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Dear Friends,

With this mail, I am formally launching the Rural Kids Sponsorship Program for the academic year 2012-13. I have attached with this mail, a progress report of the sponsorship program that we launched last year. 60 kids were enrolled through last year’s program. This year we have a target of enrolling 100 Rural Kids in the sponsorship program. Quite a few of these children were tribal children whose parents could have never thought of providing their children an English medium education.

I would like to thank all the donors who made this possible last year.

At NEEV, we have decided to make the Rural Kids Adoption Program our flagship program; having worked across sectors we have seen that it is through education that we can create the most profound and creative impact on the individual, society and the earth in varying levels and dimensions. Last year’s program showed us the unexplored latent potential in kids that have been marginalized by the society.

NEEV is perhaps one of the few organizations – the only one in Jamshedpur at least – to provide an English Medium Education to marginalized children. Of course now, with the coming of RTE private schools have been mandated to allot 25% seats to Below poverty Line students. Despite this, the situation remains grim. Our presentation shows that only 47% of females and 72% of males are literate in East Singhbhum Dist. Last year too we had to turn away several children because of lack of sponsors.

I request you all to please go through the presentations, then, perhaps to make up your mind to sponsor (adopt) a rural kid or some rural kids. The total cost we had calculated for the sponsoring of a kid last year was Rs. 5,400 but that actually was a very scaled down amount. It did not account for their tuition fees and the expenses incurred for other facilities provided at school. The actual amount for sponsoring a kid (which includes their uniform, books & copies, auto fare and their tuition fees) comes out to Rs. 11,500/annum or Rs. 958/month. This is approximately still less than half of what one would spend for a child in other English Medium Schools.

For some, an amount of Rs. 11,500 may seem forbidding so we have created an option to have a child sponsored through 2 donors. This would mean that you could decide to sponsor half of the amount for one child (Rs. 5750), while the other half would be shared by another donor. The aim is to make our program friendly for as wide a donor base as possible.

Anyone of our friends who is interested in sponsoring a child is requested to write to me and we shall then be sending a sponsorship form with the details of the sponsored child. I request that we do this as early as possible, say, by the second week of February so that we have the time to do the large amount of processing work for admissions.

I also humbly request all of you to enlist more of your friends into this program.

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Neev Rural Kids Sponsorship Program 2011 - 12

  2. 2. PARENTS SPEAKWhat do they think about NEEV School
  3. 3. Student : Vikky Hembrom. Father’s name: Duna Hembrom Occupation:Tisco subcontractor Mothers name: Pinky Hembrom Occupation: Owns a tailor shop Address: Sarjamdah. PARENTS SPEAKQ) What do you feel about the school?A) In comparision to other schools, NPS is very good, I personally have no complains about the school. Aschools environment is made by the children and here children are getting all kinds of positive learning. Thebuilding is not a big factor as right education should be the real factor and here it is that.Q) What do feel about the academics of the school?A) The teachers are good, they are attentive about the correction. I will be obliged if the teachers can takecare about the copy maintenance and handwriting of the children.Q) What do you feel about the fees structure?A) its very light, I Am really very thankful to the sponsorship program due to which today my child and manyothers are getting English medium education, which we only dreamt earlier.Q) What are the developments in your child after he join NPS?A) He has grown a lot. Being a student of UKG he can read newspaper, which I think is a great improvement.Q)How do you give time to your child?A) I have made a study table for him which i keep in my shop, I make him sit in my shop, I work and also helphim in whichever way I can.Q) Do you have any suggestion for the school?A)The condition of the toilet must be improved.Q) Would you like to share something?A)I want this school to rise and Ill try and bring more children in the school. Please let me know if you aretaking children under sponsorship program as I have some queries from my neighbours.
  4. 4. Student : Manisha Hembrom. Fathers Name:Mangal Hembrom Occupation: Mines Employee Mothers name: Meera Hembrom Occupation: Anganbari Address: Gadra. PARENTS SPEAKQ) What do you feel about about the school?A) the studies are really good here, I feel my child is different from others when she is playing among otherchildren.Q) What do you feel about the academics of the school?A)Iam satisfied, the biggest facility is the Digi school. Only I feel that more emphasis on oral must be given.Q) What do you feel about fees structure?A) I am very satisfied with the fees, I know this is possible due to the sponsorship program..I am thankful to allthose who are responsible for bringing our dream into reality.Q) What are the developments in your child after she joined NPS?A)There are lot of positive changes, She has learned manners, like saying thank you , sorry etc.Q)How do you give time to your child?A) I try and sit with her when she is studying, I know I cannot help her academically a lot but I try and sit withher.Q) Do you have any suggestions?A) My daughter is very good in dance, try and do more cultural programs, or cultural classes where she canlearn and do better.Q) Would you like to share something?A) I liked the interview session with you a lot, Through this I could share my things, I would like to speak withthe teachers and know more about my child.
  5. 5. Student : Laxmi Hembrom Fathers name: Mohan Hembrom Occupation: Sub Contractor Mothers name: Somani Hembrom Occupation: House wife Address: Gadra. PARENTS SPEAKQ) What do feel about the school?A)The no punishment environment which you create here is really good, today when everyone is runningbehind good looks and money, this school stands out.Q) What do you feel about the academics of the school?A) Iam satisfied. The correction can be improved. The Digi school is really good, am sure this will help thechildren a lot.Q) What do you feel about the fees structure?A) due this this fees structure people like us can think of sending our children to English medium.Q) What are the development in your child after she joined NPS?A) She has improved a lot. She stand out among other children in our busti, she has become responsible, Inever have to tell her about studies she herself will sit everyday and do her work, this interest in studies havedeveloped after she has joined NPS.Q) How do you give time to your child?A) I am having a new born child, thats the reason I cant give full attention to her, but she is responsible as Isaid earlier, but whenever I can I sit with her.Q) Do you have any suggestions?A) I would like to suggest for some more game periods or PT period, am sure this will give positive energy tochildren, and the parents teacher meetings must be more frequent.Q) Would you like to share something?A) We are free to share our opinions and meet the teachers this impress me a lot..
  6. 6. We heartily thank all the donors who cameforward to sponsor the students for NEEV.Your little contribution is sufficient to lightthe life and consciousness of a child.We hope that you continue to support thisendeavourAsatoma SadgamayaThamaso Maa Jyothir GamayaMrithyor Maa Amrutham GamayaAum Shanti Shanti ShantihiLead me from the unreal to the real.Lead me from darkness to lightLead me from death to immortalityMay there be peace everywhere.