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ERS Project PPT


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ERS Project PPT

  2. 2. ELECTRONIC ROOM SCHEDULER Electronic Room Scheduler is a web based application wherein, authorized user can perform some tasks like Scheduling a class, Manage events, Set alarm, Notify updates, Run scheduler etc. Updates to this system can only be performed by admin. This application is optimized well enough to run on multiple devices like Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop screens.
  3. 3. Creative extra We propose that there should be an option wherein, when a user opens the ERS application the ERS should give the user an option called “News and Notifications”. Using this option, the user should be able to view News and notifications regarding events happening in the University. The ERS system automatically looks up over the internet to find all the events happening and displays information regarding those events. There should be an option where authorized users get an option to edit information regarding events. A user can also post information regarding the events hosted by him/her in this forum.
  4. 4. Creative Extra Scenario: Shravan is student of University of Houston at Clear Lake. He wants to know about the events happening in his school during the Summer semester. He opens the ERS application and click on “News and Notifications”.
  5. 5. Scenario 10 Debbie Make arrangements Update map Send map Debbie is taking care of the arrangements done for the graduation day. She also has to send the map having this location to student’s parents.
  6. 6. Scenario 12 University Admin Reschedule classrooms Notify concerned people Rooms needed for the exam are rescheduled due to power break and this information is sent across the network.
  7. 7. Synthesized Use Case
  8. 8. Hierarchy diagram:
  9. 9. Specifications: 1. Openness: The ERS homepage is open in nature. Actions can be performed in any order. 2. Frequency: The run scheduler function in ERS is visited frequently by students, professors and staff. The notify updates function which is present in Faculty homepage is visited very often to send updates to students and other faculty.
  10. 10. Paper prototype:
  11. 11. Paper prototype:
  12. 12. Initial coded prototype:
  13. 13. QUIS forms:
  14. 14. QUIS evaluation after changes:
  15. 15. Statistics:
  16. 16. Statistics based on QUIS info: Based on the QUIS information, we found that a subsequent amount of improvisation had to be done on the interface of the application. Hence, we changed the complete look and feel of the application. We made use of radio buttons and dropdown lists at appropriate places. We added few new functions. QUIS average of first evaluation= 4.91/7. QUIS average of second evaluation= 5.75/7. QUIS average of third evaluation (after Changes) = 6.58/7.
  17. 17. Updated coded prototype
  18. 18. Summary: This project involves developing a “scheduling application” called Electronic Room scheduler which can be used by multiple users at the same time. This application effectively performs tasks such as scheduling classrooms, Managing events. Notifying updates etc. The creative extra of this project adds live News feed, making it more dynamic in nature. Admin and faculty can only post updates, regarding the events in the coming future or change of plan if occured.