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my ppt

  1. 1. FINAL RESEARCH PROJECT ON Positioning of Namaste India in KanpurUnder the supervision of Submitted By:Prof. Deepak Sharma Anurag SinghFaculty, GHS-IMR 1318
  2. 2. introduction• NAMASTE INDIA FOODS PVT. LTD . Is an Indian Dairy Company that is committed to supply pure milk & milk products. It is situated at Shivrajpur,31 km far away from Kanpur Nagar, company has established a developed Agriculture & Cattle Farm where Agriculture & Cattle Farming is done by the scientific method. The unit is fully automated with international standards. And is planning to collect process and pasteurize 4 Lakh litre milk per day. It has collection centres in hundred villages and will be extending to 1000 villages by upcoming three years. Company is establishing milk chilling centres at the distance of every 50 km from its Dairy Plant (around Kanpur). It strictly follow the rules of cleanliness while processing/pasteurizing its products. The product portfolio includes Pasteurized Milk, Pure Ghee, SMP & Dairy Whitener, Cheese, Curd, Flavoured Milk and other dairy products.
  3. 3. QUALITY CONTROL Quality control is an essential and most important department for any manufacturer. Today every organization has efficient quality control system. Quality control is depend upon only practical (Survey Analysis and Right Procedure).In NAMASTE INDIA at reception point of milk from different societies (ProducersVillagers) Milk is collected and basic test are carried out quickly after cleaning it is send for further processing. Finally after pasteurization three type of milkobtain that is Full cream milk. Toned Milk active Milk.Milk procedure out through some stages---------------------- 1. ORGANO LEPTIC TEST –It passes through three stages this is the first type of testing milk.SeeingSmellTesting2. CLOT ON BOILING TEST –After testing checking is done between good and pour milk.Formalin testSoda testUrea testSugar testCaustic test These tests are based on c lot on boiling test
  4. 4. 3. S.P.C. (Standard plate count) TEST –• In this type of testing not more than 25000 Bacteria’s should be present in one ml of milk.4. CLR (Correct Lacto Meter Reading) Test –• In this type of testing is done to find out quantity of water in milk.5. M.B.R.T. (Methyl Blue Reduction Test) –• M.B.R.T. test is done for milk pasteurization. heating temperature should be 72 – 80• degree centigrade. Chilled temperature should be 5 degree below
  5. 5. AFTER STERILIZATION NUMBER OF VITAL TEST ARE EXECUTED 1. TOTAL SOLID TEST2. ACIDITY TEST3. SUCROSE TEST4. TEXTURE TEST5. MILK FAT TEST – Milk fat teat is used in GURBUR MACHINE and ACID.• FAT = 5 ML (Sulfuric Acid) + 10 ML Milk + 1 ML (Ethyl Alcohol)• This mixture is rotated in GURBUR MACHINE and quantity of fat in milk is seen. The most important test i.e. phosphorous test and Methyl test Blue reduction test.1. Phosphorous test is user for confirm the pasteurization of milk.2. M.B.R.T. (Methyl Blue Reduction) test is used for maintaining appropriate quality of milk in every half an hour. It is done with full responsibility and care so that the offered product to the consumer could be reached with appropriate calorific value
  6. 6. MAJOR PRIVATE COMPANIES• Milk specialties in Punjab.• Amrutha Foods & Beverages in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa.• Cephem Milk in Chittor, Andhra Pradesh.• J.K. Dairy & Foods of J.K. Industries in Muradabad in U.P.• Khaitan Agro in Buland-Sahar in U.P.• Modern dairy in Karnal, Haryana.• Thapar Agro in Alvar, Rajasthan.• Heritage foods in Chittor , Andhra Pradesh.• NOVA milk dairy.
  7. 7. AIMS & OBJECTIVE OF RESEARCH• Find out which is the leading milk brand in Kanpur market• To find which company is doing best promotional activities• To determine which milk company provides best milk quality according to consumers
  8. 8. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY• Sampling: I used convenient sampling• Sample size:-The data has been collected by selecting a sample size of 100 consumers,
  9. 9. DATA ANALYSIS1-H0= there is no relationship between brand selection and reason to choose the brand.Ha= there is relationship between brand selection and reason to choose the brand2- H0= There is no significant difference between promotional activity, quality, packaging and service of different milk companiesHa= There is significant difference between promotional activity, quality, packaging and service of different milk companies.3- HO= There is no relationship between brand selected and quality of milk.Ha= There is a relationship between brand selected and quality of milk.
  10. 10. brand * reasons_to_choose Cross tabulation1- Count reasons_to_choose home availib qualit delivery ility price y Total brand Namas te 4 8 5 6 23 India Amul 2 5 5 15 27 Parag 3 7 5 8 23 others 2 14 5 6 27 Total 11 34 20 35 100INTERPRETATION- we can interpret from the above table that mostof the people are either using Amul or using other milkPeople are using amul because of its good quality and they use otherbrands because of easy availability of milk.
  11. 11. 2- ANOVA Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Sig. service Between 12.546 3 4.182 12.405 .000 Groups Within Groups 32.364 96 .337 Total 44.910 99 promotionalactivity Between 1.560 3 .520 1.361 .259 Groups Within Groups 36.680 96 .382 Total 38.240 99 quality Between 5.349 3 1.783 5.212 .002 Groups Within Groups 32.841 96 .342 Total 38.190 99 packaging Between 3.079 3 1.026 3.474 .019 Groups Within Groups 28.361 96 .295 Total 31.440 99
  12. 12. INTERPRETATION-• Because null hypothesis is rejected so , we can interpret from that Amul is having the good perception in all the parameters discussed above except promotional activity.
  13. 13. 3- brand * quality_of_milk Cross tabulation Count quality_of_milk namste india amul parag others Total brand namaste india 11 7 1 4 23 amul 21 6 0 0 27 Parag 7 4 8 4 23 others 11 8 7 1 27 Total 50 25 16 9 100
  14. 14. INTERPRETATION-• According to this result we can know that mostly consumer takes Amul milk because of good quality,• So quality is the most important factor for every company
  15. 15. How do you purchase milk ? Chart Title home delivery 40% my self 60%INTERPRETATION: When customers were asked that ,how do they purchasethe milk than 60% of customers with the answer themselves and 40% of thecustomers responded with the answer home delivery
  16. 16. Response of you regarding extra charges to door delivery? Chart Title no 35% yes 65%INTERPRETATION: When customers were asked that do they want home deliverywith extra charges of Namaste India milk, 65% of customers with the answer yes and35% of the customers responded with the answer no.
  17. 17. Over all experience with Namaste India ? Chart Title fair 23% good52% poor 11% Very good 14%INTERPRETATION: When customers were asked that what is the overall experiencewith Namaste India then, 14% of customers replied with the answer very good, 52%customers replied good, 23% customers replied fair and11% of the customersresponded with the answer poor.
  18. 18. Conclusions& Recommendations• Amul is most selling brand in Kanpur market because of ,its best quality• Namaste India is new brand ,which market share is increasing day by day• Namaste India is doing best promotional activities in Kanpur• Quality of namaste India is good• By starting home delivery company can increase its sales because most of customer want this facility ,like newspaper