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Bolly web quiz

  1. 1. Question • In the world of Television series, “Game of Thornes” was one of the most popular show over the world. Now if we have a peer look, we may find similarity in between few scene of it with a famous bollywood webseries. • Identify the Bollywood webseries only. 'Iron Thorne' 'Unusual relationship' 'Punishment' 'Red Wedding'
  2. 2. Answer • MIRZAPUR
  3. 3. Question • Sylvia Plath was an American Poet, who is credited with advancing the genre of confessional poetry in the late 1950's era.After got abandoned by her husband,she became clinically depressive and tried several times to take her own life.Finally she managed to do that in a very brutal way by placing her head in a oven,with the gas turned on.She passed away at the age of 30 when she was a budding novelist, just started writing novels beside poetry.Her death news stunned her fan, followers and some people found a mystery behind her death aftermath. • In which Bollywood webseries we came across with a similar kind of death scene though this time it was not suicide, by forecefully ?
  4. 4. Answer • ASUR
  5. 5. Question • Which Indian Webseries revolves around these cities to find one missing person and finally ended up in a satisfactory manner ? • Name of the Webseries and the missing person (Character name) both needed.
  6. 6. Answer
  7. 7. Question • This was a instagram post by Neena Gupta few days ago, If you have watched “Panchayat”,definitely have seen them as a couple there. • Now look at the instagram post and tell me what is the misnomer mentioned in this post, which was also the major talking point of the show.
  8. 8. Answer • It should be Pradhan and Pradhan “Pati”. • As because in the Phulera Gram panchayat, Pradhan seat was alloted for woman only as shown in the webseries...
  9. 9. Question • In Hindu mythology, X is the master of Ego and arrogance.To preserve knowledge in the world, must be subdued. According to the story, one day, X made Goddess Parvati forget all her powers, thus earning the wrath of Lord Shiva. Out of anger, Shiva went to his cave and started performing the tandava. The ear-piercing sound of his ‘damru’ made his ears burst. He fell at Lord Shiva’s feet in forgiveness and Shiva put his foot on the X’s head. • In the world of Bolly Web, where we have seen an egoistic person while staying in an African city Y, far away from his home resolves to put an end to his miseries by letting his ego fall at the feet of a more powerful character Z ? • Identify X, Y, Z.
  10. 10. Answer Z X Y
  11. 11. Question • At first the actor was supposed to be audtioned for a decent police officer and he himself though that he could potray the role nicely.But The creator of this series had some other plan, seeing the actor he laughed and said, ‘Have you seen your eyes? They are so cunning. You really think we’ll let you play such a decent role?’.That changed his destiny and he was casted for another role. • On an interview, the actor expressed that in real life he is a talkative and expressive person that's why it was much difficult for him to play someone who is so silent, hardly had any dialogue in the series. • Which actor ? Which role ?
  12. 12. Answer • Abhishek Banerjee • Hathoda Tyagi.(Paatal Lok)
  13. 13. Question • Apart from Kota Factory, which other Bollywood webseries had similar storyline of a teenager boy's struggle to crack IIT entrance exam and for that purpose he was sent to a nearby coaching centre. In the coaching centre, there has been shown few sections in the class arranged as per student's grade which was also similar to Kota Factory. Interestingly this series was created by an IIT-KGP alumni who in later life became famous as a stand-up comedian. • Which Bolly Webseries I am talking about ?
  14. 14. Answer (Season 1, 2017)
  15. 15. Question • Which iconic bollywood movie name will make the list exhaustive ? • Also Name the webseries in which all the episodes are named after these famous bollywood movies.
  16. 16. Answer • Neeraj Pandey paid an unique tribute to his favourite Bollywood Films through the name of episodes in... Final Episode Name
  17. 17. Question • “Tu kya hai? (What are you?)” this question is that people often ask themselves when they don’t know their purpose in life.Few of them have the courage to answer this question and the rest of the bunch just choose to move along with their life.This Bollywood web series takes us to the journey of a group of friends who quit there corporate life jobs to work on their will. • Name this 5 episode based Bollywood webseries. • Which famous American comedy television series clearly works as an inspiration behind this Bollywood webseries ?
  18. 18. Answer
  19. 19. Question • On it's review, India Today titled the webseries as “Our very own desi Narcos that doesn't even need a Pablo Escobar”. • This Indian web series is inspired by true events as it features a rural district of Jharkhand which emerged as the biggest den of digital crime a few years ago.This crime thriller represents how a lucrative phishing business run by school dropouts grabs the attention of a politician, law enforcement agency and finally to the media. • Which Webseries ?
  20. 20. Answer JAMTARA
  21. 21. Question • Which real life person has been potrayed or loosely inspired these filmy character here ? • Name the actor who potrayed him in a Bollywood Webseries. Natwar Shah (Aankhein 1993) (Upcoming )Gafla (2006)
  22. 22. Answer • Harshad Mehta • Pratik Gandhi (SCAM 1992)
  23. 23. THANK YOU!