Kisan Mela


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Report of Kisan Mela organized by NEEV to mark the conclusion of SRI Kharif , 2011 program with 600 farmers in 3 blocks of Potka, Bodam and Jamshedpur in East Singhbhum District

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Kisan Mela

  1. 1. Kisan Mela by NEEV 8th November, 2011NEEV Concludes SRI Kharif 2011 with Kisan MelaOn 8th of Nov. 2011, a Kisan Mela was tive from our RA (Resource agency) Mr.organized by NEEV, which marked the Sanjay. On behalf of NEEV were present Highlightsculmination of all efforts made by NEEV to Chairman, Mr. Anurag Jain, Managing Trus-promote SRI in the Kharif season. Spon- tee, Mrs. Shikha Jain, Director and SRI Co-  NEEV SRI FIELDS REGIS- TER DOUBLE PRODUCTIV-sored by NABARD, this year NEEV took ordinator, Mr. Suman Sarkar, SRI Facilita- ITY AS COMPARED TOup the tar- tors, Mr. Daya- TRADITIONAL FIELDSget of train- mayee and Mr.  TOTAL 600 FARMERSing, hand- Vinay. Also in the PARTICIPATED IN THISholding and function were YEAR’S SRI KHARIF PRO- GRAM CONDUCTED NYdistributing about 60 farmers NEEVagricultural from different  FUNCTION ATTENDED BYequipments villages who had DDM NABARDto 600 farm- participated iners in three this year’s SRIblocks of Kharif program.East Singhb-hum Dis- NEEV SRI Fields in Bodam The function wastrict : Potka, conducted in theBodam and primary school in Inside this issue:Jamshedpur Muchidih village.blocks. YIELD MEASUREMENT BY 2 We sincerely ap- MR. SANJAYThe function preciate the ef- INTERACTION OF MR. 2was at- forts of NABARD SURIN WITH FARMERStended by and the farmers GOOD YIELD 2DDM, for making theNABARD, Kisan Mela, a suc-Mr. Upal cess. THE FUNCTION 3Surin and by Samples of Paddy of SRI Farmersrepresenta- THE AWARDS 4
  2. 2. Kisan Mela by NEEVYield Measurement by Mr. SanjayFor the purpose of measuringyield, the plot of Farmer, FalguniSingh was chosen. Measurementwas done by calculating theweight of grains and straw from1m2 patch of field at five differ-ent places.The smiles and bubbling enthu-siasm in the face of farmer,Falguni Singh was perhaps moreindicative of the satisfactionachieved rather than the scien-tifically measured yield data.Interaction of Mr. Surin with the farmersMr. Surin had a detailed discus- his family for the entire year. whether he was ready to trainsion with the farmers present at Mr. Surin also enquired other farmers in the area forthe field during meas- growing paddy the SRI way,urement and he en- to which Falguni replied thatquired about the bene- he would always be ready tofits to farmers in doing help any interested farmer.SRI. Falguni replied thatnext year he woulddouble the plot size offields done under SRImethodology and alsothat such a yield wouldensure food security forGood YieldPrior to the program, Mr. San- ous fields. The results were there for alljay of Resource Agency, SPWD to see.conducted on field assess- While the grain yield of tradi-ment of the yield of an SRI tional field was 2.2kgs and strawfield as well as a tradition- yield was 6.2 kgs, the grain yieldally grown paddy field of SRI field was 4.5 kgs andwhich served as a control straw yield was 9 kgs. Thereplot for comparative was almost double the amountanalysis of yields. On dis- of grain yield and straw yield inplay were also paddy sam- SRI as compared to traditionalples of farmers from vari-Page 2
  3. 3. Kisan Mela by NEEVThe FunctionMr. Dayamayee, the SRI field co paddy forms the chief source of money or materials. Doubling-ordinator for Bodam was the food security. When NEEV of yield is achieved only byanchor of the program. Wel- started working first in the adopting different techniques ofcoming the participants of the slums it discovered that there cultivation. NEEV started withprogram he mentioned how he was lot of migration of people SRI in the year 2009 with onlyand vinay had invited NEEV to from the villages to the cities 30 farmers. This year NEEV hadcarry out devel- completedopment work in training ofthe village and 600 farmershow in a very in 3 Blocksshort time NEEV and the re-offered to pro- sults havevide training to been very200 farmers on encouraging.SRI technique in He sharedBodam block. the chal-Vinay, the SRI lenges hefacilitator was faced in im-given a special parting train-training by the ing to villag-resource agency ers and heto carry out field also sharedtraining of farmers. He men- for food and livelihood. While the happinees he received whentioned that both he and Vinay the city