NEEV Paper Packaging Unit


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Final Report on the paper packaging unit set up by NEEV as a livelihoods option for the women of Rambast Slum, Jamshedpur

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NEEV Paper Packaging Unit

  1. 1. TCPA PROJECT 30TH NOVEMBER, 2011Handmade Paper Packaging Unit for Women Vulnerable to TraffickingINTRODUCTIONIn collaboration with IOM, NEEV started The five women chosen for the enterprisetraining for Paper Bags Making Unit to wereestablish community rehabilitation unit inthe community of Burmamines slum area. 1. Chandni KarmakarThe aim of the project was to start a 2. Shivanihandmade paper packaging unit for 5women of the basti, train them over a 3. Gayatri Rajatperiod of 6 months and make them suit-able to earn their livelihood through this 4. Yashoda Devienterprise. 5. Mamta KarmakarAs part of phase 1 of the program, whichlasted between June, 2011 to Aug, 2011NEEV identified trafficking survivors as Initially, finding a rented place to carry outwell as women vulnerable to trafficking the training proved to be very difficult. Sofor running this enterprise so that they in the first phase till the time, the machineshave a more dignified means of earning a did not arrive, a mud hut in the basti waslivelihood as well as enhance their iden- refurbished and converted to a trainingtity. centre. Initially handmade paper bags were made in the hut as packaging for NEEVThis economic rehabilitation would pre- Herbal Handmade Soaps. The womenvent them from retrafficking. This project learnt the basic skills of measuring, folding, Handmade Paper Products made bywould also serve as a pilot basis for set- cutting , pasting and riveting. Gradually theting up a community based rehabilitation Rambasti Slum Women women got expert in making these bags.unit for the survivors of trafficking andprevent them from commercial sexual After the women gained proficiency inexploitation by creating awareness and making bags, NEEV commenced phase 2 ofeconomic values for employment. the program Inside this report :PURCHASE OF MACHINESPhase II of the project (Sept 2011—Nov 2011) started with the purchase of machines. The Shifting to New Unit 2following machines were purchased for creating a paper packaging unit.The women were then provided training on these machines to make various products. Formation of SHG 2 Product Development 2 Marketing Linkages 3 Way Ahead 3 Rotary Creasing Manual Cutting Shrink Wrap Rivetting
  2. 2. Page 2TCPA PROJECTSHIFTING TO NEW UNIT safety and security of all equipment could be ensured because a family was stationed to live in the same compound as the paper packaging unit. As majority of the products like gift bags and gift boxes would be consumed in the soaps unit, the new location gave us logistical New Production Unit advantage. Five cycles, sanctioned for the projectAfter procurement of machines, the hut were purchased so that women canin the basti was no longer found suit- commute from their basti to the pro-able because of space and security con- duction unit when required. It was de-straints. Finally, after a lot of delibera- cided that the main operations requiringtion and scouting for opportunities, a machines like cutting and creasingnew space was rented in Hurlung village would be done in bulk by the womennear the NEEV Soaps unit because of on certain days and the pasting opera-following considerations. Firstly, the tions would be carried out in the hut itself. Women working in new unit ORGANIZATION BUIDLING - FORMATION OF SHG To get the women to work was fraught with challenges. Working as a team did not come ei- ther easily or naturally to the women at first. Fights would erupt at the slightest of instances. Through psycho social counseling carried out by NEEV’s project co-ordinator, Mrs Sangita Sarkar and trainer Mrs. Shankari Das, the women slowly started to work as a group. Gradually as the synergy built up, the women started enjoying the work. NEEV faced a hurdle in registering the women as a separate legal entity as no form seemed legally feasible with just five members. Ultimately, NEEV came up with a solution to form an SHG with 10 members of the basti but with women of the paper packaging production unit as the office bearers. Ulti- mately, an SHG by the name of NARI SHAKTI MAHILA SAMITI was formed and its bank ac- count is due to be opened in nearby Canara Bank. The office bearers of the SHG are President - Lakshmi Murmu, Secretary - Shivani, Treasurer - Chandni Karmakar PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT After the women gained proficiency in After that the women were trained in making paper bags, NEEV decided to ex- making various kinds of handmade paper pand the range of products that women stationary. can make with paper. The women were trained in making vari- First of all NEEV decided to train the ous kinds of envelopes, visiting cards and women in the making of gift boxes out of file folders. Experimentation is still going hard board. These hard board boxes were on and more products are expected to then covered with handmade paper and be added in future. NEEV can then help converted to gift boxes. These gift boxes in marketing of these products. were recently sold in the recently held International Trade Fair, held in New Delhi.
  3. 3. Page 3 TCPA PROJECT MARKETING LINKAGES Of the products manufactured by the make it more appealing for customers, beneficiaries in the paper packaging unit while transforming the object from a there is a ready demand for handmade mere utility product to an aesthetic paper bags and gift boxes from NEEV craft work. Herbal Handmade Soaps. NEEV’s soaps unit requires about 500 gift boxes and NEEV is also experimenting with other forms of paper like recycled paper and 200 handmade paper bags per month. paper mache for making innovative In future, NEEV is also going to come products which catch the fancy of the out with new designs of gift boxes modern and environmentally conscious thereby increasing it ‘s range of product customer. offerings. NEEV has links with the DRDA through Apart from the demand generated by which it’s products can participate in NEEV Soaps unit, NEEV is also trying to various melas across India. create innovative methods of marketing other products. On the anvil is setting Next year, the Assistant Development up a NEEV handicrafts website wherein Commissioner of Handicrafts has af- the various handmade paper stationary firmed that he would help the artisans and paper craft items are going to be associated with NEEV in marketing and product development through various showcased for sale. schemes. NEEV is trying to do some value addi- tions to handmade paper stationary to Innovative Products Designed by NEEV for the packaging unitLOOKING AHEADAfter initial training, marketing and innovation become the key factors that can ensure the sustainability of any enterprise. Thewomen also have to be further handheld till they are able to undertake other functions of enterprise management apart from pro-duction, like purchase, inventory management, accounting and budgeting. The learning curve for all these activities, especially forwomen from this strata is not very steep. They would require constant handholding from the NGO over an extended period oftime.Nonetheless, a beginning has been made. There is a new sense of identity among the women and definitely this would go a longway in preventing them from taking trafficking as a source of livelihood.With it’s history of tireless innovation and sustained focus on marketing, NEEV shall find ways of keeping the enterprise alive inyears to come. As the world increasingly shifts to environmentally friendly packaging, the paper packaging unit of Nari Shakti Sa-miti, SHG, has made a head-start !