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JQEQ quiz set (07.09.2020)



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JQEQ quiz set (07.09.2020)

  1. 1. Question- 1 • In recent days following the trends Zomato often post some hilarious tweets to entertain people.Few days ago, they put this one saying in the caption how nimbu seeds feel like inside Poha.They morphed the face of a fictional character from Quentin Tarantino movie with the nimbu seeds which perfectly sums up the feelings of lemon seeds inside this savoury dish. • Which face did they put in the place of nimbu seed?
  2. 2. Answer • Calvin Candie's smiling face holding drink.
  3. 3. Question- 2 Kohinoor - 130/- India Gate - 120/- Lal Qila - 120/- Dawat - 82/- These are variants of which product ?
  4. 4. Answer • Different brands of Basmati Rice.
  5. 5. Question- 3 • According to the belief, the marriage between a Manglik and a non- Manglik is disastrous. People who believe in this belief think that a Mangalik bride will cause her husband's early death.It is called as Mangal Dosh.To ward off this evil spell,sometimes Mangal Shanti Puja can be arranged or the bride may be married to an animal or a tree.This tradition is still followed in rural areas. • The similar tradition can be seen in an Indian Epic,where a prominent character was married to a goat previously to ward off her malediction.Who ?
  6. 6. Answer • Gandhari.
  7. 7. Question- 4 • In 10th century AD, the king Stephen ______ of this particular country was captured by the republic of Venice.After that, he was given an opportunity to let go, only after winning a competition against Ducar II Orseolo,ruler of venice.So, the interesting fact is the commpetition wasn't about any sword fighting but having 3 back-to-back games of chess! • Surprisingly, captured king won all 3 games in a row.Some sources said this incident is the inspiration behind this country's coat of arms design which also can be seen in the country flag. • Name the country which is somehow related to Indian football.
  8. 8. Answer • Croatia.
  9. 9. Question- 5 • After The Hundred Years’ War, Henry VI revived an interest in Richard, Duke of York’s claim to the kingship.As a result,conflicts arose between two houses: house of Lancester & the house of York.Later they were supported by other houses too.Both the houses were represented by different varieties of a flower,which attributed the naming of this war.Eventually, the wars eliminated the male lines of both families..The conflict lasted through many sporadic episodes between 1455 and 1487. • Which war ? • Tell me the connection of this war with pop-culture fantasy drama.
  10. 10. Answer • War of the Roses. • Game of Thornes was loosely inspired from this war.
  11. 11. Question- 6 • This is a special google doodle to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of ___________ in 2013. • Guess the transit from the route map where India's something first could have been lost a century ago. • FITB.
  12. 12. Answer • London Tube Rail.
  13. 13. Question- 7 • Dr. K Padmarajan, a homoeopathic doctor-turned businessman Salem holds Guiness world record related to Politics.In last year,he filled his 169th nomination by spending 20 lakh amount.In an interview he said that he has no motive of winning the election but to re-establish his record once again.Earlier 3 times,in 2004,2014 & 2015 his name entered into Limca book of world records. • So which particular world record does he hold ?
  14. 14. Answer • World Biggest Election looser, he has lost all the 170 elections that he contested.
  15. 15. Question- 8 • Not so popular as a flim critic in bollywood industry, X started his journey as a producer in a 2008 movie Y which was commercial failure. • Last time X appeared in silver screen for Ek villain movie,in a short role.He is well- known for his hateful tweets or bullying celebrities over social media.Presently X can feel sigh of relief as a recent disasterous bollywood movie surpassed Y's undesirable record. • Now identify X,Y & the undesirable record. • (For Y part,as extra clue I can say the movie name is used more often nowadays by a certain political party for any kind of offending acts)
  16. 16. Answer • X- Kamaal R. Khan a.k.a. KRK • Y- “Deshdrohi” • Lowest IMDB rated bollywood movie record
  17. 17. Question- 9 • In 2002-03 Champions league match at Old trafford,Man Utd had to win the quarter final for their progress in the comppetition but X's stunning hat-trick ruined their party & the whole stadium applause his brilliance.That partiicular competition was also the first UCL season of his more famous namesake. • X has also the unique record of scoring goals in both the Spanish El Clasico and the Milano Derby while wearing the shirt of all four clubs. • Just identify the footballer.(X)
  18. 18. Answer • Ronaldo 9. Debutant of UCL 2002-03
  19. 19. Question- 10 • This type of meat curries cn be made with chicken,goat meat,beef or lamb.Mostly chicken are favoured.It has whole boiled egg & potatoes in it and the spices are freshly ground. • The dish is famous since colonial times.British officers in the midst of their long journey or hunting trip,used to stay in where khasnama(cook) handled the kitchen.Generally,those resthouse have their own chickens,perhaps this common incident had ascribed the name of the dish. • Name the dish.
  20. 20. Answer • Chicken Duck Bungalow.
  21. 21. Question- 11 • Yesteryear superstar Mandakini is well- known to all of us.In 1990, she tied her knot with a former buddhist monk, Dr.Kagyur T. Rinpoche.Her husband is not as popular as her but we have seen him long before,in a print ad of a popular commercial brand when he was only 3 years old. • Identify the brand (famous in 70's) associated with a cute, chubby toddler.
  22. 22. Answer • Murphy Radio
  23. 23. Question- 12 • Connect these personalities.
  24. 24. Answer • They have/had monorchism. (Only one testicle !)
  25. 25. Question- 13 • Appam Chutiy/Appam - Sreesanth • Bevdaa Team - Royal Challengers Bangalore • Gilli Danda - Ashok Dinda • Junta Tormentor - Ajantha Mendis • Little Monster - Sachin • Lord Almighty/Lordie - Ganguly • Badsaah Dildo /Vinnie Dildo - Shah Rukh Khan • Bhookha Naan - Buchanan  Connect these names with a 2009 IPL controversial IPL Blogger & also name the franchise with which he was associated.
  26. 26. Answer • Anupam Mukherjee (The fake IPL player controversy),he decoded those names with player's name. • KKR
  27. 27. Question- 14 • This is a temple located at Dindigul district of Tamilnadu.One kind of prasadam served at this temple is made by combining in a prescribed proportion five natural substances – banana, cow ghee, , and honey.It is also certified by FSSAI. • In the last year, this prasadam got GI tag.This is the first time a temple 'prasadam' from Tamil Nadu has been bestowed with the GI tag. • Name the prasadam. Hint:- first part is the place name & second part can be guessed from the ingredients required to prepare.
  28. 28. Answer • Palani
  29. 29. Question- 15 • Since long ages lullabies or cradle song are used by parents which can soothe babies to sleep.But during mid 70's one ill- famed person X claimed that whenever a child annoys from a certain distance,then it's mother says that either you sleep or X will come. • Almost 4 decades later, X was replaced by Y and the catchphrase almost remains same which was used to lull imaginative creatures. • Identify X & Y.(or mention the catchphrase once)
  30. 30. Answer • X- Gabbar / Y- Hastar • "Soja beta warna Gabbar aa jaayega" • “Soja warna Hastar aa Jayega”