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Not so general quiz (sqa) 14.10.2020



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Not so general quiz (sqa) 14.10.2020

  1. 1. QM- Anurag Bera
  2. 2. Question- 1  Initially planned to make the video last for up to 10 minutes, but once he got into it, he wound up sitting in his room longer than expected.During the hours, he was more worried about his parents calling for him than having to go to the toilet.  What particular thing did this Indonesian youtuber do during his course of 2 hours, 20 minutes and 52 seconds for which he was highly trended over million of views few months ago?
  3. 3. Answer  Nothing !
  4. 4. Question- 2  This is a Lord Balaji temple located on the banks of Osman Sagar,Ranagareddy district of Hyderabad.In this temple any kind of donations as money are not allowed.This is also one of the special Temples in India with no green channel or privileges for VIP's.But people from all around the country come here to take blessing before appearing in a particular interview.It is believed that worshipping this god will make anyone successful in an interview and help them to gain authenticiation for a purpose.This is the reason behind the popular name of this deity.  Tell me the popular name of this God ?
  5. 5. Answer  Visa God Temple! (Chiklur Balaji Temple)  It is believed that the deity has the power to grant a visa.People from all over the country come to this temple to take the blessings for their visa interviews.
  6. 6. Question- 3  The hair itself looked unexceptional, dark with sun- burnished tips, perhaps 100 strands, wrapped in a piece of notebook paper.But when the final gavel fell in a bizarre auction conducted on April, 2007 at Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas it sold for $100,000 the minimum bid.The lock of hair was trimmed off from a corpse almost 40 years ago by Gustavo Villoldo who acted as counterspy to capture the colonist.The act by Villodo was actually his repercussion against the person who ordered his father's death before.  So, My question is what is so special about this hair lock or whose body part this was ?
  7. 7. Answer  Che Gueverra's Hair lock this was !
  8. 8. Question- 4  Goa, a tiny emerald of western coast of India inhabits various tribes of old ages, among them Gowda tribe is one of the earliest to have taken residence there.No official record or evidence has been ever found out about their background and heritage as to where came from but their rituals and customs have a sparkling resemblance to the Gowdas from Bengal.  This clan of people follow Hindu religion,worship Lord Malikkarjun who is known as a reincarnation of Lord Shiva.They follow all other customs as like Hindu religion except one.  Which Hindu custom they do not follow that may have been facing prohibition after Coronavirus outbreak ?
  9. 9. Answer  They bury dead bodies unlike the Hindus who burn the body during cremation... Gowda Tribe
  10. 10. Question- 5  Located in northern city of Brazil, this particular stadium is popularly called as “Zerao” that means “the Big zero”.Top level local teams Amapá Clube and Trem Desportivo play their home games there.  Why the ground line of this stadium is very much unique compared to other football stadiums ?
  11. 11. Answer  This stadium is located exactly on equator or 0⁰ latitude.Thus during play time the groundline divides not only two different teams, but also two hemisphere i.e. Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere.
  12. 12. Question- 6  TRACKS, a registered Public Charitable Trust managed by UK and India organized a march where nearly 500 underprivileged children walked almost half kilometer distance at Mayo Road,central Kolkata in 2012.This march got relevance when it registered in Guiness Book as most no of look alikes of someone gathered at one place who passed away almost six decades ago and his name created a fresh world record incidentally.The organisers of the programme said that those youngsters were all aged between 10 to 16 and they were taught his philosophy in their school by a group of volunteers.  Which particular Guiness world record I am talking about ?
  13. 13. Answer  Most no of Mahatma Gandhi's (his look alikes) at one place!
  14. 14. Question- 7  We definitely heard of Ignobel prize ceremony which celebrates unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research in a satirical manner.In that ceremony throwing paper planes onto the stage is a long- standing tradition.The man seen in the picture was very much well known to the audiences as “Keeper of the broom”,had taken vow of sweeping the stage clean of the paper airplanes that have traditionally been thrown during the event.  However he couldn't attend that ceremony in 2005 due to some other reason. Why ?  Identify the person also.
  15. 15. Answer  He won Nobel Prize that year!  In 2005 "for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence" he was awarded Nobel prize and a person can't attend both the ceremonies during a particular year.
  16. 16. Question- 8  While representing Delhi Daredevils in 2009, an Indian bowler X, who is nowadays very much trending being a meme material bowled an iconic spell which is the best econonomic 4 over spell in the tournament history as of now.On the same year another West Indian claimed an exact identical bowling figure.Thus they were sharing the same record for almost 10 years.  In the last year another Indian bowler Y, who was once a disciple of X was very much close enough to break the previous record against CSK but he couldn't, ended up as 4-1-6-1.  Just identify X and Y (both are Indian).
  17. 17. Answer  X- Asish Nehra ('Length' bowler). / Y- Yuzi Chahal.
  18. 18. Question- 9  Growing Paddy is a tedious job for the farmers, the crop is being attacked by various pests during it's growing period.Due to huge cost of Pesticide farmers of Chattisgarh have found an easy alternative which is cheaper and gets the job done swiftly in Paddy field.According to the Agriculturist, they said it sometimes work as because of it's sweetness which invites red ants and they eat the insect larva hence, this alternative works as pesticide.Though the manufacturing company of this product strongly disagreed with the claim thinking it might harm their buisness market.  So now guess which particular sweet, edible product farmers use there as an alternative of Pesticide ?
  19. 19. Answer
  20. 20. Question- 10  Connect this Bollywood numbers with a unique feature.
  21. 21. Answer  All those hindi songs were shot in a single take !
  22. 22. Question- 11  Arriving in India at the young age of 18, he played an important role in the relief of Lucknow during the Sepoy mutiny, for which he was awarded with a medal.He served in the 26th Native Infantry Regiment, and was attached to the 42nd Regiment of Foot (The Black Watch) with that rank when he fell heavily into debt causing his health to break down, unfotunately he died at a very early age of 23.He was buried Bhowanipore Military Cemetery at Calcutta(Shown in the picture).  However the lesser known fact is about his identity, he was the second son of a more famous father who got disheartened after getting his son death news and barred his other sons to follow his footstep. Who was his father famous in other field ?
  23. 23. Answer  Charles Dickens...
  24. 24. Question- 12  'Nagraj' was a fictional superhero in the Raj Comics universe who can spew venom, hypnotize, shoot snakes from his wrists or many other super powers.  Just identify the personality who promoted this epic superhero in a 1997 advertisement. (Very much in news recently)
  25. 25. Answer  Sonu Sood (Real life Superhero) !