did give these facilities villagers reported bountifulwere first very apprehensive of to the migrants, the people of harvest in their fields this year.the results and feared a back- the slums lived in degrading Mr. Upal Surin, in his speechlash from the spelt outvillagers if the the kind oftechnique failed. supportHe was finally NABARDglad that the gives toresults were farmers. Hevery good in all said thatthe SRI fields NABARDand the smiling uses theand contented NGOs out-faces of the reach tofarmers attested make farm-this fact. ers aware ofMr. Suman variousSarkar, started governmentthe meeting by schemes.detailing the reasons behind conditions with no healthcare Speaking on SRI, he shared withNEEV taking SRI training to the or government facilities. NEEV all the farmers present in thevillages. He said that Jharkhand then started work in the villages meeting, the conversations heis a state primarily depending to improve livelihood opportu- had on the field with the SRIupon agriculture and there too nities and food security options. farmers and how satisfied they SRI came in handy for this pur- were with the result. He ex- pose because SRI does not pressed hope that these farm- require any additional inputs of ers, who had reaped the bene-Page 3
  4. 4. Kisan Mela by NEEVThe Awardsfits of SRI this year, would actu- resistant to diseases. Mrs. Shikha Jain, ended theally propagate the technique to Kisan Mela with a vote of Mr. Anurag Jain, shared with theother farmers so that the whole thanks to all the members pre- farmers about initiatives NEEVvillage could benefit from the sent. She said that of all the would be undertaking next year professions, it was the profes-technique. He said that the aim to improve the conditions of sion of the farmers which de-of NABARD was to just seed farming and farm income. He served the greatest respect; thethe idea amongst some farmers informed the participants that world can go on without tech-and cre- nology, but it cannot go withoutate a the work of the farmers. Shedemon- thanked the farmers for co-stration operating whole-heartedly withfor other NEEV in developing and cultur-farmers ing the fields of SRI. She saidcould that she felt a special warmthemulate from the farmers who alsoas the helped out in all the prepara- tions required for the Kisanfunding Mela. She thanked the DDM,for this NABARD who made it to thetwo year function despite having re-program turned from abroad just theends this year. He said that he NEEV has already opened 15 previous day. Lastly she thankedwould personally undertake an farmer’s clubs in the villages of Mr. Sanjay, who conducted theinformal visit to the villages in Bodam and he exhorted them yield measurements on behalf ofBodam next year to assess to start conducting meetings to SPWD, our resource agency.whether the technique had develop their organizationalactually spread to other famers. discipline as well as brainstorm Awards on problems affecting theirMr. Sanjay from SPWD, in his Finally, awards were presented villages. He said that the farm-speech demonstrated his pen- to the best SRI Farmers to en- ers cannot just rely on develop-chant for SRI and his knowledge courage them, along with a ment schemes and support certificate.of grassroots issues faced by from the government but startfarmers. In order to check thinking of enterprise models First Prize - Deepak Mahato ofwhether the farmers actually wherein they can develop Muchidih Villageunderstood the procedures to sources of sustainable adopted in SRI, he asked Second Prize - Falguni Singh of He said that the small size ofseveral questions to the farm- Muchidih land-holding was the majorers. Mr. Arun Singh, a progres- limitation in developing a lucra- Third Prize - Deepak Das ofsive farmer of the area bril- tive farming economy. He said Madhaopurliantly explained the entire op- that by pooling resourceserations to be carried out in SRI 4th Prize - Jogeshwar Singh of through the farmer’s clubs,to all the participants. Mr. San- Koira villagers could scale up opera-jay ended his speech with the tions and lower input costs. Hehope that farmers continue Appreciation Awards to Banka said that in the followingusing SRI technique even after Bihari and Amit Hansda of months he would have inde- Telidihthe project gets over and he pendent meetings with allurged them to use traditional farmer’s clubs to assess thevarieties of seeds rather than problems and come out withhybrid seeds as they are more solutions to the same. Page 4