company; set up HR function  Built recruitment brand from scratch in campuses and for experienced hires ensured Talisma had the highest quality of engineers and professional services staff in the industry  Ensured continued high level of employee engagement along with two layoffs  Devised and implemented HR practices which served as model for industry  Several OD initiatives to manage change  One of the Best Employers as per Hewitt Survey of 2001 HRNEXT Private and confidential
  5. 5. Credentials Prudential ICICI AMC Dec 2004 – August 2006  Anchored the first comprehensive competency evaluation and JD exercise in AMC industry  Employee satisfaction survey and action items  Actions resulted in reduction of attrition rate from 15% to 4.8% in less than one year  Improvement in engagement level on all parameters  Developed the rewards and bonus strategy  Streamlined of recruitment process HRNEXT August 2006 onwards  Executive search for top MNCs  Coach and mentor for HR professionals HRNEXT Private and confidential
  6. 6. Our value proposition Fill the gaps in execution of HR plans and activities  HR staff more involved in routine activities  Understaffed HR staff  High cost of experienced HR professionals on full time basis High quality and sustainable practices Network to draw upon best resources from market on need basis Pick and chose initiatives that will have maximum impact HRNEXT Private and confidential
  7. 7. Specialized Services  Compensation restructuring  Leadership development  Employee Satisfaction survey  Job description and competency  Staffing and employer branding  Develop competency based HR practices HRNEXT Private and confidential
  8. 8. Staffing management  Conducting senior and middle management hiring interviews  Develop campus hiring strategy and relationships  Employer branding  Internal – job postings process, employee referrals  External – website content , advertising  Streamline recruitment process  Job description  Hiring process  Exit interviews  Conducting the same and summarizing for management actions HRNEXT Private and confidential
  9. 9. Executive Hiring Focused on high potential leaders Deep functional expertise and research Enduring client relationships Strong pre-existing network at senior levels Unique & creative search methodologies Non-negotiable ethics & trust Contingency payment ( except for retainer initially to begin process ) , competitive terms HRNEXT Private and confidential
  10. 10. Rewards management  Structuring compensation  Ongoing  Performance management process ;  Merit pay strategy;  compensation survey data analysis and recommendations  Incentive and bonus plans  Retention bonus  Long term retention plans  Fitment of new employees  Relocation HRNEXT Private and confidential
  11. 11. Employee engagement  Temperature check/ Employee Satisfaction Surveys  Organizational diagnostics  Action planning  Morale programs  Workplace design  Coaching select managers  Help managers transition through different passages of leadership HRNEXT Private and confidential
  12. 12. HR and Org Development HR Function  Advise on HR Structure ; processes  Evaluate HR team competencies and suggest possible structure / staff  Move Organizational development  Job description and competencies  Leadership ; succession planning  Team building and bonding programs  Career growth paths and ladders HRNEXT Private and confidential
  13. 13. Engagement model Two distinct or hybrid  Retention model  Typically accountable for a function or set of functions such as compensation , PMS , recruitment which have measureable outcomes based on time spent  Guiding and managing internal staff to deliver on above  Contingency  Outcome based ; completion of project milestones HRNEXT Private and confidential
  14. 14. Typical engagement Offsite and Onsite support ; 50% each ; total engagement time min 6 to max 10 staggered working days monthly for any single client Rates depend on market cost for similar experienced professional with minor mark up Engagement will be as deep as that of an inhouse senior management ; without attendant downsides. Overview with company HR Head; finalization of commercials Understanding the business and organisation  Interviews with key individuals  Promotional and internal materials Understand HR priorities from management team  Policies  Practices HRNEXT Private and confidential